Mid-point progress.. Before & After PICTURES INCLUDED

Monday, August 01, 2011

So, I've started on this spark journey in October 2009, but I'll be honest I wasn't really serious about it - until about February 2011. At the end of last year I started formulating a plan in my head to really commit to making myself a priority. Is the 40th birthday that's on the horizon? perhaps... is it the desire to live in the HERE and NOW and not ever have to look back with any regrets? definitely!

Anyway...something finally clicked and I committed to making the necessary changes. Keys to my success:

1) I have been eating better (avoiding the bread basket as much as possible!)
2) going to the gym regularly again starting in January
3) set challenging but realistic goals (5K's and triathlon) to achieve this year
4) after winning 6 free personal training sessions, I was hooked and realized I needed the extra push - and so I signed up for 1 year of personal training 2X week... it's a little present to myself...investing in my health!
5) Having an accountability buddy (or 2 or 3)... I'm blessed to have my sister and 2 close friends working to focus on being healthy too!
6) Being inspired by all my SPARK friends... I may not be on here commenting frequently but I do log in every day and am always inspired by each one of you..whether it's a helpful blog, or even seeing that you ran, biked or did some other form of exercise, I always take it as a personal challenge to do something for myself too!

So even though the pictures are not the best quality... I actually liked seeing them side by side and notice I can really see a difference in my body. It's funny I can see it is starting literally from the top down.

This picture was taken in December 2010...

This picture was taken yesterday (July 31, 2011)...and purposely put on same bathing suit - although lighting is horrible hopefully you can see the changes I see:

This picture also taken yesterday- but in a different bathing suit... and better lighting... can't believe I can actually see I'm getting some abs!!!

I see changes in my face, my arms, my boobs, my stomach and just starting to notice in my hips and legs too... I have lost 14 pounds so far and want to lose 16 more. most of these changes have happened as of May 1st - when I signed up for trainer and had commitments with buddies! So I am certainly pleased with these results over 3 months. I would love to meet my goal by October or November of this year. But my real goal is to be in the best shape possible by my 40th bday next June. I know I will do it this time. I am seeing the changes happen daily!

So I thought it was time to re-energize myself - and hopefully some others - who are maybe at their mid-point of their journey. The hard work is paying off.

I am worth it. You are worth it! Stay committed!

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