Why am I so hard on myself?!?!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have no idea what my problem is today! I lost 3.2 pounds this week, but I'm mad because I feel like I should have lost more. Why am I so hard on myself? I guess this is what you would call a mental roadblock eh?

Since I didn't lose what I wanted, I feel like I failed. Sounds stupid I know, but I worked my A$$ off last week! This is totally killing my motivation. Today I ate pizza and of course I overate because I was in the mindset that I "just don't care" and when I think of walking I think "why bother busting my butt just to lose a little bit."

I'm not giving up, even though right now I really feel like it. I guess this is what my sparkfriends call "down moments."

I wish I wasn't so hard on myself! I need to focus on the positives right?

Well I'm positive that I want to keep losing, and as long as I don't completely sabotage myself I am still on track of making my first goal of losing 35 pounds by 10/22/11.

Has anyone else been in the same boat as I am in right now? Today is a day that I could really use support from my fellow sparkfriends.

Please Jesus, let me get back on track tomorrow and not let this snowball into a huge setback.
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    I have definetly been there many times and I've always quit. Then I get mad at myself for giving up so fast. No one is harder on us more then ourselves. We expect to much to fast. It don't work that way. Take that extra step to push yourself. do you keep track of your measurments? Sometimes, if the weight is not coming off it's because inches are coming off instead. Don't always rely on the scale. It can be deceiving. Keep up the hard work. In time it will pay off. emoticon
    2438 days ago
    OMG! I was in this same boat yesterday! I had bagels calling my name! And I ended up finding SparkPeople because I had lost my way after the great Jelly Bean sabotage of Easter 2011! Seriously, one bag of Jelly Beans and I was on a 3-month slide.

    We all fall down and sometimes we all need help getting back up. There is no judgement here. Just don't stop trying. emoticon
    2439 days ago
  • LAURIE160IN2013
    Read the success stories of people who have lost 40 pounds, 100 pounds.... How do you think they did it? One week at a time, one pound at a time. Now think about what will happen if you give up. Good luck--you can do this!
    2439 days ago
  • DMORGAN1009
    Thanks you ladies for all your support! That was exactly what I needed today! emoticon
    2439 days ago
    3 pounds in a week is awesome! It may seem like a little bit, but it all adds up week after week. Tomorrow's a new day and you have the choice start it right. Make yourself a healthy breakfast and get some fitness in. That always boosts my spirits. I wish you all the best! Hang in there!

    2439 days ago
    3.3 lbs is awesome... don't cheat yourself out of acknowledging and celebrating every little success. And don't let your pizza splurge pull you off track completely! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!
    2439 days ago
    I know all too well how frustrating the scale can be. At most, on my most awesome week ever I lost two pounds.
    Your 3.2 pounds ROCKS!! That is in ONE week, right? I think it's amazing.
    We tend to let the scale dictate how accomplished we feel, but try to focus on hard you worked, how hard you pushed yourself and how much you deserve those 3.2 pounds.
    Too many times we let the shows like Biggest Loser influence how we feel about our more "normal" weight loss...keep in mind- those people work out like eight hours a day, have trainers and chefs on hand and sometimes they can only pull a 5 pound loss.
    Keep your chin up- you are doing awesome!
    2439 days ago
    Keep it going! And be proud! A loss is a loss is a loss!!
    2439 days ago
    One ounce, one inch, and one pound at a time all equal success. Yes, I know how you feel and I just brush the disappointment off and think about all the things I did right. This just may not be your week, but next week could show a larger number. Don't allow the emoticon dictate your mood. Do you feel stronger and have more endurance? Is your energy level better? Has your confidence increased? These are signs of success and not just the numbers on the emoticon . Embrace and celebrate those hard earn 3 pounds. That's 3 pounds your not carrying around anymore. Be proud of what you have done.
    2439 days ago
  • BECKY3774
    Heck yeah, three pounds is emoticon !!!! I haven't lost three pounds at once in FOREVER!!! Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat...and you don't always see the numbers go down as much as the measurements. The scale and I are on a need to know basis.....when I feel I need to know, I'll weigh myself. If there isn't a change in numbers, I'm okay with it. It just makes me that much more motivated! I have been on spark now for about three months, and didn't even lose anything until this last hang in there. Nothing worthwhile is going to be simple!
    2439 days ago

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  • ACCT1908
    3lbs is AWESOME!! I wish for those kinds of losses! Hang in there!!
    2439 days ago
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