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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Today I checked into the story of an extraordinary woman. Some of you may already know her story.

She is Ernestine Shepherd and she is 74 years old. She holds the title of the world's oldest female bodybuilder. Ernestine didn't get serious about fitness and healthy living until she was 56 years old. She is my newest hero. Her daily routine puts mine to shame.

After reading her story I am now inspired in a way I wasn't before. If a woman who is 74 years old can accomplish such things, what is to stop me?

So often we live under the restrictions we place upon ourselves, whether through fear or ignorance. My own frame of reference is frequently narrow and short sighted while I am overly concerned with what is acceptable, attainable and allowed. It going to take courage in addition to determination, dedication and discipline, just it reads on the front of Ernestine's workout shirt. Ernestine's story shows me my life will be what I make of it and incredible things are possible.
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