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Saturday, August 13, 2011

I eat a normal breakfast, lunch & dinner but then by 8pm my mind kicks into food overdrive & I cant seem to stop eating. Thanks to my home health aide...I dont have any "bad" food in my house, but I know that eating fruit, then ramen noodles, then a salad then ice cream really isnt a good thing. my body just goes into food starvation mode. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop the cravings or on what foods are extra good to stop the madness?

Ideas & support are always welcome!


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  • no profile photo CD10795864
    Another way to look at nightime eating is to not do it!

    I have lost 102 pounds and have more or less kept it off for a year, up sometimes and then down, it is hard.

    After dinner, I drink some decaf coffee and chew a few pieces of gum (which I track). That's it--usually.

    What works for me:
    getting out of the kitchen, to a different floor if you have one.
    Do something that requires your hands--crafts like knitting, playing a musical instrument if you can.
    When all else fails, go to sleep.

    Hope this is of some help emoticon
    3544 days ago
    I really don't like nuts, so it is hard for me to chomp on them. I keep popcorn around, fruit like watermelon for a sweet taste or a sugar free Popsicle. Those help if I am really craving. For some reason Peanut butter makes me want more and more, so that is out. Think of this, you can have a snack and save a portion of your calories for that snack. Planning it ahead helps and this will allow you to stay on track.
    I am a carb addict for sure and know how it gets during the night when you don't have carbs, this is why I try and get rid of them. How about swapping ice cream for frozen yogurt? I know it isn't always the same, but it might help.

    Good luck girl, you can do this!


    3550 days ago
    I have been trying to mix the carb/protein for more staying power. It is a difficult thing to do. If there's ice cream in the house, I am into it!! Good luck.

    3554 days ago
    A food craving may not have anything to do with food. You can be bored or upset. I don't know for you. I log my food after supper. I have already decided what it will be for my snack. It varies and the only qualification is that it must not take me over my calorie range.

    Last night, I had company so it was a serving of almonds and a small glass of wine. I tend to crave salty crunchy stuff like crackers. They are not good for me personally. So when I bring them home I divide them into plastic bags in serving sizes. It does not stop me from eating to many but it does give me time to stop and think about them.

    Get rid of the ramen if for you it becomes junk food. There are things that do not come into my house because I have no control. Popsicles and ice cream being 2 of them.
    3559 days ago
    Protein and fiber or natural fruit/milk sugars for your cravings. These give me staying power. Think nuts and milk, apple and peanut butter, yogurt with real fruit. The trick is that the natural sugars stop the simple carb cravings for no-nutrition-high calorie-junk. Protein fills you up. The fact that you are eating a fruit or veggie will bulk you up with fiber, making you feel full, as well.

    You can nail this!
    3560 days ago
    peanut butter on a whole wheat tortilla is a good snack that you can chew on and chew on and take your time til you are tired of chewing !! I love the ice cream also but it only adds pounds when I indulge too much !! emoticon
    3560 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3992584
    I agree with SHARMAE. You need more protein. Why don't you try to have some almonds around to snack on; measure out the proper portion though so that when you get hungry you can snack on a serving. The protein and healthy fats in almonds are really good for you. The other thing that I like to have on hand is greek yogurt. It's naturally fat free and tastes amazing!
    3561 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8603687
    I find that when I am wanting to eat,like that,which most nights I do.I have an apple and a protein like mozzarella cheese and that satisfies the sweet and I feel full and I also don't have the foods I have weakness with in our home.I have also found if I get busy and chat with another Spark friend and get distracted it will save me from binging.I have read somewhere,probably SP that if you eat walnuts,that will curb your appetite.I also when I feel depleted or hungry I will eat some sardines,they seem to help.Best wishes to you,you have the best Spark friend INDYGIRL~to help with accountability and advice.The best part of SparkPeople is the support system! emoticon Diana
    3561 days ago
    Great advice here. The only thing I'd add is that instead of eating three meals a day, try to eat 5 or 6. I get up every morning and plan my meals out, I count every calorie and I allow enough for 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks.

    I have to say one other thing...I personally think Ramen Noodles are not very nutrition. And since I don't eat them I can't say for sure, but I suspect they are high in sodium.
    3561 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3604344
    Lori: You need more "stick to your ribs food" better known as protein. steel cut oat for breakfast stays with you, a meat for lunch is important--it stays with you. Complex carbs are good too.

    What's happening is you are hungry...your body needs a better diet.

    3561 days ago
    Look at the foods you listed as things you eat when you are in the eating mode: fruit,ramen noodles, salad, and ice cream. All these have something in common: they are high in carbs.

    I have read some research on this and when your body kicks into a mode like this, usually what it craves is a some kind of fat, which you are giving it with the ice cream and possibly the salad dressing, but the carbs -- and especially the sugar -- are kicking off more cravings.

    Have you tried eating something that has protein and a little fat? That will satisfy your hunger a lot more and will not stir up insulin production, which only stirs up more hunger. When I get little cravings like that, I eat something like sardines (also high in calcium) or a little tuna. Even a boiled or scrambled egg would be good. Why not keep on hand some boiled eggs or a baked chicken? Then when you have these cravings, try eating about two or three ounces of chicken or a boiled egg or two and see what it does for your hunger? Usually a protein/fat combination like that takes care of my cravings and hunger fairly quickly whereas the fruit/carb combination only makes it worse.

    Some other suggestions:

    a little peanut butter on whole-wheat bread
    a small serving of cottage cheese
    an ounce of regular cheese with a few raw nuts such as walnuts.
    3561 days ago
  • no profile photo BONDMANUS2002
    get off the ice cream - I love it too but have almost cut it completely out.
    3561 days ago
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