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My Vacation to Manitoba and Nova Scotia (PICS)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I know this blog is a few weeks later than I planned on putting it up but ah well.

Jason had 2 weeks off work and because of this we had decided a year ago that we were going to take a MUCH needed vacation out to Nova Scotia because we had a baby almost 2 years ago and his family hadn't had the opportunity to meet him yet or my kids yet either (and some of them hadn't even met ME yet lol)

So on July 1st we left and drove out to Manitoba. What was supposed to happen was my grandpa had passed away in March and when he passed they cremated him and we were supposed to have a memorial for him when I came home in july. But weather happened and the area of Manitoba where my family is was flooded BIG TIME and so the bugs were crazy horrible and they decided to postpone it. So it ended up just being a happy trip instead. We didn't do a whole heck of a lot while we were in Manitoba. We hung out at my mom's first and played some ladder game outside during the day while the bugs weren't too terrible.

This was actually a pretty fun game. You get points for the higher up you throw it on the ladder and the kids had a lot of fun playing this, even Adam!

The next day was haircut day for both Adam and Jason and some shopping. Nothing too spectacular. We didn't really do a whole lot while we were in Manitoba but it was really nice to see my mom and my stepdad and just relax.

On the 3rd my dad came and picked us up from my mom's and took us out to his place. The reason he picked us up was because he lives out on a farm and the road out to the farm was washed over with water and there was no way my car was making it through there. Let me tell you how terrified I was driving through this water! It takes about 15 minutes to get from the town to my dad's house and 10 minutes of it is driving down gravel roads. The very first patch of water my body tensed up and didn't come untense until we reached his house. How he drives through that water is beyond me! I wish I had taken pictures of it cuz it was just CRAZY how much water there was.

Once we finally got to my dad's house we got to see the cutest little puppies EVER! My dad and stepmom's dog had puppies about a week before we got there.

The older two kids pretty much refused to leave these little puppies alone.. but can ya blame them? emoticon

After a while after we forced them to put the puppies down we sat outside on my dad's deck until deciding we should go for a quad ride. My uncle lives about a 2 minute walk away so we went over and borrowed two of his quads that were in better shape then my dad's quad and went for a ride for about an hour.

My daughter rode with me and my son rode with Jason. I realize there's not any pics of me yet but I'm camera shy and everyone is pretty used to me trying to hide from the camera lol.

The next day we headed into Winnipeg because the next morning after that we were flying to Sydney, Nova Scotia at 6:30 am which meant waking up at 4:30 am to be at the airport by 5:30am. YUCK


Wow. This area of Canada is BEAUTIFUL!! So many trees it was amazing!

The first day we did NOTHING because after being up at 4:30 am after a sh!tty -too-excited-to-sleep- kinda sleep we couldn't wait to go to bed lol.

We had 5 people waiting for us at the airport. Jason's mom, aunt, grandfather, little cousin, and brother. His mom and grandfather were crying as they hugged us. it was pretty emotional.

Everyone went back to his mom's place and hung out for a few hours before finally leaving since we were so exhausted we could barely stand up lol.

The next day after a good 10 hours sleep we got up feeling MUCH better than the day before. So, we went out to the beach on the ocean! emoticon

It was such a fun day even though the water was ice cold! Jason and I went in after sitting on the beach for a few hours for a quick dunk.. and by quick I mean "cried" about how cold it was before counting to 3 and diving in super fast and getting back out again. We both got BURNT!

The next day we headed out to the wildlife park but ended up leaving early because my daughter had some allergies and her eyes puffed right up and she became very uncomfortable and started crying. I felt so bad for her emoticon

The next day we decided to go fishing. Brooke didn't wanna come out with us so she stayed with Jason's mom and got spoiled rotten. (Even though she's not really a grand-daughter, officially she sure got spoiled like one!) Jason's parents only have grandsons so his mom spoiled my daughter like crazy so happy to finally have a girl to spoil lol.

This was a bridge teenagers would jump off of cuz it's "cool". It was a good 20 foot drop! I would NEVER do it!

Saturday was big party night. His uncle had been building a big garage and had been working his butt off to have it as close to ready as possible for this party. The party was for us and for Jason as a "welcome home" party. It was so sweet. Now there be pictures of me!

This was me and Jason's "sister-in-law"

This was me and Jason's grandfather who everyone lovingly calls Poppy

Jason and his cousin Tyler (Tyler left) Tyler has done a couple amateur mma fights and hoping to be in the UFC one day I think. I thought this picture was hilarious. This is how Tyler takes photos with the guys he fights against.

Myself, Jason's stepbrother Justin, and Jason

We left about midnight after drinking and eating crap for a good 7-8 hours.

The next day we woke up (amazingly) hangover free and found out we were getting a kid free day. Jason's mom and aunt had booked a big party boat and took the kids with them on it. We did NOTHING. Had McDonalds, tried to find the farmer's market, found a huge flea market instead, went back to his mom's house, napped and headed to Poppy's for a bbq. Went home, watched Big Brother and went to bed.

The next day was Monday, July 11th. Woke up wondering what to do. Jason's brother's girlfriend suggested the Fortress of Louisberg so we went. First we stopped off at this little restaurant that had gokarts and Jason and his brother Josh and my older two kids went on them while Josh's girlfriend and myself went inside the restaurant for some girl talk. She's almost 8 months pregnant so that's why she didn't go on the gokarts.
After that we headed out to the fortress. This place was amazing! It was all 18th century buildings and the people there were dressed in that fashion and were supposed to talk to us the way they did back then. They explained all the buildings and the history behind it. It was really cool

Tuesday July12 was lobster night. I wish I had taken a picture of the 3 dozen lobster they had brought but I did take this pic


Wednesday was a lot of nothing. It was our last day there so it was a lot of repacking and making sure we had everything before we left on thursday.

All in all it was a fantastic trip. It was wayyy too long because of all the stops here and there to see this person and that person but it was amazing and I can't wait to go back. I also really enjoyed meeting Josh's girlfriend and I wish we lived closer because I think her and I would be great friends.

I'm gonna end this very long blog now but I thought I'd share my trip for anyone that wanted to know about it.

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