life is great at 40!--7 months since my last post!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

wow, i have been gone from spark...it's never left my heart, just i have been busy living a healthy life which causes me to be in my kitchen up to 3 hours a day--no joke....

here's what i have been up to:

i am now 40! (i've included pictures from my b-day get-a-way)....turning 40 was amazing....turning 35 got my panties in a bunch emotionally....but 40, was a breeze....

i am a pesky-vegan (pesky aka pesce aka fish once in a while)...i include many raw foods into my diet....

i drink raw veggie & fruit juices....i drink green smoothies with a whole bunch of kale or spinach...

switching to this way of eating has really helped with all kinds of cravings....i no longer am addicted to the habit of having to have a sweet treat after dinner...this was one of my last hurdles.....now i need to manage the stress...

i've even lost more weight and am down to 114lbs now (2 years ago when i started spark, i weighed 130)....(my husband snuck many photos of me on this b-day--some i can't show ; ) .....but cellulite is here to stay on the back of my thighs....and i will never get rid of stretch marks....but who cares....i just don't anymore...it's a liberating thing about being 40...my focus is now on making every bite i put into my mouth count nutritionally to ward off ailments....(pre spark i was having tons of skin problems--Granuloma Annulare, neck soreness, body soreness, arthritis, not sleeping well, depressed)....i have none of this now....

i am still exercising, but not obsessively...i run every other day 4.5 miles....and if i take 2 weeks off on vacation, i don't beat myself up if i don't get the workout in....but i do make sure i stay active and walking tons...but where my husband took me on vacation, i could not help but run these gorgeous beaches...

on my days off from running, i throw 3 lbs onto each wrist and fold laundry and wash floors or vacuum....it's an upper body functional work out...so i don't get my dvds in anymore...i just don't have time.....

but you know what really keeps me committed to running----this yellow fluffy thing!...he came to us in march....his name is wally....he is now HUGE and it really a bundle of mischief and wrecking much havoc....however, he is the reason why i have to run...either i run, or he ruins my backyard...ok, he's still doing it anyway....

i've been reading a ton and developing my personal long term plan for a healthy lifestyle...books that have really educated me: The PH Miracle, The China Study, Michael Pollan books...

oh, and the craziest thing happened on my vacation!---jillian michael was staying in the villa next to my room at the resort we were at!...notice how i say villa versus my 'room'....big big big difference in price

there's so much more....but i look forward to checking in here with spark and your blogs soon!...helps that the kids will start school soon!

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  • JENNY712
    emoticon emoticon emoticon for posting! emoticon
    2981 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6892401
    Hi! Happy belated birthday! You are one beautiful 40 year old! Inside and out! I was just thinking about you too, especially because it's a new year which always makes me reassess where I'm headed....so I thought it's time to get back on SPARK...then of course I thought of YOU. You are always such a great friend with all of your positive thoughts and encouragement. You look great as always! You are so inspirational! I love that you got Wally! Great that you can actually run with him! My little dogs can't go past about 2 miles! Plus, they get tangled up and trip me now that I have two! I bet your kids are enjoying their new family pet too. Great for you guys! I look forward to keeping in touch.
    3019 days ago
  • DOLLY_37
    you look great! Happy belated 40th emoticon
    3066 days ago
    I was just thinking about you last night so I logged on here and found your latest post. Just purchased the ingredients and spent close to an hour washing and chopping fruits and veggies and made a green smoothie. Yes it takes time, but it is SO worth it. Do you have a blog anywhere besides here? Do you use Facebook? I'd love to be your friend for that occasional dose of motivation!
    3104 days ago
  • YB0511
    Glad to see you are doing so great! You look beautiful.
    3150 days ago
    You are and inspiration, one day I will be 100 % pesky vegetarian too!
    it is just what I tend to gravitate towards,


    Have missed you !

    3150 days ago
    Tell us more about the three hours in the kitchen.
    3155 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1506126
    Hey doll,
    SO GOOD TO SEE YOU BACK! You look AMAZING! Happy Belated Birthday. OMG please give me your tricks for no more sweet treat after dinner!

    So, where did you go on your get-away? Looks wonderful and like you had such a great time.

    Cute little dog, I had to laugh b/c my bosses name is Wally! Well Walter but we call him Wally.

    3156 days ago
    So glad to see you! Your as beautiful as ever! Your such an inspiration. One of these days I want to be were you are with my eating. some of those ailments you mentions, humph, I have! Im watching a movie someone mentioned on netflix called Fat, Sick , and Nearly Dead. I only watched about 20 min before i got sleepy so I want to finish watching it today sometime. Have you seen it? Its about a man wanting to get healthy, lose weight, and all he ate/drank was juice for 2 months. I just inherited a juicer. Need to go dust it off and put it to good use :)
    3157 days ago
  • ROGUE_1
    What a lovely surprise to see your blog pop up! I am so happy to read that you are well and as fabulous as ever. And belated happy 40th my friend!!! Hope all your birthday wishes come true.
    3161 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3514403
    You look just as beautiful as ever Eva!!!! You are an inspiration and have always been!!! Now you can enjoy being a cougar who looks like she's in her 30's!!!:) You know what you have to work on and I'm sure you'll get that under control!!! What an emoticon update!
    3163 days ago
    Ohhhh I am so excited to see you back Eva. I have missed you so.... Glad to hear you are well. You look fantastic. I love the shot of you in your bikini. You sound like you are in a fantastic place. I am so excited to catch up with you. I love your pup. HE is adorable.
    Talk with you soon.
    3163 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Great to see you again! You look fantastic. But 3 hours a day in the kitchen? I just don't have that kind of dedication (or time, since I work outside the home full time). But, more power to you!
    3164 days ago
    you look smokin' hot at 40! you are enjoying your healthy life and that is awesome!
    3164 days ago
    So glad to see an update from you! I was wondering what happened to you :) I am so glad that things are going so well for you-- and you look fabulous! 40?!?! No way! You look more like 30, lady!

    Jillian?!?!?! Did you meet her?!?! I am SO jealous!

    Welcome back! :) And happy belated!

    P.s. super cute pup!
    3164 days ago
    Awe... beautiful as ever Eva! You look so vibrant and healthy! I figured you were doing Mom things, new puppy and vacationing...! 40 isn't bad...I don't mind being 41..yet just like you I am determined to live and eat healthier than ever. I love your new puppy. I'm sorry your previous doggie past. We are just making the best we can Daisy's good days thru August. Yes I'm going to culinary school....it's exciting and nerve wrecking...but I start next Monday! I decided it was time to grow up and rejoin the work force...it's been 10 years since I was employed last...yikes! So school is the plan for awhile. I love the beach photo of you looking out at the ocean...timeless looking. Glad you've been doing great! And welcome back! :)

    3164 days ago
    You are doing wonderful...40...really?! I would have never guessed that, you look wonderful!
    3164 days ago
    I like that... pesky-vegan, good way to describe it. Can't believe that Jillian was in the villa next to you.
    3164 days ago
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