Tuesday, August 09, 2011

So much has happened this month. I just decided to go muse-like as I ponder the events of the last few weeks or so....

When your finished basement has flooded, the moment when the repairs are complete is one of the top 5 moments of your life. It’s even better when you remember you didn’t have to pay for it.

One of the top 5 worst moments of your life is seeing your finished basement flood again after repairs have been completed. (no where near as bad, but still)

Losing any pet is a heartbreaking moment….(RIP Quincy the hedgehog).

Spraining an ankle takes the wind out of your sails and knocks you for a loop.

Hurting your back takes the wind out of your sails and knocks you for a loop.

Note: Spraining an ankle after hurting your back does not help your back…..

Being in shape and exercising is only a curse when you finally realize what you’re missing when you’re sidelined by injury and can’t do it.

You want to like your personal trainer and continue on with her but then you realize you can’t really trust her cuz it took a month for her to call you back.

Binge eating is a real problem….

A partner who binge eats is NOT a problem….you learn together.

Cooking is an art that you really need to start doing….like, REALLY.

It’s time to face reality.

Even though you took a peek at the scale you have to record that possible 10 pound gain….own it, face it, growl at it, and move in for the kill.

Goals can be undefined, hazy, unknown…..go find them.

The bike will never let you down.

Falling in love with a dog you are dog sitting is not advisable.

A popular blog post will not change your world, make you the cool kid, or stop the journey……keep going.

Spark is better than Facebook… really, it is….why do you waste your time?

Sometimes you just have to BE the messy!!....only sometimes…ok, rarely…, can I hide in my 5 inches of clean now?

A good book should never be far from hand.

Rain, rain go away…come again another day.

August is a better month than July all around…historical fact or no (fingers crossed).

Sometimes you have to postpone a dream, knowing that you will kick ass at it next year…(see above musings regarding injuries).

An Ipod is a necessary accessory at work when your coworkers complain and/or gossip.

Changing careers requires getting over the terrified feeling first.

A habit is formed in 21 days…so it’s time to get started (or is that restarted…).

Sometimes it’s just time to snap out of it.
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    Oh sweetie I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your pet, they are like children to us. I have felt that pain several times myself.
    And also not good news about your basement, I've been there way too many times. My brother was a home builder before his accident and he says the ONLY answer to keeping water out of your basement is to keep it AWAY from your house. We did just that by cementing the driveway down the side of the house that the water was getting in at. and then of course the sump pump and to that we added a waterflow back up pump just incase we lose electricity and the pump stops but the water coming in doesn't .... like it had done in the past. Problem now solved, thankfully cause when my brother moved in upstairs I moved into the basement. Water in my apartment is my fear, but I rest easy now.
    I am not a fan of FB because I just found it to be troublesome and was always resulting in people posting remoarks that had no place being public, therefore ending up hurting others. I just found it to be a negative venue so I discontinued using it. Oh I agree it has it's advantages but none I felt the need to use. I'm a SPARKIE now true and true ... LOL
    I sure hope your body is well on the mend now which by the looks of your awesome Boudoir pics, you sure are. By the way where did you have them done? They are great and you are stunning.
    3568 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/10/2011 7:54:16 PM
  • no profile photo CD8377237
    I like the way you wrote this... very stream of consciousness like, only in complete sentences instead of fragments.

    That really stinks about the basement flooding... both times! Were the repairs just to fix the damage, or was it supposed to prevent the flooding from happening again? Because if it was just to repair the damage, it sounds like more needs to be done! Ack! Do you own your place or rent? Either way, icky situation!

    I'm sorry for the loss of your pet. Truly, I am. I still have a hard time when I go to my mom's and our family dogs don't greet me.

    Believe me, I know how injuries (in my case, illness + injury) can knock the wind out of your sails!!! I had that problem when I was sick (cold/flu) for a month and a half in January, turning out to be pregnant but miscarrying. Its frustrating to sit around and do nothing when you feel/felt so motivated... and then, even when you heal, the motivation is gone. Just keep on keeping on!!! It'll get better. BTW, I'd find a new personal trainer. If she's not willing to make this about YOU (which she should be... you're her client!), then she's not worth it.

    I'm totally addicted to facebook... but I do describe sparkpeople to friends as "the facebook of weight loss/health/maintenance."

    "A good book should never be far from hand." AGREED!!! What are you reading currently? For me, its Stephen King and Sherlock Holmes at the moment. (Yes I know, odd pairing.)

    "Changing careers requires getting over the terrified feeling first." I am there too. I took the plunge and submitted my resume to two different positions... despite my fear, even still. Now I am trying to convince myself to keep on doing the same.
    3569 days ago
  • JSPIN74
    love - all your wanderings here...thx
    3570 days ago
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