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Monday, August 15, 2011

Well…I finished Insanity. Here are my INCREDIBLY UNIMPRESSIVE results!

Insanity, Day 1 Measurements:
Weight: 111
Chest: 34
Waist: 25
Hips: 34
Right Thigh: 19
Left Thigh: 19
Right Calf: 13
Left Calf: 13
Right bicep (flexing): 9.5
Left bicep (flexing): 9.75
Right forearm: 9
Left forearm: 8.75
Abdomen: 29

Today’s Measurements:
Weight: 110.2lbs (lost 1lb)
Chest: 34 (same)
Waist: 25 (same)
Hips: 34 (same)
Right Thigh: 19” (same)
Left Tight: 19” (same)
Right Calf: 14” (+1”)
Left Calf: 14” (+1”)
Right bicep (flexing): 10” (+.5”)
Left bicep (flexting): 10.5” (+.5”)
Right forearm: 9” (same)
Left forearm: 8.75” (same)
Absdomen: 29” (same)

So……..not much changed except I weigh a little less and my extremities have expanded. The fit test is a hair more impressive….as shown below:

Fit Tests 1,2, and 3
Switch Kicks: #1 – 97
#2 – 72
#3 - 110

Power Jacks: #1 - 50
#2 – 49
#3 – 53

Power Knees: #1 - 89
#2 – 90
#3 - 90

Power Jumps: #1 - 21
#2 – 27
#3 - 30

Globe Jumps: #1 - 8
#2 – 9
#3 - 10

Suicide Jumps: #1 - 12
#2 – 13
#3 – 16

Push-Up Jacks: #1 - 16
#2 – 15
#3 - 23

Low Plank Oblique: #1 - 43
#2 – 55
#3 – 65

I’m mildly impressed with these since…well…I didn’t think I would improve at all! And here are pictures….which also don’t show much change:

Front (now with smiling/not looking mildly mentally challenged face!)



For fun I did my plaid bathing suit. There’s a LOT of difference in my chest from the beginning and even before Insanity until now.




Here’s some close ups…because I felt bad that I didn’t really improve. At the RIGHT angle in the RIGHT light….ABS! MAGIC!

Abs! (fear my stretch marks!)


Welcome to the gun show.

And, for fun, my outfit for a DayGlow party I’m attending! My rack has gotten so pathetically small.


And that’s that! I’m going to move on to doing some more weight stuff and maybe get stronger.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    How many bad guys must I defeat before I look like you? Come September/October I will take on Tony Horton of P90X infamy, and after that I will once again face my arch-nemesis, Shaun T. Also thinking about doing TurbuFire somewhere in there and taking down Chalene Johnson on my way to become Batman.... HMMMMMM. =)

    Lookin' good, sugar! And I think you're crazy, *I* can sure see some results in your pics, even if your silly scale and tape don't want to tell you differently. LOOK AT THE ABS! THE ABS, I SAY!

    ABGIRL, AWAY!! emoticon
    2469 days ago
    You look great!! I think you look more toned in the after pictures for sure! (although your before pictures are really great too - so it's probably hard to really see it yourself) And the fit test improvements are fantastic! Gotta love a PR! I really like the white suit - I think it really suits you!
    2469 days ago
    You are looking great. And I really think that in your first set of photos your abdomine looks like it changed shape a lot. Maybe just your posture since you claim there wasn't much of a change, but I think there really was a change.

    Have fun at your Day Glow party and getting even stronger in the future.
    2470 days ago
    It's probably likely that there was just measurement error. Your fit test and pictures speak for themselves! WAY TO GO!!!!!
    2470 days ago
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