What's in the food we're eating? Prepare to be horrified!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Summer 5% Challenge we have different lifestyle tasks each week. A recent one was to read the labels on foods we're thinking of buying. I started reading labels when I was on WW but that really entailed seeing how many calories, carbs, & fats were in the foods in order to figure out the point value. This task was to read the ingredients and I know from reading the posts that it was eye opening for many people. This is an essential thing to do in order to make smart choices about what we're putting into our bodies.

If you want to take it one step further, watch the documentary "Food, Inc." It is unimaginable what the food industry has become in the past few decades. I was upset and furious; while watching I felt like they were talking about communist Russia! That's right, the food industry is like the KGB and farmers are the victims.

My DD has talked about buying only organic foods for months. We've moved closer to that and I really try not to buy foods containing preservatives. She wants us to eventually get away from buying any packaged foods. I have to say that my food bills have increased tremendously; it's way more expensive to buy healthy fruits and vegetables than the crap-filled food that I used to eat. But what we put in our bodies has far-reaching consequences for our health.

Regarding beef, which I love. Cows are fed corn because it's cheaper but they shouldn't be eating corn, only grass. They stand ankle-deep in manure day in and day out. When slaughtered, their manure covered hides infect the meat. That's right SparkFriends, we're eating meat that has manure in it. To prevent e-coli (which is caused by the manure in the meat) the companies mix filler that's been treated with AMMONIA!!!!! into chopped meat. Is that what you want your families to eat? It's disgusting, it's bad for our health, it's dangerous. But the companies don't care because all that matters is the bottom line.

Chickens take 3 months to grow from hatchlings to adults but that's too long for Tyson and Perdue, not enough money that way! So now their growth is sped up to 49 days! Their internal organs and bones can't handle this so they can hardly walk and many die. They are packed into chicken houses and kept in the dark until the chicken catchers arrive and fling them into trucks, even the sick chickens, off to the processing plants.

I could go on and on and on. Any farmer than doesn't comply loses his/her contract. They go into debt to keep up with the demands of these companies. Neighbors are reporting on neighbors (this is what brings to mind the KGB) because of intimidation by Monsanto. The USDA cannot close down tainted factories because the lobbyists for the food industry (and lobbying should be illegal) pay off everyone! The FDA doesn't do inspections anymore, the companies are self-policing (bet that works well and more KGB tactics!) I wouldn't buy a Tyson, Perdue, Smithfield, or Monsanto product; no way, no how, no matter what, and I encourage you to stop supporting these unethical and disgusting companies as well.

The only way things will change is if we consumers show companies what we want. Walmart will no longer carry milk treated with rBGH hormone (is it any wonder that girls are starting to menstruate at age 8?) because their customers don't want it! Buy only grass fed beef. Harvestland makes poultry products that are free from hormones and antibiotics and are raised in ethical ways and it's not much more expensive than Perdue (Walmart carries it.) Don't buy products that have unnecessary corn mixed in (there's corn products in mayo, ketchup, almost everything!) Tell your congressman that you want genetically modified foods (that can't possibly be a good thing) to have a label!

I've included a link so that you can read more about this. Join so that we can stop these inhumane and dangerous practices. It's bad for our health, our families, our souls; after all, we are what we eat.
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    Wish I had found this earlier. We are corn farmers, and we have a cow/calf operation. Those shows seem to focus on the worst ranchers. I don't know anyone in this area with cattle in situations you describe. There are feedlots, yes, but those conditions don't produce healthy animals. One sick animal can potentially take all the profit from that one animal, and a dead one can take the profit from a small herd. It makes moral AND economic sense to take good care of the cattle.

    As for the corn, I want the steer we slaughter and eat ourselves to be fed grain. Trust me, we could make more money selling the corn that we feed to that steer, but the meat is SO much better when grain is mixed in the ration. Cattle have been bred differently over the centuries, and they are more tender with more marbling. You just don't get that on plain grass. And corn is NOT cheaper. Corn is topping out at $8/bushel (56 pounds), compared to $2.50/bushel a few short years ago. The problem is that cattle will not gain well on grass alone. And I never buy meat at Wal-Mart.

    If you have any questions about our operation, I would love to answer them. I just hate those shows. The liberal media in NOT a farmer/rancher's friend. If you really want to be informed, ask someone in the business.
    2784 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/5/2011 12:21:21 PM
    Yep! Frightening on many levels...
    2798 days ago
    Go Organic thats the only way. This article is a great one and it shows why so many people are sick.I only eat organic foods.
    2799 days ago
  • CHAR1970
    Ewwwwwwwwww! It's shocking what they can get away with!
    2799 days ago
    It's amazing what some people are able to get away with, thanks for sharing, this is really eye opening information.
    2799 days ago
    This is really frightening. x
    2799 days ago
    I eat Organic Food ... including meat.

    That's all everybody needs to do; it is that simple.
    2799 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. When I was in college, I spent one summer working in a meat packing plant. I can tell you, I know first hand, that the government inspectors are just as corrupt as the union and the company. It is truly sad. emoticon

    2799 days ago
    I was so upset when i found out what the animals we eat r eating tjat i began to raise our own meat. we have a breeding pair of cows and we eat the baby when it is a yr old. we also raise chickend and can the meat and broth. My boys and husband hunt $or pig and deer. I try not to buy meat. if u read about milk u wont want that either. we got milk goats.
    2799 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. Keep smiling sunshine. emoticon
    2799 days ago
    It's a scary world out there...
    2799 days ago
  • TERESA159
    Good blog! We get our beef from a little farm we've visited and have seen how they are raised on grass and humanely. We buy our chicken at the farmer's market from a place that claims the same, although we have not visited them yet (they do invite anyone to come out and see). We buy very little packaged food (although I admit we do use frozen lunch entrees). So, I think we are avoiding most of the gross, processed stuff you're talking about.
    Totally agree with you about "corn products" by which I think you mean "high fructose corn syrup", which basically is sugar, who's inclusion in so many products I truly believe is to blame for much of the diabetes and obesity plaguing our country today. I was amazed at how many products in my pantry had that ingredient when we became aware of it a few years ago. Even bread!
    Will check out your web site link and want to recommend a video on just how evil and poisonous not only high fructose corn syrup is, but any sugar really. It's a bit on the academic lingo side but the message is very clear. He also covers historical info, like why did they start using that crap in the first place and why is it still in things?

    2799 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I was so disappointed to learn that 80% of our prepackaged foods include GMFs (Genetically Modified Foods). While I remain a flexitarian (not depending on meat for my source of protein), I will continue to try to make informed and improved choices, one step at a time. Knowledge is power.
    2799 days ago
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