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Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am a very honest person. I try to be honest in everything I do because if I don't..... it weighs heavily on my mind.

With running (or biking, hiking, etc....) I am honest to a T with my miles. I like to end in even numbers if I can. I especially love ending in whole numbers and have been known to run up and down a sidewalk trying to get to that whole number. My fellow running group just laughs when I do that......

But to me it is being honest and I can see the miles on my Garmin so I know I don't want to lie. Having the miles on my Garmin are like written in stone.

So that brings me to yesterday's run. I ran with my running group on a long run. We chose a route that had multiple steep hill climbs and it was a tough run. I wasn't sure what our mileage would be because we had to take a newer route back to the gym. But I had my Garmin on so it was tracking the distance for me. We stopped at the door of the gym at 5.7 miles exactly.

Talking at the water cooler with another Y runner he started asking us if we ran outside. He mentioned that with the humidity it kept him on the treadmill and he was surprised to hear that we were running outside. He asked about our distance and I told him that we ran 5.7 miles. He was like, great job on running 6.... you round up right! Ummmm....... no, my watch says 5.7 so that is the distance we went. And he continues on saying that he always rounds his miles up. So our run he would be calling it 6.

That kind of bugged me........ I don't really know why because why should I let that bug me. But I guess it is because I know that I only ran 5.7 and even though that is only .30 miles away from 6 miles, I just can't claim the 6. Because .30 is quite a distance. I would have to run down the block a ways and back.

So what are your feelings on this? Do you round your miles up?
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  • ANDEEC09
    Never. Mostly because I want to be as accurate as possible about my abilities. It sounds like this guy needs the confidence booster that padding mileage entails. For me, running 5.7 miles is a feat in and of itself. I wouldn't need to round it up to 6 for any reason, especially not to make myself feel more accomplished.

    I'm totally with you!

    3461 days ago
    lol, I am the same way when I wear my Garmin :) I understand the whole running back and forth on the sidewalk thing ;)
    3463 days ago
    Totally understand... Just like when I do a 5k and someone says oh, is that 3 miles? And I say no, 3.1 :) I think as a runner I feel ownership of the traveled distance... If I didnt do it... It's not mine!!! I would have said the same as you... Plus your finish time would be different if you round up... Or down!!!
    3463 days ago
    In my log, running posts and SP blogs I round to the nearest tenth - guess I could circle the cul-de-sac once or twice before heading up the driveway - but I'm not that exact. So my 2.14 route is recorded at 2.1 and my 2.97 route is recorded as 3.0

    With non running friends they would be referenced as just over 2 miles and 3 miles respectively.
    3463 days ago
    This is too funny! I was just on the treadmill the other night catching up on my planned mileage and ran exactly 1.04 miles to get to where I was supposed to be! Otherwise, I feel like I'm just cheating myself. And I would never want to do that intentionally. emoticon
    3463 days ago
    Me too!! I'm an exact numbers girl fact to the point where I get mad at myself because when I don't hit that next exact mile.
    3463 days ago
    I'm with you - exact numbers are the way to go!
    3463 days ago
    Haha - I love reading these comments. I'm an exact girl, too, but will edit for non-runners. Nearly 10, close to 10, almost 10, just over 10. I always enter the "real" numbers in my tracker, although I only count half minutes (49:20 would be 49.5 minutes). Long runs over an hour, I round to the closest minute because, seriously, 20 seconds doesn't matter after running for an hour. :) This was a good question!
    3463 days ago
    Depends on the context. For myself, and for anyone who's really interested in my run details, I am precise.

    But when I told my sister about last week's run, I just said "nearly 7 miles" because it sounds more conversational and that was our only purpose --- I was just mentioning it in the context of something else.

    Do what feels right for you, live and let live, etcetera... :) :)
    3463 days ago
    I do exact numbers for my mileage...but I'll admit to rounding exercise minutes on my sparkpeople log. (38:45 would round up to 39 for instance) ;)
    3464 days ago
    Exact numbers for what I log. Rounded if I'm talking to non-runners... they just think you are obsessive if you say 6.73 or something.
    3464 days ago
    Always exact numbers!!!! I love to run until I end in whole #s too. I will run back the way I came for a bit lol
    I feel that is somewhat cheating yourself. .30 of a mile is quite the distance
    3464 days ago
  • TAMTAM64
    I never round up or down! LOL I use the exact number my Garmin spits out. Some people just don't get it! :)
    3464 days ago
    I never ever round up or down! I'm like you, I need the exact mileage and I will run up and down the street to reach the number I'm after! If I set out for a 10K run, 9.6K will not cut it. If I run 9.6 I will tell people I ran 9, but I do log it as 9.64 or whatever the second decimal point is. Hey, those ten-meter bits add up over time!
    Oh, and the other thing I get funny about is miles vs. kilometers. I tend to think of both while I'm running and sometimes it gets me into trouble. For example: I've already run 6.3K but I may as well go the extra 100m to make it an even 4 miles. But then I may as well go the extra 600m to make it an even 7K... That's why I love 5 miles/8K and increments of those, they ALMOST exactly match up!
    3464 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2011 12:37:21 PM
    Exact numbers, here also!
    3464 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2951711
    I'm just exactly like you! I don't round. I will say if I ran 5.34 miles even. I will run up and down the street if I have to to get to the number I want. If my goal is 7 miles, it will say 7 miles on my tracker, not 6.9 miles.
    3464 days ago
    I use exact numbers. Today, my running partner and I got back to the gym, and the Garmin said 5.86....we did a lap around the gym to get to a nice, even 6.
    3464 days ago
    I use the exact numbers, period.

