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Free ain't Free- Weight Watchers and no point fruits.

Friday, August 05, 2011

I have been a Weight Watcher member for many years and it worked for me. That is until I had the thyroid removed. We all know thyroid helps with metabolism. So, even though I had been at goal weight for several years, I gained some of the weight back. I know losing will always be harder for me because of the lack of thyroid. I can deal with that. At least I'm trying.

Late November of last year I rejoined Weight Watchers online. They had revamped the program yet again. I had hopes. The new program calls for fruit to be free of points. That may not be a great thing. I love fruit. To me "free" means as much as I want. This did not work. I actually gained weight.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to assign points to the fruit too. I still eat a healthy amount, but this way keeps me from overdoing it. I am on week 3 of counting fruit points, and finally the program is working and the weight has started to come off. I am happy about that for sure. Unlimited fruit is not great for me any way, as a newly diagnosed pre-diabetic. Fruit has sugars, and carbs that convert to sugar. I need fruits, they are healthy for me-lots of great nutrients. This is just my way of learning how to moderate my glucose levels and calories. I have hopes, but I have had modest weight losses the past 3 weigh ins. I'll take that. At least the scale is going in the right direction.
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    I used to do weight watchers (many many years ago) and was successful. I have done it on and off on my own for the last few years. When i stick to it, it works for me. I don't count the fruit points, simply because I HATE fruits and vegetables (pretty much all of them) and i have to force myself to eat them. If i have to count points for them, I will never eat them-I would just eat Cheetos instead! I don't eat more than about 2 servings of fruit a day, but i know for me, I don't count them simply because if I did, I would never eat them, and I need the vitamins!
    1686 days ago
    Keep up the good work!
    1737 days ago
  • BICKEY11
    I am shocked to hear that WW has assigned 0 points to these things that's ridiculous. I used to be hardcore WW, but I got tired of paying for it when I found spark to be just as helpful. i know many people benefit from the meetings which spark doesn't offer, but I only ever did WW online, so that point was moot for me. Maybe sticking to the spark is a better idea, or maybe WW needs to create a program for diabetics.
    2140 days ago
    Good luck!
    2356 days ago
    I also lost weight on previous WW programs, but gained when I started the newest one in November. Being hypothyroid, I found that the number of points assigned to me - 29, the minimum daily points, was way too much for my metabolism. Also, the free fruit was an issue. While it encouraged me to snack smarter, the extra calories & sugar were not helping me at all.

    I thought I was doing the right thing when I started making fruit smoothies - all good ingredients - fat free Greek yogurt, banana, strawberries. I needed the dairy serving, and the fruit was "free." Then I came on Sparkpeople and calculated that smoothie was over 300 calories! It was 1 dairy & 2 fruit, all healthy food, but not something I should have on a daily basis for an afternoon snack.

    After a while, I decided I had to do too much adjusting/tweaking of the WW plan for it to work for me, especially since I was an online member. I couldn't set a lower daily points value, and I had to manually count points for the free fruit.

    So, I'm back to counting calories for everything I eat, and am losing, slowly because of the thyroid, but still losing. The other advantages to SP are that 1) it's free; 2) I know the exact ratio of protein, fat, carbs I'm eating, and can adjust my servings as needed; 3) I can track other nutrients I need for my health situation - sodium, calcium, fiber, etc., which you can't do with WW.

    Good luck on your WW journey.

    2514 days ago
    Food has calories . There are no unlimited amount of food one can eat and not expect to have some calories attached to it.
    Some fruit has more carbs and sugars than others.
    That's why I track all foods I eat and count all calories , carbs, sugars, fats, protein. It all adds up.
    I don't have a thyroid either. Had it zapped to nothing back in 1979. Of course that was not the plan, only supposed to shrink it. It was over active. But I ended up with no thyroid and have to take synthroid for the rest of my life.
    With my weight gain, then loss, it's been a little trying in getting my dose correct.
    I am glad you are eating the correct amount of fruit and keeping track.
    Good luck on your weight loss.
    2514 days ago
    I wasn't told the rule about over 5 fruits. I let myself have one with breakfast and don't count points for it. Any after that I count. I got all the nutritional info- fat, fiber, carbs and protein, and put those numbers into the point calculator to find out. It was enlightening, to say the least.

    Thanks AGRLNKY and SOFT_VAL67 for the comments.
    2514 days ago
  • SOFT_VAL67
    i think we often forget that fruit is filled with sugars and carbs.
    i learned that when i joined ww, about bananas, i couldnt believe they were 2 or 3 points.
    fruit is so good for us as far as vitamins and nutrients, but we forget they are often high in calories.
    i cant stand blue or black berries, straw berries are just tolerable, i love melon and cantaloupe and i can take or leave apples, i love papayas and mangoes.
    so, i can pick and choose but yes, i guess u do have to count, i always counted every bite anyway.
    good luck. emoticon
    2514 days ago
    I'm glad you are seeing positive progress! They told us in our WW meeting if you eat more than 5 fruits a day, you have to count the points. Keep on going!
    2514 days ago
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