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It's okay to cry. I did it.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thanks for sharing, Adrienne. Hope you're doing better.
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    Well, believe it or not, I go through the same thoughts. I am a lot like "HopefulChange" You have to earn my trust, but once you have it, it is yours. Betray me, and it will be like I have never known you. This is my reality. I have very few friends that I trust, and I am okay with that. That is why I do live my life like "Snowglobemama" states!
    It is okay to open yourself up to people and it is okay to have some sort of barrier up. Whether people realize it or not, we all have those barriers.
    For the most part, my belief is that people don't want you to change for the better because they are jealous or are incapable of changing themselves. But can you blame them for feeling that way? change is very hard, look at what we are all going through.
    You are only capable of doing what you set out to do. People saying otherwise are just speed bumps, and that will always be part of the challenge. Take a long look at yourself, are these people really saying you can't do it, or is that what you are thinking? I know for me, I feel like people tell me all the time that I can't lose weight and change my habits, but that is me setting myself up, just in case I don't stick with it.
    Spouses are usually the ones that don't understand why you would want to change. This is hard to overcome. I know I am told that I am loved for me. Okay, fine, but guess what? I don't love me right now, so I need to fix me, not anyone else. Once I am able to work on me, I will be able to love others even more. I am sorry if I am rambling on, but this vlog struck my heart. Yes, I cry! I cry sometimes when I run,. Sometimes because I am happy that i have lost a lot of weight and sometimes because I fear change.
    Hang in there, change can be a beautiful thing! you are capable of change, but the question is, "do you want to change?" I think I know the answer..... emoticon
    2513 days ago
    "It's better to have loved and lost then to never to have loved at all."
    It hurts, but, it's WORTH IT! Life is too short.
    2513 days ago
    As I told A with her vlog, it takes a lot of courage to share a vlog like this. It helps others so much to see the reality of the journey that we're on. Highs and Lows; Good days and bad; Laughter and Tears.

    Know that with most of us here, this is a safe place to share all of the above.

    2516 days ago
    thanks for sharing. I have two problems... one I don't open up at all... you have to earn my trust. second problem... if you earn my trust, you get it all... and then if I feel betrayed or let down... yeah. Forget me trusting you again. Horrible circle... I wish I could change it... but I can't. My husband says to most of my things(bluntness.... the above... everything heh) that I choose to be that way. I disagree... a lot of it is personality and how we develope while growing and being hurt(or not) by others. Thanks again... was good to hear.
    2516 days ago
    This meant a lot to me. You are right - Id rather let people in and be hurt than to shut people out.

    Im going to make sure I go for a run tonight at the gym. I am also going to make myself a nice dinner - then I am going to go help some friends pack....helping others makes me feel better :o)

    Love you!!
    2517 days ago
    emoticon May those you share your heart with be more sensitive toward your feelings. It is amazing how those that lose us tend to also have the ability to crush our spirits.

    Know that you are doing the best that you can and you are making huge strides forward.
    2517 days ago
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