My exlamation on the scale this morning! Rated PG13 for language...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Guess who's gonna be a skinny bitch!?" to my 80lb American bulldog. I know... talking to the dog is a sign of insanity... but it felt really good. I got good and low, then with all the fishing, camping, and traveling I went back up. Now I'm back down. AWESOME!! I'm psyched and the scale filled me in. I'm toning up good too. Its pretty awesome.

I'm a little nervous... I went in and got my wedding dress fitted yesterday... if I loose another 8 lbs before my wedding is my dress gonna look ok? Oh well... I highly doubt I'm gonna loose another 8 lbs anyway... maybe another 4. Loss with a family around is a lot harder than when he's deployed.
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