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STAND BACK! I'm going to try ARITHMETIC!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

OK so, I gained weight this week. More than halfway through the Biggest Loser Challenge and I have not lost very much weight. Blah blah blah... I have wasted enough time and emotions feeling bad. I ran out of whine-ability. I cannot do it anymore. Instead...

You know what? I like math (I almost have enough math credits from studying computer science to have a math minor).

It's time for some MATH to make me feel better about my progress.

I started the Biggest Loser Challenge at 403. My body fat % was 49.9.
403 x .499 = 201.1 lbs. That is how many lbs of fat I had (wow).

Last week, I was 398.9 and 48.9% fat.
398.9 x .489 = 195.1 lbs fat (Hey, wait a sec, HOLD ON, that is a huge loss of fat!!!!!)

This week, I am 399.2 and 48.4% fat.
399.2 x .484 = 193.2 lbs fat

HEY GUYS! Look at this crap:
201.1 lbs. - 193.2 lbs = 7.9 lbs fat lost.
I've been giving myself such a hard time because of the scale, but according to these numbers, I lost almost 2 lbs of fat while gaining weight this week... and almost 8 lbs of fat total since the start of this competition.
1 - (193.2 / 201.1) x 100 = 3.929% of my total body fat GONE!

SO... like.. thank you, math emoticon

I can't find my tape measure... when I do, I will check inches. If the inches lost corresponds to the fat loss, these fat lbs have almost certainly been replaced by MUSCLE and not water.

Update: YES!!!! here is a list of my losses since 3 weeks ago:
neck: 0.81 in
upper arm: 2.5 in
forearm: 0.5 in
bra strap: 2 in
waist: 0.75 in
thigh: 1.5 in
calf: 0 in
ankle: 0.15 in
wrist: 0.33 in
ring finger: 0.5 cm

The progress is slow, but it is progress...
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