I am going to create my own biggest loser ranch.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Some days I really do wish I could just go to a weight loss ranch or a retreat.

I think the reason I have watched these "loser" shows because I envy the way they can just drop everything and go and work on themselves.

They get chefs, trainers, therapists. They get ENDLESS time to meal plan, to work out, to "reflect".

What brought this up for me today?

Well, it's Friday, and I was thinking about how busy I have been. My job has me doing all KINDS of things lately. More stuff=more paperwork, moving out of my comfort zone. On top of work is workouts. I have added new fitness classes to increase my cardio and my ST. Then there is the food. Planning meals the night before is a chore for me. Counting out the calories, portioning everything, all while being interrupted, breaking up fights with the kids, listening to the husband ask me repeatedly to find something for him. CAN'T THEY SEE I AM BUSY? Better yet, CAN'T THEY LISTEN WHEN I SAY I'M BUSY????

Which brings up the subject of family.

I LOVE my family. They give me purpose. HOWEVER, they need to GET that I NEED time for me. I have an obnoxious teenager who doesn't realize that she CANNOT have her facebook back because of the inappropriate things she REPEATEDLY posts online. In fact, she was taken in to the police station in late July for posting a hate page about another girl. With school starting yesterday, she had 4 pages of math homework THE FIRST DAY. I had to spend 2 hours just on helping her get that done after school.

My husband...... is a kind soul. He just needs some fire lit under him. I found a job online that was a HUGE upgrade for him. HUGE. Better hours, WAY better pay, more time for the kids. I put in his application and resume online for him. He went in, did the interview, AND HE GOT THE JOB!!!! Yay! He would NEVER have done this on his own. I wish he would take more incentive, but I am VERY happy for our family and HE is very happy.

As for the title of my blog. Unless my family wins the lottery, we will never be the family who can afford to send my fatness to a ranch. We cannot afford a chef, a trainer, or even for me to do Jenny Craig or a program like that. I am going to have to tough it out on my own. But how?

Being that I LOVE lists, I made myself another one for how I can create my own little oasis at home:

1. Fill up my ipod with AWESOME songs. It holds a LOT and should be full.

2. Tell the family not to interrupt me when I am wearing the headphones, as headphone time is me time. (Obviously this excluded a burning, bleeding, blue kid or hubby)

3. Use my headphones when food prepping, working out, or doing something obnoxious like cleaning. If I have to clean, I darned well should have some music on to pass the time.

4. I will soak in a bubble bath that smells WONDERFUL after a hard workout. Scented candles in the room are required. And NO, kids, dogs, hubby can NOT interrupt.

5. I will blog, journal, have a coffee date with a friend as my "therapist".

6. I am obligated to do NOTHING when my hurt locker is full or has too much to drag around that day. One of these days I will describe what a hurt locker means to me so whomever might be reading this will know what the heck I am talking about.

I know it might seem silly or strange to some that I have to make myself a list reminding myself to take care of me, but I really have to do it. Otherwise, I find myself putting my needs behind everyone else, dogs included. Until I "get it", I must make lists to remind me that I am important too. For me, the most important part of the lifestyle change requires that I spend the time to take care of MY needs. When I don't take the time plan my food out, I end up going 6 hours without eating, then being FAMISHED and eating things I didn't intend on eating.

Since I am creating my own ranch, this is what my ranch looks like:

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Book me a couple months at the ranch. Would be nice to spend all the time focusing on "me", but for us poor working folks with lots of responsibility, it will never be a reality - DARN, we can dream though. Hope you can carve out time for yourself amongst the busyness of life, it's hard, but it can be done. Love the headphone idea. emoticon
    2796 days ago
    LOVE your ideas, re: "me" time and using the headphones as an obvious "clue" to your family: Do Not Disturb! :-)

    That's the thing I REALLY DISLIKE about the Biggest Loser, the UN-reality of all that time, ALL those resources to get such HUGE results so QUICKLY!

    For ordinary folks like us? It just ain't that way!

    I often wear my mp3 player around the house both indoors and outside when working on things...really helps a LOT!

    2796 days ago
    I'm putting in my reservation for a stay on your ranch! I love the ipod idea (and your limited interruption exceptions). I think a lot of us need to make those lists. We tend to get lost in the shuffle of everyday living. Good job! (and congrats to YOU on hubs new job)
    2798 days ago
  • ELSCO55
    emoticon Love your ranch. Please add my reservation.
    2799 days ago
    When you get the ranch up and running are you taking on clients??? If so I'd like to apply. sounds like you have done a great job of making your own oasis in the middle of a hectic world. You are worth it. so enjoy every chance you get.

    2799 days ago
    Nice ranch and sounds like a great plan. I hope it works well for you. It isn't silly or strange putting you on the list. Most of us do for the same reason you do, we forget about us in our busy lives and being on the list is something we have to do for us. Keep putting yourself on your list and enjoy taking care of you.
    2799 days ago
    Congrats on your husbands job, he is kucky to have you. Good job on the ranch... emoticon
    2799 days ago
  • RUE_19
    I love the fact that you are focusing on some of the things that you CAN do for yourself instead of letting the things that you can't control be the reason that you hold yourself back. Way to go!
    2799 days ago
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