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My Own Private Fat Farm

Saturday, August 13, 2011

As many of you know, I'm currently recovering from multiple surgeries in June and looking for a job. Yesterday, at 4:17, I was offered a job in Washington, DC. emoticon emoticon

Don't celebrate just yet. I'm in Philadelphia, alone, no car, can't drive, and I need to be in Washington on Monday. The company said they would arrange my work papers next week, so I set that aside and got busy finding immediately available furnished housing and trying to figure out how to get there.

At 6 o'clock, I was on the phone with a corporate housing company when the line beeped. The company.

No job.

A technicality.

I'm really proud of myself for immediately embracing the opportunity and trying to make it work after COB Friday, but I'm less proud of how I handled the let down.

Carmine's Pizza. Five slices.

Then I baked some cookies. emoticon

I finally got a hold of myself and binned the rest of the pizza and all but three cookies. (I'd already eaten those.) I went out and walked until dark, hoping to either burn off calories or barf up the pizza, or both.

I burned 3600 calories yesterday, but I still undid a week's worth of weight loss efforts according to the scale this morning. emoticon + emoticon = emoticon

So it got me to thinking. I'm here in a nice house, alone, with no one to answer to. The house has a lovely screened in porch with a hot tub, a treadmill, and a nice entertainment system. I keep watching shows like "Heavy" and wishing I could set my life on hold and just focus on weight loss.

Duh. I currently have no life, so what's stopping me? My goal for this week is to eat 1200 - 1400 calories and stay 100% on plan. I also plan to work out as though I'm at a fat farm - at least three hours a day every day, plus two hours of knee-hab. I don't need to pay thousands of dollars to go to a fat farm. I need to quit pitying myself and take advantage of what's available to me here.

So ... this week was a bust, and I let me teammates down big time. But wait for next week's weigh in -- it's going to rock! emoticon emoticon
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    Gawd, I sometimes wish I could eat pizza again. *sigh* I feel for your ups and downs sister friend. It's hard to devote single vision fat farm thinking when you need to make money? I have all the time in the world, but can't seem to do it myself. I use my pain as an excuse. You don't. I'm proud of you on so many levels.
    emoticon emoticon

    P.S. HAHAHAHAHA. Okay, so I'm just trying to get caught up around SP cause I've been lax and busy, and I try looking through the last couple blog entries and sooo I don't notice it's last year for heaven's sake. Durrr.
    emoticon emoticon
    2203 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/10/2012 1:49:51 PM
    Sorry to hear your bad news, but you know that I'm a firm believef that God puts you where you need to be! So maybe that's the "fat farm" for awhile. =)

    I can tell from your tone that you're in a slump, and also that you're motivated to fix it. But just remember not to overdo it...Yes, watch your calories and do your therapy exercises, but don't hurt yourself.

    Can I tell you how much I love your British 'nuggets'. Congrats on "binning" the remainder of the cookies and pizza.

    Hugs, my friend. emoticon
    2442 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/15/2011 10:36:12 PM
    I'm so proud of you, so happy for you too! Stand Tall--Be Strong--You are Beautiful!
    In the big picture of things the scale really is just a small player. You're doing great!
    2442 days ago
    I'm sorry about the job. Any possibility of a job in Florida?
    2442 days ago
  • NEWNAC304
    I am so sorry this happened to you. I don't blame you for eating pizza and cookies. Great job on throwing out the rest of it and going for a walk to burn off the calories.
    2442 days ago
    That sounds like an awesome Idea, I might just try that next week when I finally have two days in a row off, I will wake up and pretend I'm at fat camp for the day! Love it! As for the pizza, I did the exact same thing this week off an on, snacking on things I knew would come back to haunt me...

