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Saturday, August 20, 2011

emoticon today!

Yes, during last weekend's long run I felt like the energizer bunny! emoticon It was 6 miles and I ran the whole way! And, I ran FAST!

Well, today's run was 7 miles. And it was SO TOUGH!!! I walked multiple times. I had the worst side stitch of my life...I could barely do baby steps for awhile & thought I was going to have to take a long walk home. My feet hurt. My shoes were bothering me. My coach had set paces and I was way off. I was running my miles a lot slower than I have in a month. Ugh. emoticon emoticon

When I got home, I had several thoughts.

"Man, I can hardly walk! And, this was only about HALF of a half marathon!" emoticon

"Wow, that pool looks refreshing. I'm hopping in there!" emoticon

"My tummy hurts...I think I might vomit...or something." emoticon

"What was I thinking?!? I signed up for THREE half marathons!" emoticon

So, I did hop in the pool. Kind of gross, I guess, but it is my pool. I just pull of my shirt and get in with my running shorts & running bra. It is only 8 am and no one else is up & around yet. Ahhh...the water did feel good! I

As I thought in the water, I drank my Muscle Milk. After about 10 minutes, I was able to stretch IN the water. Man, it feels good! And, while I sat & stretched & then did a little light swimming, I got to thinking...

First of all, LESSON LEARNED!!! Yesterday, I did a HARD 45 minute bike ride...a PR! And, I tried yoga...for the first time! Ummm...NOT a good way to prepare for a long run! I need a day of rest, or maybe swimming, before a long run. I'm actually usually better the day after and can do a bike ride or something. But, not so challenging as I did yesterday!

Also, maybe I'll try Vibrams??? You see, I started running a year ago with 2 pairs of shoes. Since I ran so little to start with, I'm just now retiring my 2nd pair. I bought 2 more of the same style of shoe and have only started wearing pair #3 about 6 weeks ago.

Well, the first time I wore the shoes, I had to quit after about a mile. And, I was at the lake and didn't have any other shoes. They just HURT! I put them away for awhile, and then started trying them for shorter runs. Still not great, but I'll get used to them, right?

Last week was the first long run and they felt OK...not great, though. The toe area feels 'big' and they just aren't as comfy as the others. Today, the toe area felt really I was swimming in there! I almost stopped and retied them, but I didn't. The fronts of my feet (balls of my feet) were aching, especially on one foot. And, they were even falling asleep. Now that I've been home awhile, my feet are still not feeling well. I don't like these new shoes. emoticon

I've also been reading "Born to Run." It had a slow start, but now I'm really enjoying it. Well, one of the guys runs barefoot and was talking about how they ran in the old days, how the Tarahumara run (a running people in Mexico), and how God created are feet as a miraculous instrument designed perfectly. My sil runs with her Vibrams and LOVES them! Maybe it's time I give them a try. At the least, I'm taking my 'new' shoes to the store along with my 'old', well-loved shoes, and asking them why these aren't working for me.

I'll be taking the rest of the day easy, and don't plan on any exercise tomorrow except perhaps some light swimming or pilates at home. Then, on Monday, I'm trying out a weekday women's running group!

Some days are tough, but we've got to be tougher!!!
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    Definitely new shoes, especially if you've been putting in some hard miles. I've heard around the web that 300 miles is about the average "lifespan" of a pair of shoes.

    And give yourself an easy day!!! Granted you are kicking some serious booty right now with your workouts, but your body does need a break day/super easy day every once in a while :D Yoga is AWESOME for those break days, gets in some good stretching and such.

    3524 days ago
    You crammed a lot of exercise in a short amount of time. No wonder your run was hard.

    I'm sure there is a mileage mark for running shoes. My physical therapist once told me to change shoes every 6 months. I'm not a runner so I'm not sure if that is a good marker for running shoes or not.

    When I was riding my bike today as I was passing a pool I thought it would be awesome to have one for after my bike rides. LOL Not a reason to get a pool but it would have been fun to jump in one the last couple weekends. Enjoy the rest of your day!
    3525 days ago
    You should definitely try new shoes, if your feet are hurting that bad they are not giving you the support where you need it. You should rest the day before a big race, but great job finishing and taking it on! You Rock!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3525 days ago
    It's funny you wrote this about the Vibrams. I just tried a pair on myself for the first time today. Interesting, for sure. I might invest in a pair soon and try them. Maybe in October after my half and all training is done. I'd like to know if I'd stop having foot issues if I wore these. Sorry that your run was so tough today. There are so many scenarios that contribute to a good or bad one. Hope the next one is better.
    3526 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2659174
    Working through and finishing an awful run is just another lesson learned - you know that you can finish that distance even if it doesn't feel light and wonderful! Congratulations on finishing :)
    Born to Run is a great book! Just remember with the Vibrams that you need to start out little by little - you will injure your feet if you try to make a straight switch (I can attest from experience). I would suggest reading a little bit on Barefoot Ken Bob's website - he has a ton of great information on barefoot running - which will help anyone that wants to run, really -

    You are strong - and the greatest thing??? You survived!!!
    You're a tough strong woman!
    3526 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8092638
    I bet that pool was beyond heavenly... I jumped in my mom's pool a few weeks ago when I was home after jumping rope for 30 minutes in 95 degree heat and I've never felt anything so wonderful in my life.
    3526 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    Ps: with vibrams, it would take you MONTHS to work up to your current long run distance safely. since there is no padding, our muscles, tendons and joints need time to adapt!

    3526 days ago
  • ANNE7X7
    You know what? Just keep pushing! My last three long runs felt crappy, and finally I had a good one today! So many factors can influence a run! Don't let it get you down!!!
    Definitely try different shoes! Those sound painful! I don't really wear my vibrams for running, but I love them for hikes and walks! Maybe I'll eventually start doing little bursts of running in them!
    3526 days ago
  • MFOSTE20
    You kill me in running. I can do about half of that.
    3526 days ago
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