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Thursday, August 04, 2011

How many sizes of clothes do you keep? Why do I keep clothes I might not ever fit in and if I do why would I wear something so old? Today I was folding clothes and putting them away, both tasks I procrastinate in, and as I was putting them away and trying to fit the clothes that sort of fit me into the shelf, drawer and closet I was thinking why do I have so many clothes? There are so many clothes that don’t fit. Do I keep them thinking that one day I will wear them again?

I have a lot of clothes and I have sorted through many of them to give to charity, many of which were once my favorites, but I don’t have the vision to see myself wearing them again. How many clothes do I give away? How many clothes do I need?

My funds are limited and I’m not sure how many clothes I can buy as I change my shape. What a problem to have? At least I have clothes, too many clothes.

What do you do?
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    I was taught by my mother to not get rid of clothes because "you never know when you might need them." This led to me have clothes ranging from probably about 18/20 - 28. I am never going to wear those bigger clothes again, although right now, some of my clothes are too big, but I deal with it. I recently donated all of the clothes that were too big and unwearable because of that to a garage sale for an acquaintance who has to have breast cancer treatment in TX. This made me feel better than just giving them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill - not that there's anything wrong with that and that's what would have happened if there wasn't a garage sale for her.

    I think by keeping the clothes that I won't wear or that are too big, it's almost like permission to wear them again and I am NOT going to give myself permission to do that. I want to remain on this journey. Soon, when the clothes I have are too big, I will have some clothes my mom is going to give me that are smaller, but I'll likely be shopping for clearance clothes and/or at thrift stores. I'm a graduate student. I'm not rich.

    I think it would be a good idea to have a clothes swap. I wonder how one would organize that. Anyhow, I think you should do what you feel is right for you. Perhaps you can alter some clothes as suggested by someone else. I guess part of the reason I am also getting rid of things is that I will need a more professional wardrobe than I currently have, so there's really no need to keep and fix old t-shirts and what-not. Best wishes to you on whatever you decide! emoticon
    3256 days ago
  • FIERY778
    Love this question. I recently got rid of a ton of my favorite clothes from my college days. I did this for 3 reasons.
    1. I realized that by the time I comfortably fit into those clothes again, I would be wearing trendy items from the early 2000's. I just wasn't really ok with wearing clothes that were popular 10 years ago.
    2. Seeing them seemed to drag me down. It's like looking at old pictures of yourself and thinking "damn, how did I lose myself since then?!"
    3. I figure that once I do lose the weight I will want to treat myself. I'm also on a very tight budget but being able to buy a few token items that FIT well and flatter me will make me feel even more proud of my accomplishment.

    Well wishes to you. It's hard to let go of the fat and skinny clothes (fat clothes are easier for me to get rid of...I don't ever want to be there again so why hang on to clothes that encourage that size?!).
    3256 days ago
    When I lost weight, I took my clothes to the tailor and we decided which ones were alterable and to what extent. I kept those that could be changed as my shape changed and gave away the rest - all 'big' clothes went away.
    Will be interested to hear what you decide!
    3256 days ago
    I had clothes ranging in size from 18-24, XL to XXXL. As I released the pounds and started fitting into smaller sizes, some of those older things that I had kept, I started wondering 'was I on crack when I bought this?' LOL Some were horrid, even though when I bought it I must have thought 'this will look great some day!'

    If you have clothes that are too big/small, and are in great shape, consider a consignment shop! I took almost ALL of my too-large clothes to KrisAnn's Been There consignment shop on Stark St. She deals in plus size clothing, and got a really good rate of return. You can either get a store credit to spend on items in her shop, or can get cash (which turns out to be less than the credit would be) It's a good way to make money, and/or save money when you update your wardrobe. Which reminds me, I still have credit with her. Time to go shopping! LOL

    Of course, there's always Goodwill and Salvation Army. You can get a receipt for your donation (my husband always does, I never do), which can come in handy at tax time.

    Hope this helps!
    3256 days ago
    I used to keep all the clothes I had before I had my daughter. After about 5 years of being overweight I finally got rid of most of them...I kept a few items just as a "i want to get back into these." type of thing. I now go up and down due to all my starting and stopping dieting. I have only kept the ones I am in and one or two sizes down. I know it is hard to go out and buy new clothes when you lose weight because gosh darn it is hard to buy them when you go up a size ;) I do like shopping in the clearance racks as well as thrift shops. So perhaps that could help out with funding clothes as you move down in sizes. Wait to spend big when you get to your final size :D
    3257 days ago
  • no profile photo CD10464769
    I also did a big laundry clean up. I was thinking something similar to you. I never had anything to wear cause it was all too small.

    I found a lot of clothes that have not fit me in a while (too small). Some I have no idea why I kept. They were in my pile of clothes that did not fit. I would try something on and throw it on a shelf when it was too small. Now I hung them up and hope to wear them again.

    I am thinking of visiting a thrift store soon and trying to grab a few items.

    If the clothes are bigger, get rid of them! Send them away. You don't want those anymore!
    3257 days ago
    I had some shorts from last summer that, at the end of the summer, were a little big. Which was a good thing. But rather than buying new shorts, I kept them and thought "I'll get new ones when they're *really* too big." The problem is that I kind of grew back into the shorts, and what used to be big now fits again. They're only one size up, so it's not too bad, but I wish I would have gotten some smaller shorts so I could have nipped it in the bud a little sooner! Maybe next time I'll hide them away somewhere.
    3257 days ago
    I'll be candid here, and say that I wore the exact same clothes I wore at my heaviest, until nearly a hundred pounds had gone by. Mostly, out of habit. But, they were hanging off of me so much that it was almost indecent for me to walk out my door.

    As my birthday approached, I was asked what I wanted, and just casually remarked that it would be nice to have some pants that fit. Everyone here pooled together, and paid for a modest spending spree.

    So, now I have about three outfits that I cycle through regularly; plus my workout clothes.

    I saved one outfit from the "When I weighed X much, I wore these." category; and the rest were IMMEDIATELY bundled up for charity.

    I think it is important to know two things about yourself when it comes to what clothes to keep: 1) Are you confident that you will succeed in your effort to stick to a certain size (or shrink!)? 2) Are you confident in your ability to maintain your progress?

    If you answered "no." to either of those, keep your clothes - or make healthier decisions. :D

    Best wishes, as always, Darlin'.
    3257 days ago
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