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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A NSV that warms a mother's heart emoticon emoticon

Actually, I had 2 non-scale victories this week. emoticon The first happened at the water-park. I always keep a swim-bag packed, ready to go, in my car. Sometimes we are spontaneous and just decide to go swimming on a whim. We had not been swimming in about a month. We decided to go the other day. I didn't have to pack the swim bag, so I didn't think about my suit not fitting. When we got there, I put my suit on, and was shocked, happily so, that my suit is now TOO BIG. emoticon YEAH! emoticon I’m going to miss that suit. I liked it so much, I bought it in 2 different sizes (that was the smaller one). Oh well, glad to let it go.

My proudest NSV, up to now, happened when we went to Taco Bell after the water-park. By the way, not my restaurant choice, but sometimes you have to go along to get along (with other people, I mean). We hardly ever go to TB. First, let me say, in January, when I started my Spark journey, I did not force my new eating habits on my family. I knew they would come around with less resistance if I let them come along and join me at their own pace. At first, I had to prepare separate meals for myself. But not anymore. The DH and both kids are on board 100%. They are all into shopping for and preparing our food together. Which is FUN! That whole Spark thing changing other areas of your life really works! I feel like I am a better mom. emoticon

My 9 year old son was the first one in the Taco Bell door and the only customer in line. The cashier asked him for his order. He spied the printed pamphlets listing the nutritional values. He said "Oh wait a minute, I need to check your nutritional values before I can order." The cashier looked like a deer in the head-lights! I said "At-ta boy!". After he ordered, I asked him how he decided what to order. He said, in such serious tone, " Well, I looked at the fat, sodium, and calories of everything." emoticon

Both of my kids ordered water to drink. emoticon The self-serve pop machine did not have the water button clearly marked. There was a man at the machine finishing up when my kids started to get their water. He could see my son trying to figure out the water thing. And he asked him what he was trying to do. My son said "I am getting water". And my 12 year old (going on 17--yes, I know I am trouble) daughter said to the guy, without any hesitation, "That's what your body wants." The guy was probably thinking that I have my hands full. I LOVE the monsters I have created! emoticon

So, for me, as a mother, I am proud that they are "getting it" at such a young age. And I didn't have to force it on them. To me, that is the best NSV I have ever had. emoticon

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