Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am kind of in a funk.

I woke up with my hands and feet swollen. Not sure what is up with my body lately.

I haven't been tracking my food on here, but I know I am eating less than I am burning. I have started tracking again today.

I am STILL not losing weight, even though I have added two pilates classes (which include a LOT of ST) AND a zumba class on top of what I do on my own.

I am not talking to my best friend, who it turns out is quite the manipulator.

I am so sad that when I look at the weight I "should" be at this point vs where I am this morning, I could just go back and crawl in to bed....but I won't.

I keep getting told to "just keep at it", but I have been "keeping at it" since May. This morning the scale said 187. I have been ticking up and down from 182 to 187 for weeks and weeks. I have tried everything...literally.

The trainer who does the pilates classes suggested a cleanse. She told me to google isogenics and try out their cleanse. I really don't know what else to do.

I feel like I need a break. Karma needs to throw me a bone. I have been working hard. Where is my pay off? I have been a good friend, a good wife, a good mother, a good worker. I have eaten well, I have worked out hard. Where are the fruits of my labor?

My hurt locker is freaking full.

I REALLY want to reach my goals. I have tried everything people have suggested. I am just really down....
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    Some days are harder than others and it's difficult to look on the bright side, sometimes. You're still a blessed and highly-favored woman. Hey, it could be could be at 297, like me! It'll get always does. Stay strong, Sister! Bring out the Warrior Woman that's lurking inside you!
    2774 days ago
    How about this?

    All right, you've "been a good friend, a good wife, a good mother, a good worker." Have you been at least EQUALLY good to YOU?? Yes, you're working out and eating healthy, but I'm talking about BEYOND all of that.

    What have you done lately just for YOU? You know what they say about all work and no play...? For instance, while I know that cycling is exercise and it's good for me, by cycling I'm ALSO being good to myself by getting out on the wide open road, leaving my cares behind and tapping a tad into my inner child as I'm swooping down those hills and funning with cycling friends and soaking up the sunshine and...

    Do you have fun times for yourself built into your day to day life?

    I'm not guaranteeing that this will drop pounds pronto, but: I'll bet you will have a more patient, pleasantly persistent attitude toward living the healthy lifestyle of your dreams! And the pounds? Betcha they'll take care of themselves along the way!

    2775 days ago
    OMG you have described my setbacks the last months. I keep going up two down two, up three, down two. You get the picture. This week I took the time to walk each morning along with some extra activity, did I lose, nope I had another gain. I eat right, ok I have moments, but i've been working on those and i've started walking in the evening. NOTHING still. So i'm back to it. Should I be at goal after almost three years? You betcha, but I am my own worst enemy also. I do good and then slack the next week. I have decided that enough is enough. You have a lot on your plate and that may be your troubles. Cleansing? Not so sure about that.....Good luck and keep us posted.
    2775 days ago
    AWE CD I feel your discouragement
    hon if your hands and feet are swollen in the morning what have your sodium levels been like? You said you haven't been tracking Chances are....
    And just a note the sodium levels are no longer the 2300 but have been dropped to 1500 Sparkpeople hasn't made the change over yet so you won't see it on your nutrition tracker If you haven't added to your tracker might I suggest you do. Sodium is a BIG blocker in weight loss.

    And too it sounds like you are having some pretty high stress levels as well. Another huge blocker.

    When was the last time you had your hormone levels tested. That's the third biggest blocker because it includes your thyroid hormone.

    These were all my weight loss issues up until nine months ago! It didn't matter what I tried;whether commercial programs or on my own. I wouldn't lose a pound!
    Nine months ago I had what I call 'corrective Surgery" only because they FINALLY HAD THE CYSTS ON MY OVARIES AND UTERUS THAT WERE CAUSING ALL THE PROBLEMS! Now they did a complete Hysterectomy to accomplish this but it's what the problem was!
    Now I'm not suggesting you have one but I would go and have your hormone levels checked to see if there is any imbalance.
    In the meantime whatever you do don't let the discouragement cause you to give up entirely. because at the very least right now what you ARE doing is stopping you from gaining.

    2775 days ago

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