Friday, August 12, 2011

I started off great getting back on track both with food plans and walking, but now since Sunday after a long 4 1/2 mile walk the top of my foot over the arch is very painful. I have held off walking for a few days hoping that would help but it hasn't. I am thinking that because of the warm weather I had been wearing very flat flip flops a lot and maybe the lack of arch support that has caused the pain. I have been wearing my walking shoes all day the past few days and it feels better when I am just walking around the house or the grocery store, but when I go out to walk at my fast walk pace the pain starts in again. Not quite sure what I should do now, give up walking completely for awhile as I am still doing a 20 to 30 minute walk a day. I live in a condo complex so don't get the exercise I used to doing all the yard work so walking is my main form of exercise. Boy it sucks getting old, lol.

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    I have heard flip-flops are really bad for your feet. So maybe wearing them and also walking that far might have overdone it. Hope everything works out. It does take a while to heal the older we get. Good Luck. emoticon
    3596 days ago
    Diana, SO sorry to be this long getting back to you. My DD's move consumed the past three-four days.

    My problem started as plantar's. I ignored it for more than a year, continuing to walk at a strenuous pace for miles daily. (This was when exercise was going to be my quick weight-loss fix.)

    The problem became so severe I developed nerve impingement at multiple sites on both feet. I also blew out the fat pads on the bottoms of my feet from heels to toes.

    Surgery ran from just below my ankle bones to the base of the smallest toes on both feet. And both feet had to be done at the same time to avoid losing sensation in the balls and heels of my feet. I was on the verge of permanently losing my sense of balance.

    Hope your problem is much better from your days of rest and that you can avoid any further issues. Please let us know how this eventually resolves itself.

    3597 days ago
  • LADYDI2049
    Thank you all for your suggestions and your compassion. I have been using cold pack but think I will switch to heat as suggested and see what that does. I will not do even short walks for a few days and will ban the flip flops. Sunny, I to had plantar faciitis many years ago and also morton's neuromas which required surgery so foot pain is no stranger. Kathryn what was the problem that you required surgery and were laid up for so long? Again thank you all for your caring and concern.

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    3599 days ago
  • SUNNYH99
    Hi Diana, what a shame about your foot pain! I've had trouble myself in the past, both with top of my foot and with the sole (plantar fasciitis). I had a bunionectomy back in the '80s and developed neuromas between two toes after that surgery, not uncommon, so I know how frustrating this is. The neuromas cause a burning sensation, unless I have wiggle room in my shoes, so I wear sensible shoes (might not look like it: Birkenstocks, boots, Teva athletic sandals).

    I agree with resting the foot and seeing an orthopedist ASAP if it's still painful to walk more than a few steps by early next week. FWIW, I know people who go to podiatrists for these sorts of problems and then have problems that only improve with treatment by an orthopedist. My cousin is facing a 3rd foot surgery due to podiatrist misdiagnosis.

    Hope you start feeling better soon, and keep us posted!
    emoticon emoticon Sunny
    3599 days ago
    Hey Dear... I'm going to suggest you don't mess around with this, because that is what made my own problem permanent. I ended up having surgery and endured 3 weeks of a wheel-chair existence, 2 months of PT and then another 3 weeks in braces. I now wear prescribed custom-built arch supports, and I'll always have pain in my feet, even when I'm not exercising.

    The clue is that it hurts more when you walk at your fast pace. Something is wrong.

    So, try serious rest--as in get off your feet for most of the day--and heat. I know you held off walking for a few days, but wait longer. Don't even walk at a modified pace until this abates. If it doesn't get better within 3 days of, basically, bed rest, go see the doc.

    The flip flops may very well be the culprit. And the doc may say nothing more than stay off your feet until it's completely subsided and don't wear flip flops to walk in again. But it's far, FAR better to have taken these few days to give it a chance to heal than it is to end up as I did.

    Thinking of you big time. Let us know how this resolves.
    3599 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    well I would just do some light and slow walking and when it hurts just rest your foot.
    3599 days ago
    I'm sorry you are having troubles. Maybe have an Orthopedic check it out. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
    3599 days ago
    I had a similar thing happen to me after a vacation of hiking. I went to the Dr, the chiropractor and had massages, nothing seemed to help. I finally starting using heat on it and moving it around while applying the heat. I did this for an hour or so each morning and again in the evening, sometimes even in the afternoon if I had time. It worked itself out and finally quit hurting. Has not come back. It hurt like something was broken, but nothing was!
    3600 days ago
    I hear ya--I find I have to wear my arch supports in my tennis shoes. I am concerned because I usually wear sandles to work (teaching) and this year I will be back in the classroom--standing alot.

    Maybe a trip to the foot dr. is in order.
    3600 days ago
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