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Excuses, excuses, excuses

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Thanks to my friends for trying to light a fire under my tushy.

I have not been doing very well this summer with Sparking & exercise... my eating has been mostly ok. I have been making excuse after excuse for my bad behavior & need to knock it off.

Here are my lame excuses:

1) I got a Kindle in May. Now I read books & play games on that during the time I used to Spark.

2) I've been having a hard time breathing (especially since allergy season started in May).. I was giving myself a "break" from exercising so my lungs could "heal." My doctor told me that exercise could help.

3) I am waiting for my allergy specialist appt on Aug 18 before I listen to my regular dr's advice on exercise. I have been going to the pool on Monday, Wednesday & Friday evenings though to walk/jog against the current on the lazy river at the Aquatic Center.

4) At my July dr appt, I also found out that I am severely deficient of Vitamin D. I have to take 2000 units per day to try to get that # up. I keep thinking that as soon as the Vitamin D is in normal limits I will miraculously feel AWESOME & will want to exercise all of the time.
5) During the school year, I exercise during my lunch hour. During the summer, however, my hubby & girls are at home during the day, so I go home to spend time with them instead of going to the gym... I even suspended my gym membership until Aug 20.

6) It is super hot & humid outside this summer making it difficult to exercise outdoors, even in the evenings. The humidity makes my breathing even worse.

7) There are a ton of mosquitoes outside too.

8) I can't use the TV to exercise on the Wii or a DVD because hubby & the girls are always home & at least one of them is using the TV.

9) I don't like other people to watch me exercise... It makes me self-conscious. Even if it is DH & kids.

SOOOO, as you can see, I am full of something... whether it be excuses or beans, I don't know.

Somebody, please whip me into shape!!
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    I'm sure TONS of people can relate.. I've noticed that a lot of people haven't been sparking like they used to .. It's summer time. People are out enjoying it with their family and such. It happens. Cut yourself some slack, get back on board, and kick some tail chickie !!! Here, rooting you on ! Let's do this ! :)
    2785 days ago
    I totally hear what you're saying, Claudia! I am a big believer in "what's done is done." You can't go back and change anything, but what we can do is make different (and hopefully better!) choices going forward.

    I have one night where I'm "unplugged"--I read a book (with paper pages--LOL!), read a magazine, write a card to someone, work a puzzle--something with no iPad or computer involved. You may want to try that!

    Oh, and I like to refer to them as "explanations"--not "excuses." See? Doesn't that sound so much better?


    Take care, Claudia! It's ok, we'll get you back on track!

    2786 days ago
    Ok I can totally relate, but here is my rebuttal to your excuses!!

    1) Put aside 30 min a day to spark on your Kindal. I am not saying leave it, but just try and start in with 30 min of spark time on your Kindal.

    2) I think this is a good excuse, but you could do a slow pace walk and have that NOT effect your breathing. See what you can do about getting in 30 min walk daily. (maybe at lunch, but we will talk about that later on below.)

    3) The fact that you are going to the pool 3 days a week is GREAT. I suggest you listen to your regular Dr advise and do some exercising miss!!!

    4) Take your vittam D but try and get in that 30 min walk (mentioned above and will be discussed again below) and before you know it you will feel GREAT and want to work out. Don't wait until you feel GREAT because you need to be active to feel GREAT, at least I do!!

    5) I LOVE that you want to spend time with hubby and the girls, but I think they can let you have 30 min to yourself for your lunch so you can WALK. This way you get your activity in and you don't have to worry about working out in front of them, but we will touch on that in a min.

    6) Ok this I can totally relate to and don't want you to be walking outside if it is too humid, but if you keep going to the pool that is GREAT. MAybe try and push that to 5 days a week during your lunch maybe??

    7) If you are at the pool the bugs shouldn't bother you, or if you walk during the day (weather permitting) stay in sunny places so they won't be as likely to bother you.

    8) If you get in your work out before work (I know you are not a morning person, but for a few weeks you could do it) they should be sleeping, so you could use the TV.

    9) If you walk at lunch then you are covered for this, or maybe going to the pool more, or getting up before work. This again I can relate to, but I know you can do it!!

    10) YOU are worth it!! IF you don't take care of you then you wont have the strength or energy to take care of hubby and the girls!!

    I hope this helped and the fact that you are bloging about it shows that you know there is a problem, so hopefully you are on your way to correcting that problem.
    2787 days ago
    "No one can make you change. Only YOU can CHOOSE to change. But first there must be something inside of you...a deep desire...a reason to change. You must identify that first before you'll be truly ready to change." –Craig Ballantyne

    "You either sacrifice today to reach tomorrow's goals, or you give up your dreams in favor of the fleeting comfort that's distracting you." Dave Griffin

    "Right now, someone busier than you is running." -Nike slogan

    Sweetie, I understand the excuses. Virtually everybody on this site has made them at one time or another.

    The only way anything changes, the only way you get to where you want to be is to STOP. MAKING. EXCUSES. Do not accept them.

    Too hot outside? Get a DVD and exercise inside.

    The allergy thing? I can tell you firsthand that exercise has improved my allergy/asthma to such a degree that I almost NEVER use my inhaler anymore. One inhaler lasts me over six months now because my lungs are so strong. So that's not a good excuse either.

    We here on Spark can help you out, but at the end of the day, you have to kick your OWN tushy. This has to come from you.
    2787 days ago
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