Face Down in A Pan of Brownies

Friday, July 29, 2011

That title is where I want to be RIGHT NOW.

Work is stressing me today. Being partners with my brother is a blessing and a curse. It seems like every employee is having issues. Some feel like arguing for no reason. Some have legitimate needs that I need to handle. The vendors all want something from me today, RIGHT NOW.

Every 5 minutes another issue comes up. Someone in the office is printing out emails (that go to both of us) and highlighting things she thinks are important and putting them on my desk. SERIOUSLY. WTF??

My husband is about the spend the GDP of a small nation fixing up his airplane.

I had 4 cups of strong coffee this morning.

I'm twitchy and stressed. I want starch and chocolate. In quantities. I can only think and type in short sentences.

I made a promise to myself. One year of not eating emotionally. This is my 5th day of that promise. I have to face my emotional demons and not eat. This effing sucks.

I'm going for a walk. BBL.

UPDATE: 8:42 pm
Walked around the block. Finally made it to the end of the day. Walked 2.75 miles with my husband while I vented all the way. Ate dinner...including ONE VERY VERY VERY NECESSARY COCKTAIL and am still within my calories.

Yay! Made it though day 5.

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