Ditching the Scale

Friday, August 05, 2011

So Fridays have been my weigh-in days for the past year and a half. But after last week's weigh-in, over the weekend I decided to stop weighing myself every week. I'm not going to weigh again until December, and maybe I won't want to then. We'll see.

But I really wanted to weigh myself this morning. I was just curious to see how I did this week. But the truth is, I already KNOW how I did. I know exactly how much exercise I got, and I know exactly how I ate. And apart from eating a little too much leftover from a birthday cake and ice cream, I did really well. I haven't binged in 6 days, haven't even had the urge to binge in those 6 days, which is AWESOME, and I ate when I was hungry and didn't eat too much to get full. And the thing I realized this morning was that this week was a livable week.

I'm trying to get to the place where I don't have to stress or obsess over food and exercise, I just eat what my body wants and how much it wants, eat lots of fruits/veggies, drink lots of water, and exercise often because my body feels good during/afterward, and not because I force myself to do it, but because I want to. And that's pretty much how I was this week.

So as I was going back and forth over "should I weigh? no i shouldn't..well maybe I should, to see how this 'livable' week affected my weight,etc..." I realized that the scale might not truly reflect this. The truth is that the scale can be affected by so many factors, and what if I went on the scale and I had gained, or stayed the same? I would be discouraged that if I live this same way from now on, I wouldn't lose any weight. But the truth is that if I listen to my body and eat appropriate amounts of food, and get regular exercise (like I did this week), I will lose weight. My body isn't designed to be in the overweight BMI, and it isn't designed to have all this extra fat. So I am going to be monitoring my progress by making weekly goals for myself, as well as taking measurements monthly, and of course, by how my clothes are fitting. Because I feel it's more important to know how far/fast I was able to run at the end of summer than to know the exact weight I was at the end of summer.

I know different people have different thoughts about the scale/weighing, but my personal opinion is that I would like to ditch it for good eventually and just be able to live happily and healthily.
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    Hey girl just checking in with you! I love this post and I remember when I realized it was good to not weigh yourself but go by how you feel. That is what's important! Your body lets you know when you overeat and when you ate crappy foods so listen closely to those signs and I will too and we will make it!!! Hope to see you check in soon with me! ~Katie M.
    2414 days ago
    I'm afraid I have to have the backup from the scale even though I know what my week has been like. Perhaps when I get nearer goal...but then I don't think my mind will believe that after so long.
    Well done for making such a good decision...keep Sparking though, we all need the support!
    best wishes, Sandra
    2481 days ago
    If that is what makes you happy, do it! Great job on the work you did this week! Keep it up, girl!
    2483 days ago

    I totally agree with you. Normally Tuesday is my weigh in day but I've changed a bit by just doing measuring. And still not every week because of exactly what u said. Normal fluctuations the body does and if the scale shows something I don't want I know I would get super discouraged. Anyways the measuring shows me true changes when the scale doesn't. My clothes fitting is a great uplifter. Great attitude.
    2483 days ago
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