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Monday 08-01-11

Monday, August 01, 2011

Monday 08-01-11

Wow, 8/1 already. I'm beat! Just beat!

I'm hot, tired & want to go to bed, but I
won't just yet. It's only 8PM

Big day of moving tomorrow. My closet
in my room is not ready as of now, 8PM,
but the guys are there working on it.
I just need a place to hand my clothes
and we can do the rest another time.

So they are going to get that up for me.

Went to the mall for an hour this AM and just
sat and had coffee with my friends. Looked at
the house when I got up and just couldn't
start then.

Got some more packed today. Again I can hardly
see straight. I will be glad when this is over and
the move is over and I get some things settled in
my room.

Got to go get the order of furniture arranged for the
kids to take tomorrow. Last stuff in room had to go
on truck first. There still isn't room in the garage for my
stuff either. I did take a broom and sweet where I could
fit what I think might take my boxes. NOt sure there is
enough room. It was supposed to be ready.. but I'm thinking
things don't get done there till the last minute.

Sort of wishing I had my own place, small apt or something,
but this will be ok for a while. I don't want to 2nd guess myself
now. Maybe last minute "what-if's" . It will all be fine, I'm just

Night all.... Calories out of line today,,,,just wanted to stuff myself.
It's over and I'm ok now..UGH...

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