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Sunday, August 21, 2011

So its like 12:30am and I am sitting here washing my clothes for church tomorrow and I thought I would post my tyraid of all the cool stuff that happened today and that of course turned into even more stuff and at last count this was like 15 minutes long. Oh and talking about the obvious again

"Hi I am bald now" :) See the bump ?
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    Good for you Ham! Eat well, live well.

    Lots of people are rooting for you.

    Stay strong,
    2982 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this. I laughed, at the part about the bike mounted camera!!! Love it. But, silliness aside, I needed to hear this. Because I am one of those people sitting on the couch waiting for someone to do it for me. Even here on sparkpeople, i feel like just because I am active on here that i should somehow be losing weight. but, like you said, i need to want it.

    2983 days ago
    SparkPeople has a ton of recipes on it. Also, a number of people have shared their nutrition trackers. You could take a peek at other people's nutrition trackers to see what they're eating. I'm not much of a cook, so my meals tend to be pretty simple, but it works for me. I will basically have a lean meat, like perhaps turkey, which I fry using canola spray (and Mrs. Dash). Then I round out the meal with a variety of foods that are nutritious, filling, easy to make. Examples include: small baked potato, steamed California Blend vegetables, sliced tomato, cucumber slices, grapes, baby carrots, etc. I weigh everything. It is not uncommon for me to have a plate full of food and for it to be less than 500 calories, including my glass of skim milk.
    2983 days ago
    This has got to be the best video blog I've seen on this site yet! I can tell you are speaking from the heart.

    How about making a little bandanna to tie around the base of that lump and putting on a cowboy hat? Then put little eyes on it facing behind you. When anyone asks what that is, just tell him it's the Frito Bandito watching your back for you!

    When ever you feel low, like you can't do this, just watch this video again. I'm sure it will put you right back on track!

    You asked about sodium. The average person without watching their intake will ingest 4-5 grams (1 gram = 1000 mg) The first and easiest way to decrease sodium in your diet would be to just not add salt to your food when cooking or at the table. That should bring you down to about 3-4 grams/day. Next way is to read the label on a package to know before you buy what the sodium content is. Stay away from meats like ham and of course bacon that is loaded with sodium.

    Good luck in your journey, although we both know it isn't luck that will get us to where we are going. So maybe instead three cheers for you for a great start and 3 more to keep you motivated!

    > emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    2984 days ago
    Loved your account of the people looking at the stuff in your basket at the check out aisle. Been there! Hey, thanks for the real stuff you talk about. Made me feel better. Bless you!
    2984 days ago
  • -POOKIE-
    I love cooking, are there any things in particular you would be interested in? I shared a bunch of lower carb recipes if you search the recipe thingy on here.
    2984 days ago
    I love the Jennie-o Seasoned Turkey Burgers (in the orange box) OMG they are awesomeeeeeeeee!

    The cleaner you eat, the less sodium you will take in! :) Yummmmm for the salad and cucumbers and such! Mmmmmmmmm!!!

    Have you checked out SparkRecipes? I dont like Feta.. but I'm a cheese snob, so... lol One of my friends eats salad with romaine, strawberries, and splenda... lol So weird. I dont mix meat and fruit... I just cant do it. I'm weird. lol

    I'm glad you know that it takes YOU to do it. Not some tv show, some trainer, no anything but you. Amen to that!!

    Walmart is my fave place to buy food! Cheap... but yummy! Rock it! Woot!!! :)

    Swimming is a fantastic aerobic exercise! You might feel like you aren't getting much of a workout, but it's awesome! I swim whenever I get a chance! :) hehe

    You gotta want it! I do!!! And you do, too!!!! :) xo
    2984 days ago
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