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ER X 2, Shadows & Vacation

Monday, August 08, 2011

I woke up early on Thursday morning (4:30am!) with a stiff neck and pain in my right shoulder. I figured I either slept wrong or because Buster was laying on my head, as usual. I went out on the couch, being the sweet wife I am (didn't want to keep dh awake) When I finally woke back up around 6:30am, my neck was still hurting and now my left shoulder was in some pretty good pain. I was taking motrin and tylenol for the next 3 days, with very little relief. Jack wanted to take me to the er on Sunday night, which was the worst night, but I said I'd go one more day. When I got up Monday morning, I was finally ready to go to the hospital.

I don't know how the er is where you live, but ours is slow. I had to go through triage first, then sat down to wait. Five minutes later they called me back. It was a record! The rn came in and checked my blood pressure, which was sky high! I normally have almost perfect bp, around 124/74, and this one was like 168/110! Argh! They said it was probably from the pain. So, the nurse practitioner comes in and they go over all the problems I'm having. He says "oh, I know exactly how you feel, I get this all the time!" To which I respond "how long will it last then?" Him, "oh, about a month" "A month!" There is no way I can deal with this pain for a month! So now I'm depressed. So the rn comes back to give me two shots, one in each "hip" Oh, I forgot to mention that everyone I've seen so far are men :) The shots hurt and burned, which he said they would. Then cute little Amy with her spiky hair comes in to wheel me down the hall to get an xray. They want to be sure I don't have a tumor or a bad disc in my neck. Tumor?! I thought maybe a disc was bulging, but tumor never crossed my mind! The table where I lay for the xray must have been in the freezer before I got there, it was soooo cold! Amy kept apologizing to me every time she made me move. So nice of her lol. I'm wheeled back to my little cubicle, where the np comes back and asks if my pain is any better. No, it wasn't :( So he says ok, let's get you another shot. Once more, I'm getting a shot in my hip. The real doctor comes in now and give me thorough exam, pushing and prodding all my muscles in my back and shoulders. He thinks I've hurt my neck somehow, so I asked him how that could be when all I did was ride in an RV all day the day before this happened and slept until 4:30am the next day? He then says maybe I slept wrong! I really wanted to laugh out loud at that, but I just looked over at Jack and he knew I was trying not to laugh :) So, I'm given my walking papers, along with 3 prescriptions (muscle relaxers, steroids, & pain meds) and am told that if I don't have any relief in the next 48 hours to call my family doctor or come back. He told me that if it gets any worse in the meantime, to come back, he would be there. Extremely nice staff, I got lucky on this trip.

So we leave, stop at the store to fill the prescriptions, and Jack buys a few groceries while waiting. I sat in the car, zoned out with all the meds. Jack comes back and we stop at Burger King next door (I know, not the best place to stop) but I did track it! So we get home and there's a message on our answering machine to come back to the ER. WTF??!! I told Jack to call them to find out what was going on. He ended up talking to the doctor and they said there was a shadow on the xray and wanted to do another one to make sure. Jack (my hero, lol) asked if I could eat first. Doc said if so, eat something light. Ummm, BK isn't light lol. So I ate 4 onion rings and we were on our way back.

We get there, tell the woman checking people in, what happened. She calls back to the ER and they say I have to go through triage again. ok, this is going to be a long day.......... They finally call me back and then can't find a room for me. So the rn brings me an office chair to sit on while they find a room. A few minutes later, I'm in! Then the whole process starts over with different everyone but the doc and Amy. What I've failed to mention is that I am pretty worried now. What if there IS a tumor or something else serious? You know all those "what ifs" as you're lying in a hospital bed. Amy finally comes in and we're on our way again to xray. This time though, she calls the lady who reads the xrays and asks what she wants. I get to stand this time, no cold table, yippee. Just a normal chest xray, front and side. Back to the cubie and wait. And wait. And wait. Doctor comes in and says the xray was perfect! whew! All those "what ifs" just took a flying leap! The doctor did say that he made a notation on my file saying that he called us back in and that if I am charged for two visits, to call him personally or call the admin office. Man, I really like this doctor! He went on to apologize for having us come back, but he wanted to be sure about the xray. No problem doc :)

So, enter Nurse Ratched, If you've seen "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" you know who I mean! This is what I call Jack when I'm sick. He asks me over and over how I feel, if I've taken my meds, and on and on. At first, it's a good thing, but then it begins to wear on me. I try not to get snippy, like I usually am, since he is doing this for me.

I did want to mention that all this is happening while we're on vacation :( I go back to work next week, so I want to do something this last week we're off! Jack wants me to take it easy for a few days. Well, I am trying but it's hard. I'm one of those people who sees something that needs done, like loading the dishwasher or just picking up things to put away. Every time I do something Jack will give me the evil eye and I have to stop.

So this is how I am spending the last week of my vacation. Reading, sitting on the front porch with Buster, writing a blog, checking out spark and Facebook, reading e-mail and hey, I even watched a movie on tv! Hah! I guess this is a pretty good way to spend some time off, now isn't it?

Oh, and the meds are working ;)
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  • no profile photo CD10163029
    Trish! I don't know how I missed this, I must've been unsubscribed accidentally. Assuming u r better (seems i remember a status update like that) What a scary thing 2 b called back, so glad the 2nd xray was clear! whew!
    3029 days ago
    Hope you're filling better! The ER is never fun, but TWO trips, on your vacation! I hope the rest of the vacation is much more fun for you and your dh. emoticon emoticon
    3118 days ago
    Thanks guys for the well wishes and information :) Not sure if I actually have any stress lol, but I don't let things get to me in that way. I should be calm, being on vacation lol! Meds are working, but I hate the loopy feelings that come with them :( Thanks again :)
    3118 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6851971
    Trish, you poor woman!
    I'm racing off to the blasted dentist, but, popped in and read your blog cuz I wanted to know what was going on.
    Wow..that's a truckload of stress.
    Funny about the xray freezer table, I've always wondered...
    You poor soul having that racing through your mind. I'm so HAPPY the doctor was so thorough about the shadow. WOO HOO that it was clear. Praise God!

    YAY for MEDS, girlyfriend! WOO HOO!!

    Oh, Ya, for Jack and his awesome Stink Eye. Stop workin' on your vacay you in pain woman!
    3119 days ago
    I hope you're feeling better soon! I used to get really bad pain in my shoulders and neck along with debilitating headaches. Spent a lot of time with doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists. Took pain killers, muscle relaxants, considered acupuncture. Nothing worked for long and nobody seemed able to diagnose the cause. I even had one of my worst attacks towards the end of a vacation in Florida! Eventually, I realized that the root of my problem was stress, from reporting to a job at a company that I positively hated. During disability in 1996, I faxed my resignation to the office and turned my attention full time to the property management business we had on the side. Best move I ever made! It cured me!

    When there are no physical causes for this type of suffering, nine times out of ten, it's stress... Find yours and attack it - you'll be amazed at how well that "treatment" works!
    3119 days ago
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