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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have been going over my calorie allottment pretty regularly for the last 5-6 weeks. The only time I didn't was when I increased my allottment -- but then my weight loss totally stalled. The only thing that changed was that I didn't feel as guilty as before LOL!

I think I need to look at the times/reasons/situations when I over eat and see what I can do to avoid that.

1. Sometimes I overeat when I am really, really hungry. Possible fix: Eat more often and thus don't get so hungry. This fix does not work in the morning, though, since I can't eat while I'm sleeping! Luckily I don't usually overat at breakfast. Possible fix 2: Slow down when eating instead of scarfing food down as quick as possible. This way I will be able to stop when I'm full instead of just continuing to stuff myself.

2. Sometimes I overeat when I am at restaurants. Possible fix: Nowadays, a lot of restaurants post their calorie information so I have been pretty good at reading up beforehand so I know what's good to order. But sometimes I overeat at restaurants because I'm just so hungry! See #1 above.

3. Sometimes I overeat when I see really tasty food. This usually happens when I'm really, really hungry. For example, the other day I was at Walmart and saw a jar of dry roasted peanuts and had to have some. So I ate half the jar. Possible fix: I've noticed in the past that if I don't take the first bite, I'm OK, but once I start, it's hard to stop, even when I'm thinking "I've got to stop eating this." This situation usually occurs when I'm really hungry. See #1 above.

4. Sometimes I eat the wrong things when I am someplace special. A few weeks ago I went to Las Vegas and ate poorly because I was thinking that it was a special occassion and I should eat some chocolate since I am not following my diet this weekend. Possible fix: Don't do that!

5. Sometimes I eat the wrong things because I get this funny feeling in my stomach. I have never heard of anyone else having this particular feeling, but I get it when I'm really hungry. It's a feeling like I'm super hungry and the only thing that will fix it is to eat something substantial, like carbs. At times like this, the thought of a salad or fruit just doesn't cut it and I am off to find something heavy. I have occassionally tried to eat some protein-heavy food instead but that doesn't usually work. Possible fix: Don't get so hungry. See #1 above.

6. Sometimes I eat the wrong things because there are a lot of tasty foods out there that just taste a helluva lot better than vegetables!!! And guess what? I don't like chicken. I'll eat it, but it's not my fave at all. I don't like most veggies. I'll eat them but again, not my fave. Possible fix: Learn how to cook better???

7. Finally, I have to confess that I still have not gotten to the point that everyone else seems to be at, whereby if I eat fast food or junk food, I say "Oh I felt so sick!" or "I can't believe I used to eat that stuff!" or my favorite "I actually prefer brussells sprouts over cookies." I still like fast food and junk food. It's tasty. Right now, I'm eating a fresh pear and it tastes fine, but I would totally rather be eating a big piece of chocolate cake!!! I don't eat the cake because 1) it's not in my lunch box and 2) I know it's not good for me (and yes I know an occassional treat is OK).

It sounds like, based on what I've written here, that my main problem is letting myself get too hungry and I should try to eat more often. I actually don't find it too hard to eat nutritious stuff if I'm not totally starving, so that sounds like the key. And I don't really have an excuse for not eating more often other than being lazy (I hate cooking and preparing food). I also think if I'm not hungry why should I eat and then go somewhere and get hungry and then there are no healthy options around.

What do you think? Does any of this make sense????
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    Sounds like a good observation to me; sometimes writing it down really helps. I also find that asking for a take home box right away and putting half your food in it helps.
    3339 days ago
  • no profile photo 2000MELISSA
    This was so funny. You need to write more for us.
    3353 days ago
    I know what you mean the hardest thing after coming back from vacation is getting my diet right. I like chicken but prefer steak and fish. If you going to over eat try to do it on things you like that are good for you. I love strawberries with splenda and other fruit. Make smoothies. that could help with the hunger if you drink a couple during the day also helps get your fruit and vege allownace in. I think you have the key though try not to get super hungry. You can do it!

