A blue jeans tale

Monday, August 08, 2011

The lid to the box of clothes marked "weight loss clothes" was slowly removed and sat to the side. On top lay three pair of jeans that were sadly relegated to said box last winter as they could no longer make the journey past the hips. As the top pair was taken out of the box an audible "Here goes nothing!" was uttered.

Slowly they were slipped on and cautiously slid up over the hips and behind. Whew, so far so good! Now, the poor pair of jeans wasn't expecting too much because she didn't want to be let down and depressed. Above all else, she didn't want to be subjected to that dark box with all the other clothes that were too small. She missed the fresh air and sunlight!

As the pair of jeans faced her last step of the journey she held her breath..."Please fit!" The button was fastened and the zipper pulled up. They fit! Cries of happiness was heard from both the pair of jeans and the body they were now on! The jeans heard cheers and congratulations from the other articles of clothes in the bedroom.

They hung onto the body as they made their way into the livingroom where the full length mirror is. As the reflection stared back happiness broke out all around and she heard from the mouth of the body she held onto, "I look good!"
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