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Monday, August 01, 2011

It's one AM EST right now and I should be sleeping because I'm heading up to Vermont tomorrow to look at an apartment/ hopefully sign the lease if i'm lucky. But instead, I'm feverishly surfing the net, listening to Coeur de Pirate and text messaging.

Life in CT (albeit rare) throws me for a loop for some reason. There's plenty of reasons I never come here, but I'm trying to make the best of it. Hopefully it's only a few more days that I'll be getting my things in order, moving back up to VT as soon as I land an apartment and doing my grad residency next week either way. I'm the kind of person who needs to be doing five things at once to feel balanced, so relaxing is kind of hard, especially after a summer like the one I've had so far. I feel purposeless right now, so I am trying to consume myself with things to do.

In that vein, I registered tonight for an Ironman 70.3 that is scheduled for next June 3, 2012!!!!!!!! I almost can't believe myself haha. Especially since I always said I'd never do a triathalon, and here I am doing the epitome of triathalons. The Ironman 70.3 is the half ironman - so 1.2 mile swim, followed by 56 mile bike (easy peasy after this summer haha) and a 13.1 half mara. I dont know though... all these events I have done so far have sort of come along at serendipitous times... maybe it's impulsivity, but the marathons, bike and build, now the half-iron all felt like they were striking me in the right moments, and i have worked my way up consecutively to each one. This feels like the next step. The next challenge.

Something I realized about myself in reflection is that in the past couple years, having an event to work toward and prepare for, helped keep me focused and on track in some respects. A tangible piece of the future makes me feel more grounded, like the future isn't just one giant abyss of uncertainty. I don't know if I'm explaining it well enough, but this mentality or psychology for me is almost more important than the event itself. So I think that was a part in why I decided to sign up now for the half-iron. The thought of something almost a year away feels good too, like I could lose the last of the weight I want to lose in that time, I could really seize the opportunity to really improve my running and get my body in a place where I could finish an event like this in an average amount of time. My goal now that I have proved to myself I can do these types of things at all, is now to prove to myself that i can raise the bar and work hard to not be the last one finishing. I want to be middle of the pack. It's like the process of identity realization. First disbelief. Then acceptance. Then pride. Then synthesis. I'm ready to start synthesizing now - synthesizing into a stage where I am entering maintenance soonish, where I am blending in with other athletes, where I am moving into the next level of what I am capable of.

Also check out what happened with this shirt from the middle photo and the current photo on the right. It always seems unbelievable when your body actually shrinks in weight loss, but it is real! I feel good these days! I can only wait to see what the future will bring :D and that is a good feeling.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    "having an event to work toward and prepare for, helped keep me focused and on track in some respects. A tangible piece of the future makes me feel more grounded, like the future isn't just one giant abyss of uncertainty."

    Well, I see I'm not the only one who found that statement to be pretty much *perfect*!
    Awesome to hear about what you'll be doing in the year ahead, and WOW @ the endurance and strength you have... I can't imagine doing an IronMan/Half, but I can definitely imagine YOU doing it, hehe!
    2450 days ago
    Um....wow. You are such a sparkplug! I believe you can do ANYTHING!
    2452 days ago
  • JEM0622
    Ironman? I bow down to you! And you look fantastic, of course! emoticon
    2452 days ago
    Wow, you are kinda unstoppable.
    2452 days ago
    You look amazing, Dash! I know you'll kick some iron man ass - and I'll be rooting for you the whole time!
    2452 days ago
    With the greatest respect for your goals, do you think that perhaps you should try some other triathlons first? My niece did an Ironman half yesterday and she said it was very difficult. She's done two marathons, several sprint triathlons, an Irongirl, an Olympic distance and then the half Ironman. Her particular bugaboo is the open lake swimming. Do you think that perhaps that is something to explore a bit more before taking the full leap? Of course, I may be off base and you may have more of these sorts of events under your belt already but I just felt like perhaps I should say something. I think it is definitely something you can do but perhaps after you have a wee bit more experience. Having said that though, she did her Irongirl and Olympic distance this summer so I suppose you can get the appropriate experience before the Ironman Half. Perhaps take the rest of the summer to explore the open swimming thing. Just sayin'.

    2453 days ago
    2453 days ago
    "A tangible piece of the future makes me feel more grounded, like the future isn't just one giant abyss of uncertainty."

    YES! I completely agree. I'm doing independent exams, so I can study and schedule my exam at any time within the quarter I choose. But, I find myself not studying if I don't have a date set. Once the date is set, I commit myself (most days) to my study plan.

    An IronMan?!? There's one other girl on here that I really admire whose dream is also to do an IronMan: JensFitJourney.

    There is no doubt in my mind that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to and come June 3rd of next year, you'll have another amazing notch on your belt (no pun intended).

    2453 days ago
    Wow. Just wow!!!

    Good luck and have fun with your training!! I have no doubt in my mind that you will do fabulous!!!

    What an inspiration!!!
    2453 days ago
  • _TRIXIE_
    "A tangible piece of the future makes me feel more grounded, like the future isn't just one giant abyss of uncertainty."

    That makes PERFECT sense to me. This is going to be so amazing. I'm sure you will love it. There's something about knowing you're going to do a *triathlon*--no matter what distance--that feels so amazing and surreal. Kind of like biking across the US and we see how you killed that. :)

    Enjoy training! I always liked the long swim days. It was like free therapy to just swim back and forth.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2453 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Omg dash!!!

    That's not far at all, Lori. Near Bristol off 93.

    Excited for you and the fact you are doing this!!!
    2453 days ago
    Is it close by? Will I be able come cheer you on?
    2453 days ago
  • -CORAL-
    You look fantastic. Congratulations on signing up for the Ironman. That is awesome. I know you will do great! You have more courage than most (including me!)
    2453 days ago
    look at u!!!!!!!!!Thats awesome!!!!!
    ironman.....that is amazing!!!!!
    good luck!!
    2453 days ago
    You're on a roll darling. Why not do the Ironman half? With everything else you've already completed, what's an Ironman? Ain't got nothing in there you CAN'T do. You've only JUST begun emoticon

    P.S. Always thought the plain white t and jeans looked hot - you're smoking!
    2453 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/1/2011 2:04:30 AM
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