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My Left Arm

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I went roller skating for the first time in thirty years on July 3rd. It was amazing to me how difficult it was. I had no idea I’d have to worry about falling. That’s how I broke my arm: I fell backwards and caught myself with my arms outstretched behind me. I must have favored my left arm because I instinctively knew I have a weak right wrist. I broke the radial head which is where my forearm meets my elbow. Luckily I don’t need to wear a cast, just a sling. This is so I can practice range of motion exercises a few times a day with my left arm.

Since I’ve broken my arm it’s amazing the things I’m not able to do that I used to take for granted:

Put on a left earring.
Clasp on a necklace
Pull my seatbelt over my body with my left hand---have to pull it over with my right hand and then transfer it to my left hand.
Place my hair in a ponytail. I can just barely do the first encircling of the rubber band. What I cannot do (without tremendous pain) is to make the second loop that turns it into a figure eight before pulling my hair back through. Somehow I muddle through using my right hand to twist while my left hand stays stationery.
Put on deodorant using my left hand. (I use my right hand to put deodorant in my right armpit!)
Use dental floss
Open a jar
Have you ever washed your hair using one arm/one hand?

And onto another topic, now I am having trouble with a staff member who may be bad-mouthing me to my boss right now. Just saw his office door is closed which only happens when a private conversation is going on. I heard from one of my staff members that she IS in there with my boss. She MAY be talking with him about pay rates and not about me, but I have a big hunch it’s about me.

Because really it’s about HER. She is entitled to be always right and to always get her way and she’ll cry if she doesn’t and lots of men will bend over backwards for a woman who’s crying even if it’s at work. Which is something I totally disagree with.

Thought I’d write about this today and then let everyone know tomorrow what REALLY happened. Maybe I’m just being paranoid? Or paranormal? Or need a parachute? Just going crazy with working so hard, having all the experience I have and being the manager for goodness sake and having this type of person to have to work with…..She’s frequently disrespectful towards me. Just now learned her staff was bad-mouthing me last night, too.

And this is why I want to have my own business. I won’t have to deal with the petty stuff. I can CHOOSE who I work with once I get going. I just want to fly away onto an island and live on the beach right now. Hope you don’t mind my venting here.

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  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon emoticon
    I was so late emoticon to comment emoticon
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    emoticon Vent emoticon
    I hope Your Arm has emoticon emoticon Healed... emoticon
    emoticon wishes on getting Your own Business!!
    3312 days ago
    i cannot believe you broke you arm, you poor thing! i wish you had money so you could have some hot guys on call to tie back your hair, floss your teeth, feed you grapes, and fan you on your tropical island adventures. working with people SUCKS, some people never advance beyond the high school mentality, all gossip and backstabbing. that is why i quit talking or participating at work. i quietly do my job & go home at nite, i make no connections so therefore no one has any reason to talk about me (i hope!) being in a position of authority you do not have that luxury, you make decisions that not everyone can/will be happy with which puts you on their eternal sh*t list - and that sucks. because i know you to be a wonderful lady with a generous and caring heart. take heart that not matter what she, or others say, that you KNOW different. you do your job, you do it well, you take it home with you, you never stop. i am sure your boss sees that, and i hope if she has further problems he just offers her the opportunity to leave if she doesn't like it!!!!!
    3341 days ago
    Thank you everyone for your helpful and supportive comments! It really means a lot to me to receive your feedback and to know you care.
    3342 days ago
    Kill her with kindness. It's a cliche' but I stand by it. My mom use to work with a woman who was just hateful.. one year for lent, instead of "giving up" something, she vowed to say something nice to the woman every day of lent. It was a hard 40 days but she made it through it alright. Did it change the behavior? Nope, but it let mom know she was big enough to deal with hateful people in a positive way.

    Office politics sucks, but I can't stand a woman who cries in a professional setting. UGH!!

    Take care of you Jaz!!

    3342 days ago
    office politics and nonsense. How much time we waste and the Companies that allow it!!

    I so hope your arm heals quickly...take it easy my friend
    3343 days ago
    Hang in there Jas!!
    3343 days ago
    omg- you poor thing!
    I broke my left arm in a car accident about ten yrs ago (actually, the air bag broke it by smashing it into the door) and I could hardly do anything.
    I was an elementary teacher and missed a month of school, as I recall.
    Try not to let the office BS politics get to you.
    3343 days ago
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