    Hey, at least we are not in denial on that front haha...admitting we ate the pizza or cookies is half the battle, just pick up and keep goin!

    emoticon emoticon
    2442 days ago
    So sorry it fell thru, but you have an amazing fighting attitude! Go get what you want! emoticon
    2442 days ago
  • MUNCHIE718
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I am so sorry to hear about the job. I can't imagine going from thinking that you'll be starting a new job in a new city one minute, to finding out that it fell thru the next.

    Congratlations on stopping the stress eating in its tracks. Okay, so you ate some pizza. and some cookies. Been there, I get it. But then, instead of letting that be your excuse to blow the whole weekend, you went for a walk. Way to go! I say, if you have the time & the opportunity, why not take advantage of it and focus on eating healthy & exercising? Just be careful to not over-do it. I don't want to see you injured. And I also expect you to take FULL advantage of that hot-tub, too! You'll deserve a relaxing soak after all those miles you'll be logging on the TM. Good luck!
    2442 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/15/2011 9:01:47 AM
    Sorry about the job, but kudos to the way you're handling it, Cat!! You're the greatest!! emoticon

    I'm looking forward to reading the progress from 'the farm'

    2443 days ago
    Sorry about the let down with the job Cat. I'm glad you stopped yourself on the reaction of eating before it did too much damage! I LOVE that you are going to create your own Fat Farm atmosphere and take advantage of your time off!! KUDOS!!!
    You can do it girlfriend!!
    2443 days ago
  • MIPPY265
    CAT So sorry about the job situation. Im not sure how that can happen that way, but it definitely sux. I luv your determination to start fresh and put the "bad day" behind you. Definitely better just to pick up and start over. And never worry about letting us down. We are always here to support you when you need it!! Luv ya! And heres to a better week!!
    2443 days ago
    I am so sorry that things did not work out with the job. I too will turn to food for comfort... to fill some void I guess. So, I understand on that front. Good luck with meeting your goals for the week!! I know you can do it :)
    2443 days ago
  • DORIS39


    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2443 days ago
    Cat- i am sorry about the job situation- that sucks!!! i totally get the emotional eating- thats been my thing since i was a teenager- i guess the best advice i can give you if just start again- CLEAN SLATE!!! feeling guilty, angry etc won't change what happened- i applaud you for throwing out the extra food- its not easy- don't worry about us Snakes- we love and support you NO MATTER WHAT food accidentally falls into your mouth emoticon LOVE YA emoticon
    2443 days ago
    Great Attitude! Hang in there and don't over do the knee! {{{hugs}}}
    2444 days ago
    Holy monkey, Cat! You have your own blog party goin' on up in here! How cool is that? Your own cheering section! emoticon

    This is what makes us awesome Snakes, though. Yeah, we have setbacks, but we don't give up! We keep on getting back up and hollering, "That all you got?!"

    GO GIRL!!! :)
    2444 days ago
    Sorry about the job! Like Jan said, it's there loss.

    That emotional eating sure is tough to deal with, but it sounds like you're getting a handle on it.

    Sounds like turning your recovery into a "fat-farm" experience is a great idea.
    2444 days ago
    I read your blog- just happened on your channel by chance. Sorry about the job- it's THEIR loss!

    You are my Shero emoticon from Washington, DC.
    2444 days ago
    I hate to tell you this. i really do. but you are human, even though you are a superheroess to me!!! Last night i had a meltdown. the week went well, no complaints, last horse show day, and i made a mistake. however, with the same person there were TWO mistakes. the other one was from the office, but still..who got the brunt? its a freaking horse show people not life or death...but i took it to heart..and when someone asked me if i was ok, i lost it. yup. sat in the horse show office and sobbed a week of tense, busy, no rest, no eating what i WANTED ----and knowing i had to come home and get up and do it 2 more days, and then when i thought i had a day off monday FINALLY, find out nope, i dont.
    i wanted to eat, Cat. i wanted to go stuff myself. the ONLY thing that saved me was that i was too tired to walk to a food booth. or i would be sitting next to you saying those same words you did. (not the job in washington part)
    you are my hero. did you know that? i look at you and see your determination...and then i think yeah but she never melts down. i cant do what she does. Look at your track record. you have lost so much weight...been through SO much!!!! and you still keep working it. so you had a blip. i know what a slap that must have been to you...and i think whoever did that to you should be drug out into the street and shot. or tickled till they couldnt take it. really. and then stuff the pizza and cookies down their throat and say THERE...take THAT you unthinking unfeeling IDIOT!!!!
    wow. i feel better. i hope you do too....and Cat, i'm sorry. head up. you will get something SOON!!
    2444 days ago
    I truly am sorry about the job. emoticon The pizza and cookies sounds like something I would do. emoticon I'm proud of you for throwing most of it out. Don't be too discouraged about the overnight weight gain. The majority of that is prob water retention from the sodium and then there is the actual food in your digestive track. Give it a couple days before you call it weight gain. emoticon Hang in there. You are on the right track.
    2444 days ago

