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Monday, August 01, 2011

So I'm a Saturday weigher. Saturday is my official weigh-in day. It falls on Saturday in hopes of avoiding an end of the week binge. Makes sense, right?

So when I weighed myself on Saturday, I got ticked. I mean, in my head, I was livid. WTH? I did NOT gain 9 lbs in a few days! Swear-curse-swear-naughtywords

And then I took a breath, and looked at the display again.


No, my weight/the number on the scale had not shot up to 229 in a few days time, which is what my mind's eye initially saw. I'd actually gone from 220.8 down to 219.6. I'm so unfamiliar with a 1 trailing that 2, I was confused. Confounded. Confuzzled even!

I didn't record it though. I didn't trust it completely. I can't explain WHY I didn't trust it, other than when I record good numbers like that right off the bat, I turn around and gain back X lbs again. Not this time, skippy!

So I left my ticker alone - it's enough that I have that number in my head as do-able now.

Last night, as I sat up past my normal (8:30-9:00) bedtime until 11:00 p.m. (with my normal 4:30 a.m. wake-up time looming), watching The Bachelorette The Men Tell All (????? Really? What about that show had any bearing on my life? Sigh....) I decided I needed a snack.

Four slices of turkey breast lunchmeat, four slices of Provolone, two slices of Cheddar, and one String cheese later.....

THAT is why I don't record the initial good number. I'll lose my ever-lovin' mind and shovel unneeded calories and fat down my gob.

Welcome to August! This is NOT how we'll be spending our time this month!
I earned 2,063 fitness minutes in July.
I released 2 lbs.
I resumed running.

In August, we'll be...
Aiming for 2,100 fitness minutes.
Releasing at least 2 more lbs.
Improving my running.
Cutting back on binges and ate night mind-numbing TV viewing...

Altho that Mickey is HAWT! OhMy!

August 6th, I'm meeting up with several SparkPeople members at Race for the Homeless in Vancouver to run a 5K!
August 13th, I'm running the Pineapple Classic 5K with 4My2Kidz to raise money to fight Leukemia.
August 26th, I'm volunteering for our very own Sparkin' Hood to Coast Relay team by (wo)manning Exchange 14 for a few hours.
August 27th, I have to decide between doing an 11 mi run with the Tribe or going to Seaside to see our HTC'ers cross the finish!

Yea, I've got things to do, pounds to release, healthy food to enjoy in moderation, and big bootay to kick! My own, of course.

Join me?
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  • no profile photo CD8072637
    Sounds like you've got a LOT going on in August! Keep plugging away, babe! It sounds like there's lots of potential for a health-filled memory-making month! I wish I had that kind of schedule! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I totally laughed and felt your pain and disbelief when I read about your scale adventures. Been there, done that, totally understand! Here's to a good weigh-in the next time!
    3646 days ago
    HeHe had to chuckle at the confounded, confuzzled! I'm getting close to 229 - that seems strange to me. A 2 followed by a 2 emoticon I mean it will be exciting - but unfamiliar and uncharted territory...

    Might just see you around - I'm doing the race for the homeless this Saturday as well.

    Good luck with everything else you have planned for August.

    3649 days ago
  • ROXIT22222
    Awe yes, I can relate to alot of what you said. (I'm not doing HTC! hee heee) I weigh myself first thing in the morning, at 05:00! Right after I go potty. My eyes they are usualy not hardly opend and not in focused yet when I step on that scale. I've read the numbers wrong many times. And a 1 as the first number will be a huge surprise and make you wipe at your eyes to try and re focuse them.. then you'll be wiping at them to wipe away the tears.

    Your late night eating sounds like boardom eating. I've BTDT, last night infact. Many nothing was 'satisfing me'. I held strong and just drank more water. (works for me sometimes). Today is a new day and hey it's weeek of 80degree here! Get out and enjoy it.... cause you know it wont last long.
    3650 days ago
    Sounds like a great plan for August, time to kick it into high gear and I"m right along with ya. Time to get my running miles in. emoticon
    3650 days ago
    Well congrats anyway! 220 is my current goal weight. I'll reassess when I get there about how much further I want to take it. As for the light night binge, don't fret, you have the tools, just offset the rest of the week and you'll be fine. You know the plan, and we all have confidence in you!

    3650 days ago
    Congrats on getting below 220! I hear you about the scale; but I do record every number that shows up on my "official" weigh in day, even if I don't believe it. I guess I just like routine and order.

    Good luck on stopping the late night foodfests. I've discovered that if I can reserve a little bit of room in my tracker, then there's always room for popcorn. Bulky and fibrous with a bit of protein, some yummy salt, and some good fat -- it's an ideal snack for me.

    I like your August goals, although at one time I would have said "2,100 fitness minutes? Inconceivable!" But now I can conceive it - you go, girl!
    3650 days ago
    Ahh... the lovely lovely scale... NOT!

