Saturday, August 06, 2011

It's been a rough month. Basement renos, weight gain (a lot), injuries upon injuries, a pet death (hedgehog)....I have a blog started about all that which will come up in a bit. I still have to write it out.

I needed to write about the censor. I got an email from a Spark coach today about my boudoir photo blog. I have to take down the 'bra and underwear' photos because someone reported them.

Ok, first of all I don't have a problem with this....rules are rules. Besides there are TONS of NON-bra and panties pics that I had taken that I can put up in their place...hehe PLUS my blog has been up for a few weeks now....long enough to get me a little attention, comments and new friends as a result of the popular post. The attention has died one will really notice the changes now. Well, obviously someone just did.....who cares reporter, 'that blog is SO yesterday'. lol (ok, not yesterday in my world but definitely yesterday in Spark world....was it even 'today' in Spark world? lol).

The problem I have with the whole censor thing is this.....self esteem. I've blogged before about how self esteem is a big issue for me. My mother has very low self esteem which has carried forward to both of her daughters in big ways.....big life hindering ways. As I lost the weight I gained self esteem, slowly. It took 2 years to gain enough self esteem to get boudoir photos taken.....AND post them to the general public. Believe me, posting those pics was HARD. Showing them to friends was hard..... Convincing myself that they were good enough to be shown to people other than my wife was hard. It's a long process that is still a struggle every time they are popped out for someone new to see. The tug of war between self love and self-loathing is like a real war sometimes especially when faced with injuries, struggles, and lack of motivation.

And......I was asked to take them down.

Now I understand the rules, I really do. But if you knew the whole thought process and life trail that led to my blog post would you really be asking me to take them down?? I would hope not.

Besides I just stared at pictures of someone's arse in a bikini/thong type thing on, hello!! There are pics on here that make mine look incredibly tame. And I think of every brave before picture that is posted in that bikini or sports bra and if we are all not supposed to do that....rules are rules, gotta take them do we step out? How do we face our fears? The safest environment there is is right here on this site....except don't step too far.....or you'll be pushed back....because you went TOO far. Wow.

So my relationship with the censor is conflicted. I'm off to bed for now and probably won't have time to fix the blog for a few days....but like I said, it's so yesterday.....get with the times reporters! I do enjoy the thought that what I wrote was popular enough to be censored...... It sure is a good thing they didn't see that pic I posted of the size 12 girl, or the pic of me in my sports bra.....those blogs are not just yesterday but prehistoric. Back to obscurity......
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • EILI359
    There was nothing offensive in any way about your pics - they were absolutely beautiful, artistic and tasteful and you should be very proud of them and yourself.

    3537 days ago
  • ERIN4771
    what a lame *ss!!! seriously!! i thought your pictures were awesome, and not offensive at all!! hang tough my friend, that person will still be miserable tomorrow, and you will continue to grow, so they can "suck it", as i like to say emoticon
    3550 days ago
    I saw those pics and thought you looked absolutely beautiful (and more than a little bit HOT).

    I'm at my goal weight now and don't have the guts to take or share pics like that.

    There was nothing censor-worthy about them.

    Someone is an arse.
    3557 days ago
    SparkPeople needs to start telling us who makes these complaints. Maybe if they had to take responsibility for their being offended, then they'd think twice about reporting it, and would only report it if they felt strongly enough to defend their opinion the way the reporteds do. The anonymity makes it so nasty. Nasty, NASTY people. Yes, you, you disgusting cowards!

    I'm so sick of it. They get to be protected, but who protects the rest?
    3561 days ago
  • CATS_MEOW_0911
    I really do love SparkPeople, but sometimes I don't like the "PG"-ness, as I'm not a very "PG" person. I loved your blog--you looked beautiful. Whoever reported you is probably uncomfortable with themselves, and doesn't want someone else to be able to put themselves out there, either. I didn't think the pictures were lewd--they were gorgeous, they were art--YOU are a work of art. I'm glad you posted this in response. Because I fully plan on doing a photo session when I reach my goal weight (thanks to you), I will be sharing them, whether on here or on another blog that I set up.
    3561 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8377237
    I hate censorship. :( I was thinking the same as you, the second to last paragraph. Like, what about all the progress photos people take of themselves in their underwear? Is that not allowed either?

    What really gets me is that someone on here just saw "inappropriate" when they should have seen "inspiring," and "success," and "life-changing." I feel bad for that person... and I hope one day they understand your victory, and feel it as their own.
    3562 days ago
    Seriously, that's just not right. I went back to your photo blog because I really couldn't even REMEMBER the "bra and panties" pics. You know why? Because they're done in a style that it doesn't look like "oh, here I'm hanging out in my underwear" but more "black and lace, small but tasteful clothes". They're no more skimpy than a swimsuit! So don't let them get you down... as usual some uber-sensitive whack-job decided to be the "photo police" when it really wasn't needed.
    3562 days ago
    It bothers me that they asked you to take your blog pictures down. I thought that not only were they beautiful, but very tastefully done. I wonder if anyone scopes those before pictures for those bra/thong pics.There are some that are way 'out there'. I never thought of them as offensive (and I am easily offended). Some people even use them as profile pics. Hmmmmm.

    Back to the point, I understand your conflict. I just wanted to say I still think that you deserve huge kudos for having the photo shoot and posting the pictures. I hope that this doesn't affect your self esteem. You worked hard to build it and have earned every ounce of it that you have.

    3562 days ago
  • BILL60
    Hang tough!!
    3562 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    GRRRRRRR - I wish a POX on that "somebody" who complained.....I mean, REALLY - GET A LIFE, "somebody"......or better yet, crawl under the first rock you can find! I HATE people who act like that! Enough of that behavior, and before you know it, NOBODY will speak out on ANYTHING due to fear of censoring - and even on truly important issues that NEED to be addressed by speaking out!

    Please, world - THINK before you complain! REALLY, NOW!

    3562 days ago
  • LTRUM71
    Your pics were gorgeous! I didn't think any of them needed to be removed.
    3562 days ago
    Who's jealous of you girl? When I see stuff like this. I see a vain person who has issues. I know the rules but I have seen people post blogs victoria secret models, and no one report them or me. I don't understand the reason or the freaking why. All I see is jealously. I hope you keep on posting these nice blogs. I love your photos and the blog you posted. But you are right. RULES! Are just that....RULES!
    3562 days ago
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