    That's why I got a Garmin in the first place.
    3464 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Exact numbers girl here! You are only cheating yourself otherwise.
    3464 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9354557
    I like to record exact numbers. Being honest with myself is very important, it helps me improve. Great post!
    3464 days ago
    No, I'm with you - honest to a fault! I hate rounding up because I didn't do those miles; I wouldn't round down either but would run up and down the sidewalk to get an even number like you do :)
    3464 days ago
    nope, exact numbers!
    3464 days ago
    I use the exact number. But I don't stress about it. On a day I'm supposed to do 12 I might have done 12.3. And the next when I've scheduled 4, I may end up at 3.7. I accept both and don't worry about it.
    3464 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4429274
    I use the exact numbers. I challenge myself to do more all the time, and sometimes, that tenth of a mile might be the best increase I can manage. When I hit it, I want to know I did it!
    3464 days ago
  • MBUSSAN210
    I always round down. For example today I warmed up with .25 mile walk. Then I ran 5 miles. I only count the 5 miles. I think your way is the way to go. The person who rounds up is only cheating themself (JMHO).
    3464 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5602455
    I agree with you (and everyone who replied!) - I won't take credit for something I didn't run!! Those 0.3 miles add up after a while! Would anyone just finish a marathon at 25.9 miles and say they were "close enough"??? I don't think so!!!

    Use your Garmin - trust it! Even if it isn't 100% accurate, it is the best tool you have for gauging your progress and being honest about your workouts! I have Runner's OCD too (at least that's what I call it) - I will run up and down my street until I hit a solid mile or quarter mile! I can't stand those silly partial miles! haha!

    Keep doing what you're doing! You're rockin' your runs and at the very least you now have training information that you can use to push yourself next time as well!

    3464 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/28/2011 9:54:48 AM
    I only count what I ran, I don't round either. Like someone else said, those "fudged numbers" add up, and it's only cheating ourselves to do this. Keep doing whatever works for you and let the other guys opinions go. You rock!
    3464 days ago
  • CECE0330
    I try to be accurate because I am competitive with MYSELF! Like I don't want to claim miles that I didn't earn, you know? But...I *thought* my last Sunday run was 4.5 because it is marked as 1.5 miles on the path, and we did 3 laps. But now...when I try to use Walk Run Jog's website to retrace it, it says we only ran 4.2 miles. emoticon Either way my longest run, but it's BUGGING me not knowing which is correct! No fancy Garmins for myself or my friend, though we DO have a third that came once who does. We'll have to lure her out again. emoticon

    (Um, so YES, it apparently DOES matter to me!)
    3464 days ago
    Garmins (and anything relying on non-military GPS) are relatively inaccurate to the point that you shouldn't rely on tenths of a mile. We see this in our club races all the time which are accurately measured (using USATF procedures) and Garmin wearers complain afterwards that the race is short or long. The best thing is to assume that the Garmin *overestimates*. If you search for essays on this topic, I'm sure you'll find several good explanations and more advice about the actual amount of error.
    3464 days ago
  • PAMMY222
    I am also an honest mileage (and food) logger. I may round, but to the quarter mile (not to the mile--that's absurd). That way my little ups and downs even out by week's end.
    As for your "6 mile" friend, he is only hurting himself. If his ego needs that kind of boost, that's his problem. He is only lying to himself. After a week of "rounding" like that, the actual miles are way off, the .3 miles add up.

    You keep up your good work and running ethics! You are certainly on the right track and a better role model. emoticon
    3464 days ago
    I'm with you.. i post what i've ran.. I've had friends say.. "Oh gwen.. it's only a tenth of a mile".. and i say back "BUT I RAN IT!" i figure the people who round on running mileage are also the ones i've seen when cheat on they're food logs.. Why not be honest... You ate the food LOG one cares and it won't change the fact that you DID do it.. Same thing with running/biking/swimming for me.. i DID the mileage i POST IT... to round up is just lying to myself.. and i'm WAY more important than to lie to myself..
    3464 days ago
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