Making Sunny's Eggplant Bacon

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Looks good, doesn't it? OK, before going any further, I posted this recipe on SparkRecipe, so here's the link:

The recipe explains it all, but here's a summary. I consulted Appetite for Reduction, the cool healthy vegan cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz, vegan chef extraordinaire. I shopped for the ingredients: eggplant (I got an organic one and it weighed about one third of a pound), Liquid Smoke, and it called for soy sauce but I use Bragg's and thought it would be fine. It wasn't. I mixed up the sauce and it was vile, and I poured it down the drain. While at the supermarket I had been tempted to buy Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki, and I succumbed. It had healthy ingredients and was thick with garlic and sesame seeds. But they had me at the name.

Other vegan bacon recipes using coconut called for tamari and maple syrup. BTW, I mix up teriyaki and tamari all the time. So I knew that sweetness would enhance this sauce, so I made my own with the SVVVT sauce, liquid smoke and maple syrup. I also oven-roasted the eggplant slices much longer than the recipe called for, both before and after dipping in the sauce. I even left them in the oven after I turned it off while I entered the recipe into SparkRecipe, about 10 minutes more.

Here's how they looked when I took them out of the oven and turned the oven off.

The next photo is how they looked after I let them sit it the hot (but off oven) for about 10 more minutes:

I arranged the cute little slices atop slices of my homegrown Early Girl tomato on bread with Vegenaise spread on it thinly, and built the rest of the sandwich adding onion, avocado, Tofutti cheese, and Smart Deli vegan ham coldcuts. Here's how that bad boy looked, sliced and all ready to eat:

Making this "bacon" was labor intensive, but the recipe adds up to 10 servings, so I popped them into a plastic container and will parcel them out as needed. I expect they will get soft, and I'll have to address that as I use them. Wish I had a toaster oven! Ah, but I will manage it somehow.
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