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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I rode my bike downtown yesterday to get WiFi so I could post a blog update with pictures, since the hotspot I am paying for on my phone is less than awesome in terms of connectivity. But that didn't work so I tried the library. No dice. Then I even went to the McDonalds parking lot (DARING) for their free WiFi but that didn't work either! LOL. SOoOoO... today I rode my bike 11 miles to grad school (which means another 11 back) for the real deal internet here haha. Good. Getting two birds with one stone. Exercise and academics ...erm... blog updating.

So yeah. Settling into my new place; oh yeah, I got the apartment in the capital that I wanted and I started moving in mid-residency. The apartment is cute - twice as big as the one I had before and the same price! Also in a quieter part of Vermont, but still small city like since it is Montpelier after all. As for the layout, it took me a minute to decide how I wanted to unpack my stuff. There are two bedrooms in there, one HUGE and one decent sized. At first I thought I'd put my living room in the HUGE room because it's the one that gets the most sunlight and would be good for company. However there is a main room at the center of the apartment, and although it is the smallest room in the house, I didn't really have anything else to put in there. Plus, if I made the master bedroom a living room, I was losing my chance at finally having an office space. I didn't want to put it in the same room as a living room (too many distractions). Ok ok, enough of the mundane details.

I ended up making the small bedroom my office, and TA DA! An AT-HOME GYM!!!!! hahaha. Over the past two and a half years, I realized I have collected quite the accessory load for a lifestyle of athletics. With running clothes, bikes, bike trainer my sister got me for xmas last year, a yoga mat, exercise DVDs, creams, lotions, potions and gels, gu packets left over from the bike trip and books and memoirs, maps and etc, I created a no-excuses space! I spent $0 new dollars on setting this up, and even found a new use for my old laptop- that will now be my p90x and pilates dvd player as well as music machine when I'm on the bike.

I set up my old bike on the trainer and have my other one hanging out for riding outside- I'll probably switch on and off. (Right now I have the Specialized out for the day since the Giant needs a tune-up.) ((Wow what a difference the ride on this one feels from the other one now that I have something to really compare it to.) Anyway. On the shelf you'll see I set up some inspirational books plus a host of potions - Gold Bond hahah, chamois cream, Biofreeze (swear by it!) and bodyglide. Also an extra tube, my lever and broken multi-tool haha. I found the hanging basket in the closet when I moved in so I filled it with leftover electrolyte tablets, clifbars/nutrition and gu packets.

On the other side of the room is all of my workout clothes, freshly laundered and organized. The basket has my cycling gloves for summer and winter, sun sleeves, compression socks, swim goggles, fleece hat from nyc marathon, fleece headband/ ear muff thing, running gloves, bobby pins and hair elastics.

On the other side of the room is my office space - perfect for Thesis writing and I think each aspect of the room complements the other. When I get stuck or too tired of writing, I can hop on the bike or do something else without having to waste time in transition from one activity to another. If I want to though, I can just get dressed and go out for a run or a bike ride outside and just get out for a while. This is going to be awesome in a snowstorm though I have to say.

Since moving in too, I have been cooking up a storm. This is AWESOME because I really wanted to get back into cooking at home and trying new recipes and honing my skills as a cook. Sample the following food porn, if you will:

Homemade pesto from fresh local basil, squeezed lemon, pine nuts, garlic and extra virgin olive oil....

egg white omelet for two with ground turkey and tons of veggies....

Getting ready to cook dinner ...

Almost gone before we remembered to snap a picture...

And the day after... homemade spinach bread with local dough, spinach, and the left over pesto folded in.... MMMM

All of this fresh and good, whole, clean food is awesome for getting my body fired up and getting going for a serious season of endurance training. Trying not to get super fat over it though, lol. I made myself a deal. I have about 25 pounds to Onederland. I told myself if I make a genuine effort in my new space and solidify that this is going to be useful to me, and I lose my next 30 pounds by way of my home gym and running/cycling through the fall weather as it comes on, spending no money, then I will renew my gym membership at the fancy gym I treated myself to last year so I can get serious about the swim portion of my training for the half-iron. Hopefully by then I will have been employed for a while (haha). Either way, here is my favorite thing in my new favorite room.... my motivation:

(MAMALITTLE's super cute daughter sent that to me this summer when I was on the road!)

p.s. shoutout to HEATHAH_TEACHAH from when we went camping earlier this week. bahah

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