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Wow! I've lot a total of 52 pounds!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

I can hardly believe it. It took a year of STRUGGLING to take off 30 lbs., but only 2 months to lose the next 22, AND without struggling!!!!! How did I do it? I followed my doc's recommendations regarding foods I have an allergy or sensitivity to. That meant not eating foods such as all meats except chicken, seafood and buffalo; almost all grains except rice (no breads, sob sob but not bad once I got used to it); no dairy except for goat milk/products; no sweets or sugars or sweeteners of any kind; no starchy veggies like peas, beans, potatoes; no really sweet fruits like tangerines, raspberries. That left me with what is basically a Paleo type diet consisting of lean meats and seafood, fruits and veggies (except for those I am sensitive to listed above.)

I bought some books on low glycemic eating, pH diets (mine was WAY low!), and Paleo including a Paleo cookbook "Everyday Paleo". I have learned to get along without a lot of processed foods by making substitutions. For example, instead of mayo in a salad (although I COULD make my own using fresh ingredients) I'll use goat yogurt. Works just as well with a fraction of the calories. Instead of vinegar -- another no-no because it converts to acid in your body -- I use lemon or lime juice.

Besides the weight loss, I am no longer taking any meds or supplements for pain, my inflammation has about vanished, my hair is growing back (WOW!!!!!), my metabolism has increased, my pH is now normal instead of way acid, and I am perfectly satisfied with my meals. My favorite snack is an apple with almond butter (can't have peanuts either). We no longer have ice cream in the house, and once every couple weeks I'll make baked chocolate oatmeal bars for my DH but I stay away from them only because they contain brown sugar. I brush and floss and do the whole teeth cleaning routine right after supper, so I am not tempted to eat and have to do it all again.

One of the hardest things to get over was my way of thinking about food. Like everyone else, I was so brainwashed by ads, docs, nutritionists, and the government into believing we MUST have grains and dairy. Not true. If it were true, I'd be feeling really lousy now after about 2-1/2 months on this plan, but instead I feel really great! My body is working the way it was meant to work. The fruits and veggies give me plenty of carbs and fiber. The recommended allowance of 50% carbs a day is way too much. I am normally at about 30 - 35% now and that's plenty. Too many carbs/grains/sweets/starchy veggies just lower your pH and raise your glucose and insulin, making it hard to lose weight.

I still have a lot of weight to lose but now I KNOW I can do it, for the first time in my life! emoticon
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