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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Hello again everyone! Just felt like writing. Dont really have a whole lot to say....but then again who knows. I've said that before and it turns into a book. So just a little update. I have still been meeting my water and SP visit goal. I guess I forgot how much better I feel when I drink water and how crappy pop can taste sometimes. Dont get me wrong I dont think I will ever turn my back completely on my Diet Dr. Pepper but I really just feel better when I drink water. I recently read on a blog that water speeds up your metabolism. I did not know that but after thinking on this some, I think I do believe it. I know I am in the bathroom more often that's for sure so at least I'm off my bum more often.

I have not weighed in since last week when I posted my gain. I am curious what kind of difference the water has made if any. If it has gone down I cant just chalk it up to the water because I have to say I have been trying to limit myself...slightly. I would like to limit myself quite a bit more, and I am working my way there. For now I have felt comfortable with cutting back at breakfast. I have always been a biiiiig breakfast girl, and still a strong believer in a good breakfast, but for now I am just cutting back breakfast by about a 1/3. No, it's not my yummy banana and oatmeal classic...more meaty...but at least it's not as much. I have stopped eating out for lunch and instead bringing something in. So by doing that I have cut out anything fried. So that's gotta help. I have been eating dinner pretty much as normal but I have been working very hard to stay out of the kitchen after dinner. And for the most part I've done well...if I do leave the kitchen with something it is usually a healthier snack...an orange usually. So, I guess I am working with what I feel comfortable with and that's ok with me for now.

In other news, I am preparing for the back to school bonanza. I think by doing more healthy stuff for me and trying to have a more positive outlook I feel a little better equipped to deal with the stress. Yeah! Dentist's appointments tomorrow for all three kids...woohoo...not! Many of you probably do not know but I worked in the dental field for a looooong time up until about a year ago and have not been back since. I just hated it! I mean really...who likes going to the dentist....so imagine being that person that everyone hates to see...it just wasn't for me. Anyway, so I am a little apprehensive about stepping foot in a dental office. If anything I am hoping it will solidify how much I love my current job. And hopefully the kids wont need too much work. It seems that neglecting their teeth is their way of rebelling because the know how important it is to me. By the way....have you flossed today? Okay sorry that's the old assistant coming out in me, but seriously did you know that dental health is being linked to heart disease, and many other organs like the pancreas and liver? Ok ok ok I'm done. Wish me luck tomorrow...hopefully the kids do well.

So, last night the water pump went out on my husbands car on the way home. We had a feeling it was going to die so he bought one a couple of weeks ago just in case. Now we have had the absolute worst luck when it comes to car repairs in recent years. I mean worst! Not last winter but the one before I was left stranded with my son at least 12 times before I stopped counting. We would joke and say that we were going to write a book and title it memoirs from the side of the road. I mean we would fix one thing and then a week later it was something else. I know there are those of you who know just what I am talking about. I really developed a lot of anxiety when it comes to car repairs. So when Pat got home and told me it was time....let's just say I was far from thrilled. But, I have to say it went really really well. We worked together and it was a breeze! I was just shocked! I would like to give credit to myself on this one because I really "picked up my skirt" and was in there knockin knuckles and helped get the job done with a positive attitude. I think my husband was about ready to have a frickin heart attack! Makes me laugh. Catastrophe averted. Whew!

On another happy note, my daughter starts her first practice with her cheerleading squad (or squat as she says it-so cute). She is super excited and I am excited that she is excited! She also gets her uniform tonight...cant wait to see her in it. I will have to take pics and post them for you all. She will probably be grinning from ear to ear! L . E . T . S . G . O....let's go let's go! She learned that one at mini camp and I have to say it's very catchy and I hear myself saying to myself all the time...like when I am in the kitchen...let's go...somewhere else...and it's all super cheery in my head all full of spirit...so at least I have one positive voice in there lol. So, if you are struggling with maybe a work out or whatever just say L . E . T . S . G . O. Let's go! Let's go! (probably more catchy if you could hear it :-)

Anyway, I think that is all for today. Hope you all are doing well!


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    Hey, I like that...Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

    Good to hear you so "chipper".

    3031 days ago
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