Birth story of Samuel

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So I went in to my regular midwife appointment on Friday August 5 only to find out my blood pressure went up again while being on medication. ( 149/ 98). My midwife told me to take another 24 hour urine test emoticon and come back Monday morning for the results. She warned me that she thought I had preeclampsia and that I would problem be induced on Monday night or Tuesday morning.
My husband and I spent weekend getting all the odd ends things done so that we would be ready for the baby. Monday morning came and I went to my appointment to only find out I did have full blown out preelampsia that I needed to go the hospital right away. I called my husband and told him. I picked him up from work and we went to the house to pick up my hospital bag.
Once at the hospital I was informed that I could no longer d0 all the birthing techniques that I wanted. I was not allowed to get up from bed, so I could not use a birthing ball, walk around, or use the birthing tub. I was also told ( I had also read about it as well) that I should think about getting and epi because it could help lower my blood pressure. Once I got my iv they started a procedure that would help ripen the cervix that was to last 12 hours. My blood pressure was getting out of control, even when just laying down on the bed so I was given magnesium so that I would not have a seizure. I still wanted to try and have Sammy without an epi and told them so, but told them that I would be open to it if my blood pressure was getting to high.
My husband went home from the night while I stayed at the hospital. At 5 am they took me off the medication that was for the ripening of the cervix and started me on pitocin. The nurses and my midwife told me that it would probably take 12 hours before I was ready to push. My midwife checked me right before they started the pitocin and I was at 5cm. The magnesium and the pitocin actually work against each other so they kept increasing the amount of pitocin to make it start working. I started getting contractions, and I thought although painful that they weren't that bad and that I could go through without the epi. Around 9am my midwife and nurse brought in a doctor, they where really worried about my blood pressure and started talking about what would happen if I needed an emergency c-section and that they thought I should get an epi. My midwife said she knew I didn't want one, but said due to my blood pressure getting dangerously high during every contraction, she thought that we could go around not having a c-section if I got one since it would relax my body. She also said that it would be best to get one to be ready in case I had to have and emergency c-section. They way they where talking and the doctors they where bring into my room got me thinking that I was going to have to have a c-section so I said yes to the epi. I got the epi around 10 am and it greatly helped my blood pressure. I sent my husband out to do an errand since they said that I would probably deliver around 5pm or 6 pm that night. He was making the situation too stressful for me, I know he meant well, but he was very concerned and making me stress out.
Around 11:00 pm I buzzed my nurse and told her that I felt like I had to poop, since I knew this was a sign that I was ready to push. The nurse came in and said I probably wasn't ready to push yet because I had not been on the pitocin for that long yet, but that she would get my midwife to come in and check me just in case. My midwife came and told me the same thing the nurse said, but checked me anyway and shocking told me I as at a 9.5 cm! I told her I needed to call my husband to come back and asked if we had time to wait for him to get there before I started to push and she said yes. I called my husband and he rushed over.
A little after 12pm I started to push. I was able to hold my own legs up, I had not lost feeling in my legs only my stomach, and push. Around 12:40 my midwife called in a doctor because Sammy's heart rate was dropping every time I had a contraction and it was taking him longer and longer recover. They informed me that they would let me push a couple of more times, but if they where not able to get him out they would need to do a c-section because he was getting really weak. They asked if I would be apposed to using a vaccum to help pull him out and I said that would be fine. My blood pressure was getting so high that every time I would push I was getting really dizzy and light headed almost to the point of passing out, but I knew out of all the things I really did not want to have a c-section so when I got the next contraction I gave it my all and they where able to get him out with the suction cup. It was really cool because the way I was sitting I was able to see him come out! My husband cut the cord and they rushed Sammy to a table next to me since he was looking pale. After 10 minutes he's color improved enough that they where able to clean him and give him to me to breast feed. Samuel Anthony was born at 12:56 pm weighing 6 pounds 19 3/4 inches. They had estimated right before I went into labor that he would be 7 pounds so it was a surprise how small he was. He had blonde hair and blue eyes ( I was able to tell they where blue a couple of days later).

