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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Anyone following the Dukan Diet? I was at the hair salon last night and was listening to the hair dressers and a customer talk about this diet. This customer is an older woman (50's??) and went from a size 22 to a size 16 in 7 weeks. I went home and did some research and its along the lines of Atkins... sort of. The book is currently a NY Times Bestseller. Someone said they heard Dr. Oz chat it up... I checked it out, its a 4 phase diet. It discourages carbs, which I know is my enemy.

So I wanted to see, any Sparkers following this diet too?

Fill me in please.....

Just another fad???

Have a great day!
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  • no profile photo MISSCHANTAL
    I sarted Dukan Diet on 31st Dec 12. I don't agree with people who keep saying it is restrictive. I eat as much as I need, do not feel hungry. The first phase usually is for 2 to 8-10 days (less if you do not need to lose to much or more if the other way). Phase 2 is alternative days when you eat as much of greens as you want with your proteins (low fat ones such as lean beef, lean poultry, fish) one day, and the next is back to phase one type with proteins only. I eat a lot of 0% fat yogurts with 2 tbps of oatbran. I am not constipated, I feel fine. My husband who is not on the diet eats the same things as I do and just adds potatoes if he wishes to or rice or bread. We feel okay like this. I am fond of bread and my safeguard is my little galette of oat bran. I have obviously got a book to help me along which has been very helpful. I live in the UK but am French and have gone on a French website for Dukan Diet people who have added their own recipes with possibility to comment. They are very good and I am using it quite a lot. If you can read French or can translate the ingredients, you may find it useful. [].

    2854 days ago
    You might want to wait to find out where that customer was 7 weeks after stopping the diet before drawing any conclusions. Almost any restrictive diet works in the short term. It's the long term that's the killer. Diet? or Lifestyle?
    3408 days ago
  • no profile photo MARISSA741
    You might want to talk to your doctor about it. I am not a nutrition or diet expert, but I've heard that the high amount of protein in that diet can cause problems for some individuals.
    3408 days ago
    You know where my alliance is...however, aside from that...Chris's cousin tried it and she and I were talking about it and compared it to Paleo/Primal...she found after trying both that Paleo/Primal was much easier to live with. She found that the Dukan was too limiting, too restricting, un-natural and not easy to maintain. She said that following clean, primal lifestyle was much easier - not as limiting and was easier to fit into a busy lifestyle. She's a mom of 2 little ones and she works in the city....leaves for work around 5am and gets home around 7pm...

    Personally, I'd consider it more of a "diet" since it is restricting and rigid...(based on what she told me, I didn't try it and I'd call Atkins that, too) and that Paleo/Primal is more of a way of life. It is choosing healthy things, yet allowing for occasional treats...though, your choice of treats may change as your tastes change..."sweet" things just aren't as appealing anymore for me...I still can get excited about ice cream, though, the next it is very rare...which makes it that much more enjoyable when I do have it...

    I'd encourage you to read Robb Wolf's book - The Paleo Solution or Mark Sisson's book - The Primal Blueprint....not just for weightloss, but overall better health and well being. Just my 2 cents....
    3409 days ago
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