I eat way too fast! Any ideas how to slow down?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

--Okay, so I have always eaten fast since I can remember. When I was young my sister would eat everything up if I didn't eat quickly. I can remember leaving my pudding in the refrigerator to eat later and it would mysteriously disappear. Then I joined the military and anyone who has been in knows you have to eat quick there. Well, now I find I am still eating like I only have a few minutes to eat. My husband (bless his skinny butt) eats slowly and I end up staying at the table and eating more and before I know it I'm all swelled up like a tick!
--Anyhow, has anyone any good ideas on how I can slow down? I have tried to count between bites and sometimes my husband can remember to prompt me with "Hun, nobody's gonna steal that from you!" but often I've sucked it down before I remember to slow down! emoticon
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    drink water between bites. This may seem counter intuitive, but concentrate of the taste of each bite. Take time to really experience the flavor and texture of your food. Don't eat distracted, think about your food as you eat.
    2769 days ago
    I love this topic. I too eat fast. My husband is a slow eater, almost to a fault. At almost every meal I finish way before he does and sit and sip on tea. He usually looks at me and says, "you woofed!" I always say, "No I did not", but the truth is, I did. I really like Mary Ann's suggestions about the smaller utensils and the one about using chop sticks or eating with the opposite hand. Going to incorporate some of this beginning my next meal. emoticon
    2774 days ago
    Learning to use chopsticks forced me to slow down. At first it was because I couldn't pick anything up! (My Korean friends used to have a good laugh at me.) Now it forces me to take smaller bites because I can't pick up all that much with them. I also usually have to pick it up again because it starts to slip out.

    When I'm eating alone, I try to read a book. Most of the time I can only do one of the activities successfully. If the book is from the library, I'm extra careful not to get stuff on the book!
    2776 days ago
    i have found not putting the food on the table helps. take small portions on a small plate.. put utensils down after each small bite.. i then have to get up and go to the stove to get the rest of my meal..
    2776 days ago
    I have that issue, too. Always have. I try to be aware but sometimes the food is gone before I know it. One issue I have is that I don't like for my food to get cold. I finish a lot of times before my husband. He looks at me and I'm like "what?" We both laugh. So, if you figure out a way...let me know. I could use it, too. I do like Mary Ann's suggestions regarding utensils.
    2777 days ago
  • no profile photo AZURE-SKY
    Try putting your fork down between each bite, and don't cut up everything all at once. Say you're having chicken breast. Only cut one bite at a time, put that piece in your mouth, and put the knife & fork down until you've chewed and swallowed it!

    I also don't pile some of everything on my fork, just one piece of one thing at a time. I like to savor the taste of each food by itself.

    Also, try starting out with a big salad. That always take me a long time to eat, because there's so much chewing involved.

    If all else fails, take a sip of water between each bite.

    If you're eating with hubby, TALK TO HIM. Having a conversation while eating really slows things down.
    2777 days ago
    I tend to eat quickly since I am eating alone most of the time. Since you have your husband for company, take advantage of it, and put down your fork and knife and talk!
    2777 days ago
  • MARYANN2323
    Hi Skeetor, Eating too fast was one of my main drawbacks as well. I find, for me, that using small utencils helps alot. I bought some nice espresso spoons. They are very small. I use them for anything that calls for a spoon. Even soup. I use dessert forks as well.

    It also helps if you eat with your nondominant hand. Righties use left, lefties use right. At times it can be really comical.

    These really help to slow you down. I hope these will work for you as well. The hardest part is to remember to do this. Best of luck to you.

    MaryAnn emoticon
    2777 days ago
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