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Monday, August 01, 2011

I went to the gym today. Something I have always avoided like the plague. Since I was about 12 my dad's advice for everything (all of life's problems, big or small) has been "Katherine, I'd like to see you do something for yourself. Like go to the gym. I like to go twice a day when possible..." My dad and his brothers are all iron pumpers. My dad is one of the fittest (yet most stressed out) people I know. I know he is disappointed that neither myself or my two big brothers got the gym-gene. We were the partiers and his vice is the stairmaster and free-weights.

I hate the thought of the gym. I feel like a klutz, feel extra frumpy in my ill fitting gym clothes, and sort of just won't go out of spite. There's something about crying my way through a break up or struggling with classes, etc. and having my dad say "the gym will make you feel better" that is anti-productive as far as I'm concerned. The gym can't fix everything, I know that much. But since I am at a point where I'm NOT stressed out, or upset about anything and I'm actually just looking for a good sweat, I think I might be ready. This time I am going to the gym just because I feel like it. (I can't believe I said that)

For the last month I've been bicycling quite a bit and that is my main source of excercise. The last few days have been rainy though and I let myself use that as an excuse not to get out and get active. I make sure I do other things, such as scrub my floors & pull weeds, so that I am not just sitting on the couch watching reruns of Bones. But although my house looks great, I don't feel like I do after some good cardio.

So today I came home at lunch (it was raining), like I always do, and as I was switching my laundry I did something I NEVER do. I packed my shorts, clean tennis shoes (had them two years, bought them specifically for the gym and they are still in perfect condition) and a water bottle in a bag. I caught myself looking forward to using the eliptical for 30 mins after work. I did. I looked forward to it all afternoon. At 5 I filled my water bottle, hopped in my car and bee-lined for the gym.

I only went for 35 minutes (probably could have done more, but this was an experiment of sorts) and did 3.8 miles. I was shocked. All through high school I don't think I EVER ran a 9 minute mile. I was chubby, played the tuba, and I think my personal best was a 13 minute mile. And, while I didn't feel like I overheated or wore myself too hard I was sweatier than I have ever been after a 20 mile bike ride. I was impressed with how sweaty and gross I was (my ponytail was sticking to my neck and I had it pouring off of my forehead. EWWW :D ) My dad would have been proud. This experiment went well. I am going to try the other local gym the next time it rains and compare the two. (See, I'm talking about going AGAIN!) Then, if I'm still gung-ho, I am going to buy a tester-membership for a month at one of them. In the past, I've had high hopes for myself and signed up for a year. That's a sure-fire way to make myself not go again and my bank account gets $300 skinnier... Along with the guilt of not using my membership as I see it deducted every month. (Yet another reason I don't have good feelings about the gym.)

When I stick with it for a while, I am going to let Captain Gym in on my little secret. I'm worried if he finds out now (like he has in the past) I am going to get a phone call every night asking if I worked out today... That always made me feel crappy, because after workout #2, the answer is always "No..." I have a feeling this time it's different, and for once I'd like to impress my dad with something besides being fiscally responsible or good grades. Something Captain Gym will be proud of :)
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    i am another one that "hates" the gym....

    i loved it at one time in my life.. but now? not so much so... been putting off actually joining one... but the time maybe is here... been thinking about it long and hard... like you though, i don't want to "jump" in and then pay for something i will never use....

    i have visited one gym in the area.... will visit another soon....

    my main criteria? they have to be open 24 / 7.. i work nights... my "normal" sleep time is in the daylight hours...

    and besides... the gym is so much ... emptier at 4am! ~lol
    2451 days ago
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