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Friday, August 05, 2011

Even as I write this, I don't know if I qualify for the challenge because this is actually someone else's recipe that I found online. I did definitely tweak it, but it couldn't be published as mine, for sure...

Anyway... here is my first effort (there may be more... the contest is over Aug. 10 I think)

Veggie Burgers!

This is Shannon's plate, 'cause it looks the nicest... He has a whole pita; I have only half. His is a mozza burger; mine is plain.

Here is the recipe

Now my tweaks...
1. The recipe calls for a cup of shredded carrot... I don't have any, and my go-to veggies are zucchini and mushrooms, so I shredded a small zucchini and two fresh mushrooms to equal 1 cup of veggie. I also added half a jalapeno pepper.

2. I don't have soy sauce, and when I think burgers, I think Worcestershire sauce, so I used that instead.

3. I didn't use any salt or pepper.

I used the food processor for everything. I "processed" Rudolph's Bavarian Multigrain Bread for the bread crumbs.

I loved making this recipe! I have never used "flax eggs before, so that was really interesting... Here's a photo...

For some reason I also found it fascinating that I could make "flour" by processing "oats"... Yes, I've used oat flour before... Crazy, I know.
Here I am measuring out the flour after processing

Here are the "meat" balls, ready for pressing... You can see some black beans... I didn't process them very long.

Here they are almost done!

Shannon showcasing the "clean" multigrain pita wraps I bought for "buns"

Unlike store-bought veggie burgers I've had, these are quite tasty, and didn't fall apart! Can't wait to eat more... I have 6 burgers in the freezer.

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