I think I have found my recipe for SUCCESS. (FINALLY)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jeez. Finally. 3 pounds!!!

If you are interested in my whining, please see the last month's worth of blogs LOL. I have REALLY struggled with figuring out the right balance for me.

I *think* I might have found something that works for *me* and my life so that I can finally start losing pounds.

Here is my list of things that have really helped me this week:

1.Planning out my next day's meals the night before. I used to roll my eyes when successful people suggested meal planning. I am so overwhelmed half the time that planning a week's worth of food was mission impossible. So..... I just take some time in the evening and plan out how to "budget" my 1500 calories. It works really well, because you don't have to think about it once you have made all your little meals. And if you eat only what you have budgeted for and don't "spend" more calories, you are GUARANTEED to stay on track.

2. I added some fitness classes. My insurance company pays for me to take 2 pilates classes a week at my job after work. I almost didn't go at first because I though I would be sitting cross-legged on a mat meditating....but the dietitician at my job lost like 15 inches doing it. Since I am ALL ABOUT losing inches, I went. Wow, talk about the pain train! I could not lift a water bottle the next day. So, I foresee that helping a lot. Also, I found out there are $5 Zumba classes in my town! They are AWESOME, and I burn about 600 calories doing the classes.
I figure mixing up my workout routine will not allow my body to hold on to fat.

3. I delegate more to my husband. He can whine and moan all he wants, but I didn't make these kids by myself and I didn't drag him down the aisle into wedded bliss. He can certainly do his part helping me with the kids and helping with chores around this house while I do items # 1 and #2. I certainly don't complain when he does whatever man stuff he wants to do.

4. Delegate to my kids more. Yes, my kids CAN clean up after themselves. I AM their mother, NOT their maid. I am learning to ignore their eye rolling and whining too. When I watched the new mommy videos at the hospital before I brought them home, no where on those videos did it say that I must wait on them hand and foot. YES, I will help them with things like homework and will cook for them.... but NO, I will NOT do things that they have hands and feet to do.

5. I do not "Flame" myself when I make a mistake. I am so mean to myself sometimes that it is a sin. I treat myself with such disdain sometimes that it takes away from the goal of loving myself and healing from past hurts.

I am just a normal person who wants a normal life. I think the key to ongoing success for me is to remember that MY needs matter too. I am no good to anyone if I don't take care of me first.

Let the success continue.........
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I could use a few of these in my own life too! Though I do have life rule #1 down pretty well: Take care of me first and always. :-) I just wish I wasn't so high maintenance sometimes! emoticon That statement is funny if you knew me. Sorry for the inside humor. emoticon Though I did treat myself to a pedicure twice this summer! Amazing how much better I feel when I have pretty toes in my sandals! You are really rocking your journey and should be very proud of your accomplishments this far. emoticon emoticon
    2804 days ago
    Thanks so much. I just hope it continues. I think planning out my food for the day the night before is really helping. It takes the guesswork out of what to eat.
    2806 days ago
    WHOA! What an AWESOME turnaround!!

    Just LOVE #3 & #4! It has sounded as though for TOO LONG you've taken on WAY too much responsibility for all the myriad day-to-day responsibilities of keeping your household going! You are truly PARENTING your kids when you teach them these skills and expect them to follow through on doing their part around the house!

    And of course #5...who can't give a hearty round of applause to being more accepting of oneself...?

    Yes the pounds lost are ALWAYS a blessing, but small potatoes compared to the OTHER accomplishments!!

    You ROCK!!

    2806 days ago
    Love the blog and I hear you when it comes to the kids I have a 16 year old and 9 year old and I am constantly saying I am not your maid, I am your mother and if you are not sure of the difference look it up!!!
    2807 days ago
    WTG and Good for you! I am so glad you found what works. As for the videos before the darling children came home..I always thought we should be able to sue LaMaze because they never told us about the 18 - 21 years that follow (and that breathing trick just doesn't work, although a few manhattans might emoticon ) Delegate, delegate, delegate! It is never too soon (or too late) to learn that you need as much consideration and love as everyone else in your family.
    2807 days ago
    This is great! Glad you have found something that is working for you :) And I totally agree about kids doing things on their own! I am constantly saying to my 14 year old... um, you are 14 not 2, you can get up and get a drink!!!!

    2807 days ago
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    Good for you for taking care of yourself! Sounds like you're starting to find that balance.
    2807 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2807 days ago
    OMG love it, love it, love it. These are all things 'they' tell you to do. Plan, ask for help, and be kind to yourself. I am so happy for you, girl!!! I know how much you've been struggling and 3lbs is amazing.

    P.S. I love your writing style. You crack me up, and it's all funny cuz it's true! I have learned to ignore the whining I hear from sig oth as well. And man, can he whine. Sometimes he's so stubborn I swear he goes "heee-HAWW!!!". Whatever, I don't tiptoe around him anymore, and I feel better for it. :)

    sooooo happy for you!!!
    2807 days ago
    It sounds like self-love to me!
    2807 days ago
    Great points! You're actually HELPING your children (and your husband, too) by having them help out; no one is going to wait on them hand and foot when they grow up, they need to learn to do things now for themselves. Way to go--it's all about finding what works for us and our lives!
    2807 days ago
    sounds great! children do need to learn to do stuff, it will help them be more responsible
    2807 days ago
    Excellent, excellent points!! Way to go!!

    2807 days ago
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