    As I said in the team thread, I am so sorry about you getting offered a job and losing it before it even began. I know the feeling all too well. But as far as the scale goes, sometimes these things are a blip. If you really gained weight just because of yesterday's pity party, and you get yourself back on track, then next week's loss will rock, indeed!!! emoticon

    My daughter (age 26) lives in Philly now. She goes to law school at Temple. It was a bit of an adjustment for her moving to Philly after living in Northern NJ all her life and working in midtown Manhattan for three years. But she really likes it in Philly and thinks it is pretty fitness friendly. Unfortunately when we go there it is usually for cheese steaks or breakfast at the Reading Terminal Market LOL. But she really likes walking in Philly and some day I hope to walk along the Schuylkill with her.
    2444 days ago
    CAT, I think you need company in your private fat farm!! I'll start mapping walking routes from Wisconsin to Philadelphia--I'm sure it can't take too long, right? emoticon
    Okay, maybe I'll have to join you virtually. . .
    2444 days ago
    So sorry about the job. That really sucks! Have fun in your own private farm though!!
    2444 days ago
  • L*I*T*A*
    so sorry to hear to job didn't work out....
    when one door closes others open!!!
    next week will better am sure......
    blessings and hugs......lita

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2444 days ago
    emoticon So sorry everything fell through. THEY lost a valuable work partner and it is their loss.

    I am so very proud of you that you got a hold of the emotion binge. You stopped, that is a huge, huge accomplishment. Don't beat yourself up over it. I would not be at all surpised if it didn't kick your body in to a lose the weigh mode.

    luv ya girl
    2444 days ago
  • _LINDA
    So very sorry about the job :(( That was a mean blow :((
    What an awesome place you live in! Great for recovering from surgeries in! (would I love a hot tub).
    Emotional stress eating is a big thing for many people which is why that team is the biggest. Have you ever worked through Spark's great articles on the subject? They offer very good tips and advice. One thing you can be responsible for is the food you bring into your house since you live alone. What are baking ingredients doing there? Time to start emptying out your pantry and replace it with only healthy food. Nothing beats fresh. Load up the fruits and veggies!! So many people ignore them, or have token peas or corn and call that healthy (too high carb). Spark Recipes has many recipes to make those veggies taste inviting. Try new ones and look up recipes for them.. Because freggies are so low calorie, you can eat lots of them.
    Do be careful with those knees, you don't want any set backs..
    I didn't know you could burn 3600 calories just walking, doesn't seem accurate to me honestly. I mean I only burn 200 calories doing 30 minutes on the elliptical, would take me a long time to get to 3600 calories, would probably drop dead by then lol. I usually have found Spark's Fitness Tracker to be accurate. I depend on it and the Nutrition Tracker to keep me honest..
    Looking forward to hearing more positive news after this weekend..
    Hang in there, you can do it!!!
    2444 days ago
    Sorry about the job...but THAT's the way to bounce back after a setback!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    And by the way, I think the correct term is "Wellness Resort" ;)
    2444 days ago
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