week 37!

Friday, August 05, 2011

So yesterday marks 37 weeks of pregnancy! Sammy is now full term! According to he is about as long as a stalk of swiss chard ( 17 inches) and should be about 6 and 1/3 pounds.... which I know he is according to last weeks ultrasound he was about 6.5 pounds!

I had my weekly midwife appointment this morning... and it didn't go so well. In just a week I have gained 5 pounds ( due to swelling and probably preeclampsia) and my blood pressure has gone up even with medication (145/92). So now I get to do another 24 hour urine collection this weekend. yuck! emoticon Let me tell you its gross!!!

Right after I turn in my collection to the lab on Monday I get to have another appointment with my midwife to check more stats. My amniotic fluid has been decreasing and they want to check that as well again. My midwife let me know that I will probably be induced because of the low fluid and high blood pressure sometime next week ( probably Monday night or Tuesday morning).

Its depressing because I have tried so hard not to be induced! Watching the sodium intake, only swimming and walking, and resting a lot! I really don't want to be induced since I want to not get an epi and I have heard that the pain of being induced is stronger than if you go into labor naturally, but it doesn't look like I can avoid it now. He will be almost 38 weeks then, so he will be fine, I'm just scared because I know I have a higher chance of getting and epi and/or c-section now. It doesn't help that my husband makes me feel like I am doing this on purpose to " get rid" of Sammy ( I am tired of being pregnant and have told him that I am trying to walk more to get labor moving and he took this as I want to get rid of Sammy). Like I would intentionally get high blood pressure, and have low fluids so that I have to be induced... yeah right!

I called my hubby to let him know what the midwife said, so that he can plan around having Sammy next at his work. I thought maybe he could work longer today and Monday to get some stuff done that needs to get done. He is really nervous and now says he can't concentrate at work! emoticon Maybe I should have waited to tell him after work.... oh well.

The good news at the appointment was that they did a stress test on Sammy, and the numbers were good. emoticon I would rather be induced before these numbers start to go bad....

Also I have been having contractions, and my midwife said that when you conditions ( like high blood pressure and low fluids) the body might go into labor naturally earlier anyways in order to " rid the body" of the problem ( the pregnancy), so maybe I will go into labor naturally this weekend.... one can hope !

I am debating whether or not to tell the parents in laws and my dad... since I don't know for sure if I will be induced or what day it will be. Last time I thought I might be induced my dad came to "help" and stayed a week... and the only thing that was accomplished was pissing me off at everything he did! He was not helpful, he destroyed ( made lots of messes) throughout our house trying to "fix" things that didn't need to be fixed and we did not ask for him to do... as well as him bringing more stuff to our house that we have no room for. I actually ended up having a "talk" with him and telling him he needed to leave ( in a nice way). His stay was suppose to be for a day or two and ended up being a week! Why is it that family want to "help" even when you say "no thanks" and there help just makes the situation worse? Sometimes I feel like he would just "help" more if he didn't come.... which I know isn't going to happen. I feel bad... this is my dad's first grand child and I know he is excited... but he just doesn't listen!
For anyone that has had a baby... how did you deal with the parents and parents and laws when the baby came? How did you deal with there "help"? I'm not as much worried about my hubby's parents ( well maybe his dad), since I asked his mom to come and help after the baby was born, and I know she will actually "help". My hubby wants to write down some rules for both parents like :
1. Only one set of parents can visit at a time ( don't want the house full of "guest")
2. No "fixing" things, they are here on vacation and we don't need our kitchen cabinets redone ( yes, last time my dad came he took down our cabinets to re-install without asking me, I just came home from work to find my dishes all over the floor and the kitchen a mess!)
3. Some sort of time limit on the amount of days we want people to visit for ( like telling my dad only two days not a week or two)

I don't know about making them sign something like this.... I might talk to them about some "rules".....what do you think? Did you set rules for guess that come and visit after having a baby?
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    I know you asked those who had baby's before but... Tell your parents and in-laws... you will let them know when is a good time to come visit. They are excited and you also need to get yourself set after the baby arrives. I plan on going to sleep if I can, if I have visitor and I am tired. I am going to just tell them.. sorry I need to rest. My husband can visit... if the baby needs me... wake me up! Also let your dad know that there is now work to be done in the house. You could even post a note in the cupboard with the cups " Saying don't you even think of redoing the cupboards again or anything" I hope you have a good labor... either way everything is worth it for the little one. Take Care.
    3564 days ago
  • SINGER73
    Hope all goes well. I only had my mother come help after the baby was born and her job was to care for my toddler.
    3565 days ago
    thanks guys! I will keep you posted! It gives me hope A*L*P that you where induced and still able to have a natural birth!
    3565 days ago
    Oh hun, I'm sorry you might have to get induced :( but like A*L*P* said, it is still possible to go natural. I feel your pain though; I'd be just as frustrated after having tried soooooo hard to be healthy and to eat right like you have, only to come to the end result you were hoping to avoid. Sammy can still come on his own between now and then so hopefully he does!

    3566 days ago
    I know that having to be induced is not what you want but sometimes things don't go the way we plan. Try not to get too down about it and concentrate instead on the excitement of getting to hold him and be with him in a different way than you have so far. The labor may be short or long, but in the grand scheme of things its a very short period of time and the rewards will be so worth it. It would be great if you went into labor on your own this weekend and that's what I'll send wishes your way for. No matter which way it goes, it's going to be so exciting when he's finally here!
    3566 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1403645
    Hang in there, I completely understand your feelings, I was pretty disappointed I had to be induced, but i did get to go natural (without an epi) so it is possible! Just remember to work with and not against the contractions. Sounds like inducing will be the right way to go, though for both you and Sammy. I am thinking about you and hope that you're hanging in there!

    Hugs, Mama!!
    3566 days ago
  • VICD25
    Your rules are not unreasonable, even if you weren't having a brand new baby! I don't know about making them sign, but I certainly would get a verbal agreement from them. You can always joke. . . Fish and house guests begin to smell after 2 days!

    and if Dad wants to stay longer than 2 days, suggest he bunk at a motel/ neighbor/ relative instead. Explain you love to have him, know he has only the best intentions, but you need Mommy/ Baby time too!

    3566 days ago
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