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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morning finds me awake and getting ready to hit the college with my brother in law, who says I need deep goals and not just "weight loss". So I am trying to put 4 attempts at college into a single AA degree, who knows :)
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    I went to college for family not for myself.
    I had to pay for it, not them.
    I'm not using that education.
    It has not made me feel more 'driven', or 'whole', or 'elevated'.
    It has no way has determined my success as a human being.
    I vehemently disagree with your BIL. For someone that only needs to somewhat focus on their weight loss, yes, a little work to keep from being idle I can maybe see his perspective...
    But, you, X?! You almost died?!
    Your health IS primary RIGHT now.
    Everything is secondary.
    You go at your pace, mastering one victory at a time and you WILL know when the time is right to tackle a career...but, let's be alive for that career shall we?
    2980 days ago
    OMG Your health is a fantastic goal to have! And yes, you might want other things, but there is nothing wrong with focusing on yourself and doing one thing at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself!! One step at a time, babe. Ok? Dont lose focus on you!

    While you might feel better with a degree, I have a Bachelor's degree and cant get hired. It doesn't make me feel like a better person or anything. I DO feel accomplished and proud, but I wouldn't compare that to this process... not even a little. THIS is much tougher (my opinion of course).

    Lotion for ultra dry skin? Aveeno is great, but also Eucerin is awesome. Its SUPER thick, but reallllllllllllllly great! There is this one made by "Gentle Naturals". It's really a "Baby Eczema Cream" (with baby Pooh and Piglet on it... yes, I'm serious... lol) but it's amazing! Its got some healing power or something in it and I totally love it!
    2981 days ago
    I agree with DRKEYEZ820 you have to want to go to school for yourself not anyone else. My hubbys family tried making me go to school and I said no I will do it when I want. And I did. When I wanted to go I did and now I love it. I take night classes and online classes so I dont have to deal with the young immature students. I know my college offers just a general studies degree so if you arent sure what you want to major in see if your college offers that. I watched my sis go to for 8 yrs and changed her major every year not good! and your right the jennio-o turkey burgers are great! and they are packaged with only 2. I cooked them the other night and put 1 in fridge and i think thats what I will have for lunch today.

    ANGELWENDYMAMA- have you tried like walmart or meijer (if you have one). I find mine at meijer in with the frozen meat. Its next to all the morningstar and boca items.
    2981 days ago
    I love your video blog!!! This is awesome and seems much more personal than a written blog. Feel like I know you a little. :) So how do you do that? Are you using a webcam or what?? I want to do it, too!!

    You have a very positive spirit, I can see. OMG how do you eat so much salad.. for BREAKFAST?! I have yet to find the Jennie-O turkey burgers in my town. Sigh!! I want to try them!!

    As for goals - the idea of SMART goals seems to work well for me and many businesses.

    Let's see..
    S- Specific
    M- Measurable,
    A- Attainable
    R- Realistic
    T - Timely (or Tangible)

    Here's a link with more about it: http://topachievement.com/smart.htm
    Ok, not a link so I don't know how to post it as one.. but you can copy it.. And I saw a fitness article on here the other day about SMART fitness goals. Anyhow. :)

    If you can get an AA almost with the classes you've already had, that's great! Can't hurt.. Might help in some way. Good luck and hang in there!

    2981 days ago
    Sounds like you're doing great in mind and motivation and with your meals/snacks. Fantastic!!! A lot of great thoughts by some very smart people were posted here about doing what you want. A degree might not be the thing that brings you happiness. So, you must be the one who decides.

    Aveeno makes some very good skin products and it was recommended by my dermatologist. It is my moisturizer of choice.

    2981 days ago
  • DXP6028
    Live for you. And let your brother-in-law live for him. In the end you will both be happy.
    2981 days ago
    Like the other two have said you need to do what makes you happy. Find something that you enjoy and do it. Also weight loss is a huge goal to focus on. Right now I am staying at my crappy job just so I can focus on the weight loss and once I get this weight off I can focus on going to school for the personal training.

    Just make yourself happy... that is the whole key.

    Also those turkey burger are amazing. I always have a box in my freezer.

    keep up the great work.
    2982 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    no offense to your brother in law...... REAL GOALS!? WTF?! REALLY?! YOUR HEALTH IS A REAL GOAL!!!! Because if you dont lose weight and become healthy who is killing them self slowly?! You are, we are all that need to be healthy. And if were dying, then were not LIVING! And if were not LIVING then whats the point of making goals!?
    Your BIL does NOT understand this is a HUGE goal of yours to be healthy! he does not understand all the effort your putting in that u have to put in to better yourself. I can understand once you have become healthy for him to say such non sense but to me at this point in time its NONSENSE! Who is he to tell you what your goals are, or should be?! Sorry but this really made me upset.....
    ONLY if YOU , want to go back to school for YOU is this good. The things that are supposed to make YOU happy. If its not something in your site right now, then push it away until it is!!!

    Ps. I LOVEEEEE JENNIE O TURKEY BURGERS! They are LOADED with protein and keep you fuller longer, try bulking it up with veggies, i like bell peppers in a frying pan with a tablespoon of olive oil , omg sooooooooooooo good :)

    X- I want you to be happy, dont let anyone, A-N-Y-O-N-E stand there and tell you what you SHOULD want or what your GOALS SHOULD be. Your trying to be healthy. Once your healthy, i have a big feeling everything you want will come together, because you WILL be more driven. If you can become healthy for you, THEN U CAN DO ANYTHING U PUT YOUR MIND AND HEART TO!
    *HUGS* have a wonderful day hun!
    2982 days ago
  • REDSHOES2011
    What do you want to do with your time? What would make you happy X? No point taking a degree if your heart is somewhere else.. Think about what would make you happy and wanna jump energetically out of bed each day..

    Then look around for a education you burn for to get you there..
    2982 days ago

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