    I weigh in Monday mornings. Take it or leave it, it goes on the tracker. Once a week. Otherwise I do NOT step on the scale. I refuse after my previous plateau of 8+ weeks... I learned a lot - and I can honestly say the scale is not my friend.

    Your August sounds delightful! I am looking for a 5K, and unfortunately I won't be doing one in August due to my busy schedule getting my son down to Portland for college as well as getting my daughter ready for "back to school". We will be down there August 23-26 (and I'm hoping to meet up with you Candy, if it fits your schedule- I will contact you via sparkmail).

    My 5K will be in September, hopefully - or October. Point is.. it's COMING!!! emoticon

    Take your win - welcome to the 210s! Here's to the upcoming 200s, and visiting (dare I say it?) Onederland!

    ~Irish (aka The Incredible Shrinking Mom)

    August Mantra: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all" ~ Helen Keller
    3650 days ago
    My scale has been bobbling back and forth for weeks now. I get excited cuz such-n-such number is displayed and then it's back up we go. Ugh! Very frustrating.

    The only Mickey I can picture is Mouse and I'm concerned that you might be calling him "HAWT". Could you please clarify for me???? I do not even stop at the channel with the bachelor/ette thing. Ugh! Don't those people have any self respect? Ick!

    It sounds like you have lots of fun challenges coming up. I cannot wait to see how it goes. Keep up the great work!

    3650 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8986089
    Wow, you have a jam-packed August ahead of you! I'm in for kicking some bootay with you!
    3650 days ago
  • GAYLEP67
    emoticon emoticon
    Ah geez Candy...we're sharing the brain again! I weighed in this morning and the scale has finally moved after being "stuck" for some time. I however refuse to believe it's actually true so I'm waiting until next week to "be sure". My weigh in is on Monday morning and I did that to try to control any weekend binges knowing what was looming Monday morning. I just realized, it's Tuesday though and I didn't weigh in yesterday (yesterday was a holiday so I think I forgot).

    emoticon emoticon
    Congratulations on breaking the 220s! You work so hard so I'm glad to see that you're seeing results. You feel that you add extra calories and fat? I was extra calories and carbs last night while I watched some TV. Again, sharing the brain. Wonder if Teresa's going to make it a 3-way split!

    Join you? I've been with you every step of the way for the last year+ so heck ya!! Just keep checking over your shoulder - I'm trailing behind you but I'm there!!

    3650 days ago
    Hey, at least you had protein in all that meat and cheese! You probably need it for muscle fuel.
    I had to laugh at your scale/eye disfunction. I've done that!
    3650 days ago
    Just think how confused, confounded, confuzzled you will be in a short time when all of your numbers start with a "1"!!!!

    And you really should trust those numbers and celebrate them! (This from the person who will get on and off and on and off and on and off... the scale whenever there is a good number.)

    Late night TV gets us too. I threatened to kill the cable.. this morning. My problem last night was Real Housewives of NJ...such great food for my brain. LOL! Thank goodness I avoided snacking, but I was probably still happy from my ice cream earlier in the day.

    It looks like you have wonderful plans for August and I can't wait to hear about your progress updates!
    3651 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/1/2011 8:52:44 PM
    Love to! I will do my best!

    Congrats on the weight loss...

    Good luck on the 5ks

    Hugs, Anne
    3651 days ago
    Excuse me Candy, you have no big bootay to kick anymore, it's pretty nice and toned up now my dear. Take it from my hind sight.

    I missed early registration for the Race For the Homeless, but I'll still be there. Today I did sign up for the Jingle Bell Run and the Crawfish Crawl on the 13th.

    I'm with you on recording weigh ins on the tracker. Until the weight officially stays off for a few weeks, I leave my tracker alone. Right now it's still bouncing around a few pounds.

    Have a great week and enjoy this beautiful weather my friend!
    3651 days ago
  • BAM-MA
    I know what you mean about not trusting the good numbers. I weigh every few days to make sure that I am not going i the wrong direction, so I don't pay much attention to the actual numbers. When I see a good one, I take note,but have to see it 3-4 times before I will consider it a "real" number, suitable to be posted on the ticker.

    It is funny all of the little rules that we set for ourselves. Makes me wonder though... are we not giving ourselves enough credit? afraid of failure and all that? or are we just honest and not willing to give ourselves credit where it isn't due?

    Worth thinking about .....
    3651 days ago
    Awww Candy, your my hero! Run baby, Run!!! emoticon

    Let's do this thing! emoticon
    3651 days ago
    I'll kick bootay with you! I'm feelin' better and ready to start ramping back up to full speed ahead! So, perfect timing!

    I had a similar experience. Saturday is my WI too. I got on the scale in the morning, didn't like the number. Showered, weighed again, I'm down 1/2 pound. Huh? So, I got busy did some stuff, ate breakfast. Then in the afternoon, I weighed again. Now, I'm up 2 pounds. Okay... By the time I went to bed (because of course, now I can't stop, LOL!) I checked again. I weighed less than I did in the morning when I first got up! Go figure...

    So, let's kick some bootay!
    3651 days ago
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