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July Gratitude List

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

~A new virtual trophy (level 10) on my sparkpeople! It coincides perfectly with the new month!

~A new sewing tutorial on Craftsy.

~Finally cleaned out my van (I won’t tell you how long it's been!).
~Learned some new (cheap) scrapbooking techniques from my aunt in Wisconsin.

~I overheard my grandmother bragging about me.

~When I admitted I almost broke 4 of my grandmother’s antique glasses she responded with a wise proverb: "Those who never broke anything never tried anything either".

~Great picnic with my family.
~A nap before the fire works (which were excellent BTW)
~Sewing my very first toile (all day long)
~Found a roll of clear plastic (for free) to fashion pockets for my chore cards.

~Chose raspberries instead of a fattening alternative.

~Organized my closet and fashioned a table out of an old curtain panel and storage drawers.
~Found a youtube video that showed me how to attach a sleeve (good thing too, because I was at a sewing impasse).

~Came upon my kitty just in time to save her from jumping out the second story window (she had her back paws on the ledge and was hanging over the side!)

~After a computer crash the computer restored files I thought I lost in the last computer crash (pictures and old blogs).
~Finally put away the bucket of stuff I got out of the car.

~Despite being tired I swept and vacuumed.

~Jimmy and I got up early and watched fiddler on the roof and scrooge the musical (Jim's always good for watching Christmas movies at off times of the year).
~Work went by super fast

~Made my sister-in-laws gift for when she has the baby

~figured out month by month how much I'll weigh if I lose 6lbs per month (a respectable and reasonable goal)... I'll be at my goal in 14 months but feeling better in my skin by Christmas.

~Found out some interesting news that makes "the head-hunter" at work less intimidating.

~Watched a strange but charming romantic comedy (a happy accident) with Jimmy which I thoroughly enjoyed.

~Got pretty new ribbon and extra sewing pins.

~Jimmy and I worked out a scheme were by for every $2 I save he'll give me $1 towards the Jacob's Ladder exercise machine I want so badly... We should be able to afford it by February.
~Quiet time to write another blog.

~Breakfast with Timmy.

~Easily stayed on my diet with almost no struggle.

~A fresh start on a new row of my yearly chart.

~A nice nap in a cool breezy room.
~One of our apartments had a seamless tenancy (no missed rental income).

~Messed around with Windows Movie Maker until I figured it out... made a new clip for you tube (Sense and Sensibility: Marianne loses Willoughby to Ms. Grey).

~Timmy's littlest kitty 4&1/2 weeks old (he's a SPCA foster parent) finally started eating.
~Me and mom worked on beading projects together.

~Me and mom watched old "The Nanny" episodes and she cooked me stir-fry so I could stay on my diet.

~My little brother and I went for a joy ride in his new convertible Mustang!

~Laurel was finally able to get her new laptop online despite us losing the password.
~Rob quit his job... it was a psychologically destructive environment.

~Jimmy picked up a working dryer on the side of the road.

~We found out the baby (the first of the next generation, Maximus) will be here by Monday if not sooner!
~Drive-in with mom and brother.

~Rob gave Laurel a ride home so I could go to the drive-in.

~Walked on the treadmill for the first time in a very long time.
~I was quickly alerted that my email account was being used to send spam with-in 2 days.

~Despite my email account being used to spread lewd videos (to half my contact list including many of my professors) it didn't send anything to my favorite professor.

~Joelle came to visit.
~Maximus was born!

~Maximus is perfect and the most beautful thing in the world!

~Maximus got my Opa's first name as a middle name (Teodore) and he cryed when he found out.

~My grandparents lived to see that the family name would be carried on after all.

~My brother is turning out to be a wonderful father!

~My sister got home safe from Myrtle Beach.

~We drove to Fredonia to see Earl... stopped at a thrift shop along the way.

~An inspector did a walk through for us and we had a nice chat.

~Found a wonderful new tenant (84 year old Arthur).

~Went to Shannon’s mom's house and had a nice relaxing evening on the back deck.
~Despite the new tenancy falling through everyone involved handled it gracefully and with tact so no bridges were burned.

~Got my computer back from the doctors.

~Started taking the goals I set as a prerequisite to having my baby more seriously.
~I found more of those baskets I've been searching for (nesting seagrass w/lids).

~I ate healthy whole foods yesterday.

~Laurel decided to go back to school.
~ A beautiful walk around Delaware Park

~ Thinspiration in the form of a shirt I'd like to make when I'm skinny (sheer powder blue with a pink liner, off the shoulder with long sleeves)

~ Didn't run out of gas on the way to the gas station
~Went to see Maximus... that beautiful boy always resets my energy level.
~Mom and I talked about our goals... your en-gedi (oasis in the desert) sounds beautiful mom. You have added a lot more en-gedi to my life than you realize.

~I decided to move my date up from January to May... maybe.
~Laurel's court fees are paid and over with.

~Earl had a speaking part at his Nyssa (college summer art program) graduation ceremony.

~Indulging reasonably and supplementing with fruit.

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    Sounds like a very busy month...glad you saved the cat! Your Mom and Granma sound like very loving people. You are a lucky girl. Good luck on August.
    3026 days ago
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