    Oh btw... Fast food, cookies and cake are delicious.. We just cant have them that often.
    3355 days ago
  • WHGRN60
    Good insights!
    3357 days ago
    I hear ya. I often go over--WAY over--when I am super hungry. Restaurants are also dangerous.

    I try to:
    -Snack a little between meals, so I'm not famished
    -Drink water with snack, so it fills me up a little more
    -decide ahead of time what to have at a restuarant.

    Keep trying! You'll find what works for you!
    3361 days ago
    "I actually don't find it too hard to eat nutritious stuff if I'm not totally starving, so that sounds like the key." -- Yes! I think you get to be more picky when you can still think rationally lol. Same with me. I think I eat every 2 hours!! Seriously! I log it in that same time too, so it's like a full-time job lol.

    I also think it's ok to let yourself eat what you like and want. Of course, not as a reward for being good all day long, and not for working out that day. Chocolate cake? Yes! Just very little. Peanuts? Sure! Just not too many. And log them all. I try not to buy too much junk food. But if I don't buy it, then my family complains. So I HAVE to buy ice-cream. I just don't eat it every day, or every time they eat. I eat it when I still have 100-200 Cal allowance left for the day. And I learned that 1 serving of ice-cream is tiny but I'm getting used to really appreciate every bite.

    Maybe you are just tired, and need rest and sleep. I find that I'm not up to any challenge if I didn't get enough sleep. First things first. I also found that I can control my appetite better when I workout. That's probably the most important but it kind of occurred to me last...

    emoticon emoticon
    3361 days ago
  • THEMIS27
    Umm...I don't think I will Ever like Brussels sprouts more than cookies! emoticon I'm also not one of those people who could give up sugary treats and never look back. They're so tasty! OK, this isn't helping. What DOES help for me is to allow myself whatever I want to eat, provided I stay in my calorie range. So that creates an inner-conversation with myself: "would I rather have a giant salad that has 200 calories and leave me feeling full and satisfied, or would I rather have a cookie that's also 200 calories but means I'm still hungry 5 minutes later?" Knowing I only have a few calories to work with for the day, I usually choose the salad over the cookie. But if I DO choose the cookie, I don't beat myself up over it, either. I just cut 200 calories somewhere else. Maybe it's an extra 1/2 hour of exercise or skipping a slice of bread with dinner. Once I stopped "banning" foods and learned to work them into my calorie range, I was much happier and I saw much better results.

    You've been doing such a great job, Julie. Especially here - this blog is perfect - you've identified the problems and sketched out solutions. Keep doing an emoticon job like you have been!!
    3361 days ago
    First of all, I love that you still have a little bit of a wicked sense of humor! It's awesome!
    Here's my advice, take it however you want. Remember, I only have to worry about shopping for and feeding myself (no man or kids) so it's probably much easier for me.
    I go to the store once a week (sometimes two different stores, Trader Joe's is great for some stuff, but I like Yoplait yogurt and Jello pudding). I buy only things that are healthy and support what I'm doing. If I buy something that is not so good, honest-to-God I eat it all in one sitting so it's not in my house.
    I pack my lunch and snacks for work every day. I actually cut up my fruit before hand because I realized that I'm more likely to snack on already cut up fruit. (I'm strange, I know)
    I try to stick to things under 100 calories. So snacks are carrots, peaches, watermelon, string cheese, yogurt, etc. I do eat frozen meals, but again I will only buy ones that are under 300 calories. If I eat out, I do my best to make good decisions, but I don't beat myself up if I go a little over.
    I buy "ready-to-eat" meals. Trader Joe's is FULL of this stuff. My latest favorite is their steamed asparagus (2.5 in the microwave, 4 servings), brown rice (3 minutes in the microwave, 2 servings) and BBQ Teriyaki Chicken (approx 7 minutes in the microwave for chicken and sauce, 3 servings). Dinner is served in 15 minutes and I used a microwave and a knife and I have left overs.
    I know I just rambled, but you're right. Snack lightly throughout the day and you'll be less likely to overeat.
    I still like fast food.
    I still like cake.
    I will never like brussel sprouts more than cookies.
    Hope this helps.
    3361 days ago
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