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Saturday, August 20, 2011

I guess I will spill the beans.....I filed for divorce the end of July because I could no longer put up with my husbands drinking problem. I don't want to sit here and berate the guy (he was not abusive) but I just don't know why I feel so relaxed without him. Maybe it's because I now can enjoy the living room couch and t.v., or is it becuase I no longer have to clean up after him? Maybe it's because I don't need to figure out how to sober him up on the weekend so he can make it to work on Monday morning? I guess the good Lord put him in the right place for a while (jail - that's a hard one to admit that your spouse is in there). It's been two weeks without him now. If he has to do six months or more (his third offense - that's another hard one to admit), where will the child support come from, how will I pay the bills (I already know I will loose the house, I've been decluttering)? Even if he gets out of there soon, he won't have a license for years! Oh my, the stress is starting to overwhelm me already. Please pray for me, I have to go now, the keyboard is getting wet! (lol!)
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