You Are Not Your Jeans (Genes)

Friday, August 12, 2011

for too long I have been letting my jeans (and my genes) define me

this morning I slipped into, buttoned and zipped, and am currently wearing the size 16 jeans that I bought over 5 years ago as "ultimate goal jeans" when I was doing Curves (I never even got close) - but I hate these jeans

I hate how they are loose through the butt, and I can grab a fistful of fabric on each thigh even though the waist is snug

I bought these jeans before I learned there are choices in fit

I have another pair of 16s in my closet that I've had for over 20 years - they were my goal jeans in high school, and they almost fit (but I hate them too, they are a late 80s cut and are too "relaxed" for my body shape)

for over 20 years I've had this mentality "if I can just get into those size 16 jeans" - well you know what? I'm in those size 16s, and they aren't right - the pair of size 16s that are the right cut for my body I can slip off my hips still buttoned, and although the thighs fit better on those, they are getting too loose too

size doesn't matter, fit does - and happiness does not come in a certain size - I can get into those size 16s now, and guess what, this is not where I want to be - I have fitness goals and weight goals that transcend "sizes"

same goes with the myths I've been listening to and perpetuating for years - genetics and age - you know "I'm going to be just like my mother" or even worse "I'm big boned" - okay, truth is even though my mother is a little on the heavy side, her mother wasn't, and structurally I do feel more solid, and I don't have delicate wrist bones, but that doesn't mean I'm destined to be obese - these were copouts and excuses for me

I think the age one is my favorite of all though - "well, you know, once you turn 35 it is almost impossible to lose weight" - BS! - for me that has not been true - I couldn't lose weight (long term and keep it off) during those "golden years" when it supposedly just will fall off - but since March I've lost over 25 lbs and NOT gained it back - I think the last time I was even remotely at this weight was when I spent 9 weeks hiking everywhere as a counselor at a summer camp - yes, I was in my early 20s but I was actually moving and not sitting all day - that has nothing to do with age

my advice in a nutshell - don't let old notions define you - whether they are the goals jeans you've been clinging to, or the excuses you might be making to make yourself feel better

to prove I'm serious, those high school goal jeans are going in the Goodwill box today

I may have gotten my dad's flat butt, but they make jeans for that emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you ditch the old jeans that don't fit right and find some really neat new ones that fit like a glove!
    2472 days ago
    It's true - getting the right fit on your own curves (in any size - and it varies so much from brand to brand!) is more important than the number on the tag!

    2473 days ago
    Nice! Your blog put a smile on my face and I hope you keep reaching for jeans that work for you!
    2474 days ago
    Great post!!!!!
    2474 days ago
    Great blog!! I had two pairs of jeans, that now fit, and I realize that I am not yet what I want to be or where I want to be. There is still so much more to achieve. I, unlike you have a huge butt and thick thighs (think J-Lo) and i still have a huge layer of fat on them. And i realize that after almost 7 years of dreaming about these jeans, they will be passed on sooner than later. I am enjoying them for now, but I refuse to park there!!!

    Thank you for putting this so nicely!! Go get yourself some fabulous jeans!!! You have worked hard, and you deserve them!!!
    2474 days ago
    Awesome thoughts - thanks for sharing them!
    2474 days ago
    You are so right about so much of this. Both of my parents are heavy and most of the women in my family, both sides are heavy. I refuse to just say I am doomed.
    I will not be my mother or grandmother. I am my own person and will fight this until I win. The jeans I wear actually fit small so I am still in 12's or 14's depending on the cut. I am down to 166. I am ok with that because I can see the changes in my body and I know where I want to go.

    great job in not letting those goal jeans define you. Go find a pair that are a current style and for your body type, flat butt or not. emoticon
    2474 days ago
    emoticon I love your blog & your attitude! Good bye old jeans - onto the right fit!
    2475 days ago
    They do! Here's to moving on and finding YOUR fit! emoticon
    2475 days ago
    Awesome! Great attitude. I have that ONE PAIR of jeans. They taunt me.

    Go get 'em! You can do it.
    2475 days ago
    Very good advice! Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2475 days ago
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