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Wednesday, 08-03-11 Got Moved

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Wednesday, 08-03-11 Got Moved

Well I got moved today.Sittingaty McDonalds
typping away. TIRED as you can imagine.
The kids (6 of them ) loaded and unloaded
the truck in 1 hour or less, each way.
How kewl is that!

At the end of the day, hurried, showered,
went to church. So glad I did as it's always
good and a blessing.

I'm doing pretty well. Will sleep in new room
tonight. When I showered the water did not
drain from the tub. My bedroom ceiling fan
will not turn off, I can't sleep under a fan, and
it was stuck on HI. So I texted the landlord
and she's going to get the fan off and buy
liquid draino for the drain. She said no one
used the tub since her daughter moved out
and her daughter had long hair. There is only
one towel rack also. Littles things I took for
granted I really miss.

I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff in the room or it's not
arranged the right way, I think a combination of both,.

I won't bore you much, just will be sleeping there
and going to the old place tomorrow to clean for
the new tenants. Won't do a lot as they are going to
come in and tile the 3 main rooms so it will only get

Heading to old house to get my TV, maybe I can
watch it for a short-short tonight. Will also try
to get on the web from there. See how that goes
She's supposed to have wifi. Will keep you posted.

Today was my gynm day. I don't think I'll get there
til Friday. Maybe tomorrow.We'll see.

I think I'm ok calorie wise. But didn't write it down.
Just too late to even try on the laptop

Night all

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