They warned me that he would be very sleepy because of the seizure mediation that I was on and that I would be sleepy and dizzy too. I had to stay on the seizure mediation for 24 hours after the birth as well.
That first day up until about 8pm the next night I was bed confined due to the seizure medication. I got so swollen it was awful! emoticon I would breast feed for 20 minutes and then pass out with Sammy on my chest. Sammy and I slept for most of the day. The medicine also made me incredibly ichy!After 24 hours I was able to get off of the medicine and almost immediaty felt better! After a couple of hours without the medicine I was able to get the catheter removed. My blood pressure went down, but it was still high so I was told that I would have to take medication for the next two weeks and then I would go in to see my midwife to see if everything was back to normal. They said that sometimes it takes awhile for the body to get over being pregnant. I was put on modified bed rest ( resting a lot and only taking care of Sammy). Luckily my mother in law was planning on staying a couple of weeks to help me so I knew she could do a lot of the day to day stuff for me.
Sammy is a really good baby. I had to wake him up every two hours to feed until my milk came in and now I let him sleep for abut 3 and half hours at night before I wake him up. I hope he keeps this up! There has only been one night where he didn't want to sleep and wanted to be fed every hour. He is such a cuddler!
Nothing went as planned on my birth plan but I am so glad to have not had a c-section and that Sammy was okay! They said he was so small because of my high blood pressure but hopefully he will start to gain weight soon!
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    Congrats! He is so precious :) Kaylee came out at 6.5 (almost) pounds and is now a chunky 9 pounder!
    3549 days ago
    Congratulations!!!! My LO had to have a vacuum extraction as well. I'm so glad you're back home, off the meds and enjoying that sweet little baby!
    3553 days ago
    3554 days ago
    Congrats on the new addition!!! Glad everything worked out and that you did not need a section!! Welcome to the world Sammie!!!
    3554 days ago
    im so glad you and baby sammy did well!! he is a cutie for sure!! i hope he keeps up his good sleeping habits! =)
    3554 days ago
  • VICD25
    Congratulations! Sammy is Beautiful and so are you!
    3554 days ago
    Wow! That sounds exhausting! I'm sure it was all worth it though. I hope you are recovering well. I'm sure you're enjoying every minute. Glad to hear he's healthy and a good baby! That's most important. Congratulations Mama!
    3554 days ago
    Congrats on your baby boy! Thanks for sharing your story.
    3554 days ago
    Congrats on your beautiful baby!!! emoticon
    3555 days ago
    Thanks guys! It was a bit of a traumatic birth! I am still recovering and don't feel 100% better yet. The funny part is that I actually didn't tear and feel pretty good "down there" its just the headaches that I am getting from the high blood pressure that make me feel icky. I have a two week appt next week at my midwife's office for me so we will see if my blood pressure is better and I can get off the meds! Its reassuring to know that some of you guys had smaller babies and they are doing great now!
    3555 days ago
  • NICOLE12-01
    Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so happy to hear that even though the birth didn't go as planned and sounds like it was pretty scary, that you and Samuel are both doing well. Congratulations on a healthy and cuddly baby boy!
    3555 days ago
    I'm so sorry that things didn't go the way you wanted it to, but sometimes that happens. The most important thing is that now you are both okay. I'm glad he's here and healthy and eating well and you're able to get the rest that your body needs. It must have been so scary during the labor with so much going on and your blood pressure going so high and then talk of his heart rate dropping and recovering slower. But thankfully you were able to avoid the surgery. Now you can just rest and enjoy this precious time with him! That part is so exciting! I'm happy for you that you've moved to this stage of his life now and hope you bounce back quickly and have no more problems with the blood pressure.
    3555 days ago
    thanks for sharing congrats great pic :)
    3555 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1403645
    Congrats to you -- wow! You really got the hypertension bad! I had to have the mag during my labor with my first for the same reasons!!! I am so glad that he's here okay and you're doing okay and I am also glad that you didn't have to have the c-section!!! CONGRATS!!!
    3555 days ago
    What a lovely story. The ultimate goal is a healthy baby and healthy mommy and you achieved that! Enjoy your little bundle. What a miracle a baby is. My "baby" just turned 9 and I remember vividly still the details of her birth. Congratulations!!!

    Oh, and my 4 pound 9 ounce preemie weighed, wait for it.....30 pounds at her one year checkup!!! She didn't gain anything more for about two years after that!!! He'll gain weight and be healthy with breastfeeding, that's what I did for about 10 months.
    3555 days ago
  • LEASIM1231
    Thank you for sharing the story! I am glad you did not have a c-section. I also had the vacuum. I was very glad for it, because his head was pushing against my bone, so with the vacuum he came out much easier! I hope you are able to get a lot of rest!!!
    3555 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    Congratulations! I'm just glad to hear everyone was ok. Sometimes things don't go as planned. :)
    3555 days ago
    congrats! So happy you have a healthy baby boy - nothing else matters! Hope he continues to sleep well for you - how are you feeling??? I was so exhausted in those first 6 weeks! Can't wait to see more pictures!! =)
    3555 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1983812
    Congrats! That sounds like a stressful sitution but I'm glad everything turned out a-ok! Sammy isn't that little and I'm sure he'll start to gain very quickly!
    3555 days ago
    It sounds like you made really smart decisions during your birth, and that you used an epidural and the vaccuum exactly as they SHOULD be used. I'm planning a natural birth too, but if I get in this situation I absolutely hope that I would make the same decisions as you. Congratulations and I'm glad you are all doing well!!
    3555 days ago
    Congratulations!! Sounds like it was quite the eventful couple of days - glad everything turned out okay for you, even though it wasn't exactly what you wanted.
    3555 days ago
    Congratulations and welcome to the world baby Samuel! Sounds like you were thrown for a few loops, but it looks like you handled it fantastically. Great job on avoiding the c-section too! Hope you are feeling like yourself again soon. Enjoy all of the cuddles!
    3555 days ago
    Congratulations! I am so happy for you that you didn't have to have a c-section, and it sounds like all the rest was beyond your control! I'm sorry you didn't get to labor the way you wanted (I would be disappointed too), but what a beautiful little guy you have there. :) I hope you both recover well and that your b/p stays lowered. Enjoy your Sammy!
    3555 days ago
  • STRINGI719
    My little man had NO problem gaining weight on 100% breastfeeding, so I am sure that soon Sammy will be a chubby little cuddler! Congrats on your accomplishment of not having a C-section, I felt the same with Angelo and was so happy we could avoid it!
    3555 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Your birth story reminded me of mine. My birth plan went right out the window but in the end we both got the result that we wanted A HEALTHY BABY!!!!!!!!

    Rest and just enjoy little Sammy. He will gain weight really soon. My guy's weight gain was slow going but at his 2 month appt he was 9lbs 10oz up from 5lbs 14oz from birth. Oh and I'm breastfeeding also.
    3555 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4361149
    Awwww, I love birth stories! Thanks for sharing with us, you both look beautiful in the photo. emoticon
    3555 days ago
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