Continued Emotions - Day 2

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting The Thoughts Out :)
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    "I've had about a thousand day ones".... me too!!! You're not alone, babe! One day at a time... ok? Dont let it overwhelm you! Read, learn, listen... that's where you start.

    Have you heard of the "Sit and Be Fit" fitness DVDS? Do you have hand weights? Resistance bands? Doing something will make you feel awesome. Add a little bit as much as you can. Slow and steady wins the race. I know that sounds cliche or stupid, but it's TRUE! It took me a year to lose 66 pounds, but... I learned SO much in that time. You can do this, also!

    Dont apologize for ranting or losing track of your thoughts... this is your vlog ;) You dont have to be positive and cheery. You just have to be you. And you, sir... are great ;)
    2471 days ago
    Good Afternoon X! Baby steps and deep breathes. You don't have to entertain anyone. Your vlog is for you to vent and ask questions. This is a big change for you but if you stick with it and keep trying you will succeed. I found this government site on a diabetic diet, maybe it would be a good place to start .. http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/
    2473 days ago
    I second the advice of watching "Fat Sick and Nearly Dead." I just watched it yesterday. I was pretty skeptical at the outset, as I kind of perceived "juicing" as just another "fringe fad" for the suburban hippies. Well, it actually made me cry by the end. Anyway, the point is, juicing helped the people in the film to lose a stunning amount of weight. And quickly. And they didn't just lose weight. They were healthier, had more energy, etc. I doubt it's for everyone, but perhaps it is for you. However, you would probably need to ask a doctor about it first.
    2473 days ago
    This is the first vlog of yours I've seen (will go back and watch the others) but your statement "I've had a thousand day ones" absolutely touched my soul. I think most of us on here and have them as well. I tell myself they were just practice for THIS time! And maybe that's what yours was as well. All the others were practice for this final one that will stick!

    Spark can be extremely overwhelming to begin with; there's so much stuff. But I promise you that if you're really committed to having this day one be your LAST day one.....Spark will help you. And lots of us will too!!

    My now 24 year old daughter was diagnosed with diabetes when she was 7 so I completely understand your fear and frustration with the illness. It sucks big time!

    And don't worry about the positive and cheery....it will come! We ALL have our bad days when we just have to rant and have our pity party. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't stay there!!

    I look forward to getting to know you better; becoming your friend and watching you succeed.
    2473 days ago
  • REDSHOES2011
    emoticon been there..

    Try to mimic the composition of the generated meals exchange stuff out in the generated meals with options of the same food group you like..

    Portion control- weigh and measure sweetie!

    I never counted calories before coming to sparks.. Check out my blog, if you need a friend..

    2474 days ago
    X, this new information is a lot to take in for you.
    No one is going to have the choreographed answers for your journey, but, like you said we've got an idea of the struggle and can respect the challenge before you.
    One challenge at a time...food portion sizes? What's your range? What are foods that you need to maintain the diabetes?
    Why do eat extra portions?...loneliness?...boredom?.
    I figured out I was lonely (yes, married with 5 kids - you can be lonely because I was doing what they needed or wanted all the time and forgot what I liked to do), frustrated (kids 24/7, self-explanatory), and I also had chronic pain and ate incessantly. I didn't figure it out over night, but, one step at a time I figured out the trigger and worked at it. Vlogging helped.
    2474 days ago
  • MOOSEY75
    You should watch the movie "Fat sick and nearly dead" http://www.fatsickandnearlydead.com
    2474 days ago
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